Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1063

She stepped forward and grabbed Mouri Kogoro's other arm, and simultaneously acted like a baby: "Dad, do it again!"

Mother and daughter play at the same time, the effect is outstanding, this is simply!

Immediately afterwards, Little Lori Haibara followed, and put her arms directly around Kogoro Moori's thigh, her azure blue eyes looked up at it with watery eyes: "Uncle, I want it!"

This little milky voice is dying!

Mouri Kogoro's blood bar was instantly emptied.

He is forcibly controlling his own blood so that he will not make a fool of himself.

"Good! Good! Good! I will do it again, I will do it again!"

Upon hearing this, the women couldn't help but cheered and clapped.

Kogoro Mouri went back to the table, took out the intact watermelon, new ice cubes, and started the process again.

After a few minutes, he made the 30 or so watermelons prepared into smoothies before stopping.

All the girls tasted the delicious food one by one, and they enjoyed themselves. From time to time, someone offered a kiss, and they didn't mind.

Damn, is it possible to grasp women’s hearts by grasping their stomachs?

Looking at this coveted picture of harmony, Mouri Kogoro suddenly realized.

It turned out that if you want to avoid the Shura field, you must not only satisfy the lower mouth, but also the upper mouth.

However, can't I avoid the fate of being a family cook???

It was just the conclusion that Kogoro Moori just made, but he overturned it after eating the delicious food.

Hideri is completely no longer the behaved appearance when he was just acting like a baby. With a small hand on Kogoro Moori's shoulder, his eyes were cold: "Kogoro, you are so good, so many women, can you eat it alone?"

Item 0010

Yingli can be regarded as fully understood, the women here, I am afraid that all of them have an unclear relationship with Kogoro Mouri.

Just now she and You Xizi teamed up to test Jinghua and Tomoko in the sea, and their ambiguous attitudes have explained everything.

Then they came ashore and saw Kazuye, Momiji, Sumi, Yuanzi and other girls without concealing their intimate attitude towards Kogoro Mouri.

Why doesn't Yingli understand!

At this moment, she really wanted to kill the big carrot in front of her.

"Okay, you, mother and daughter, you also take it, you also want your daughter's good girlfriends, and other people's wives are also eaten in your stomach, you are really amazing!" Yingli always has a feeling of gritted teeth. .

Mouri Kogoro burst into cold sweat on the back of his head, but he still tried to pretend to be stupid: "Hiri, what are you talking about? I can't understand why!"

Yingli sneered back, then squinted and walked away.

That expression made Moori Kogoro a little hairy in his heart.

After Hideri walked away, Yukiko gave Mouri Kogoro a self-seeking look.

This made Mouri Kogoro even more flustered.


At this time, Yuanzi suggested, "Let’s go fishing on a small cruise ship later. I know that there is a place where salmon is very delicious, and that place is especially suitable for deep diving. Let’s go together!"

Upon hearing this proposal, all the women became interested and agreed.

However, Yingli said, "You young people, let's go. We are old and tired. We need to take a rest."

Yingli smiled at Tomoko and Jinghua and said, "Jinghua, Tomoko, let's chat here, I am very interested in the scenery of Osaka and the game of business!"

Tomoko and Jinghua heard this, a strange color flashed in their beautiful eyes, but they both agreed.

Kogoro Mouri knew immediately that Hideri was planning something and wanted to stay.

But Yingli said, "Xiaogoro, the children are left to you. After all, they are going to sea, and it is still a bit dangerous. You have to take care of them."

The words were all blocked, and the words were arguing, Mouri Kogoro didn't speak anymore.

Yingli turned to Jinghua and Tomoko chuckles and said, "Next is our lady's time."

Immediately afterwards, Garden took Moori Kogoro's big hand and ran to the sea hut at the end of the boardwalk.

Although he was a little worried, Mouri Kogoro left with Yuanzi. He understood Hideri and believed that she would not embarrass them.

Xiaolan, Judy, Hongye, Heye, and Sumi all followed.

After entering the sea hut, the girls discovered that there are a lot of marine entertainment equipment.

Like a flying trapeze, after wearing it, you can stand in mid-air relying on the reaction force of the water column, soaring like Iron Man, but only more than ten meters in height.

There is also a towed parachute. The speedboat is towed in front. This parachute can take people in mid-air, and it can also make a splash from time to time.

There are also water walking balls, water bikes, paragliders, diving equipment...

The small wooden house contains most of the world's water amusement equipment.

Judy saw a packing box and couldn't help but said, "Wow, Big Flying Fish Motorboat, Kogoro, I want to play this!"

Big flying fish is the kind of thing that looks like an air bed after being inflated.

There is a hanging ring on the top, and a speedboat needs to be dragged forward. After speeding up, the flying fish motorboat will rise about 30 degrees.

This is an entertainment project full of speed and passion.

Judy's eyes were full of reminiscences. She recalled the scene when she was playing the flying fish motorboat with her parents in her childhood, and she couldn't help but smile.

Kogoro Mori naturally nodded: "Judy, if you want to play, just take it out and inflate it. I'll drive you in a speedboat later!"

Judy nodded happily when she heard this.

He Ye asked: "Then who of us drives a small cruise ship?"

So Yuanzi patted her chest and laughed: "I can drive, and the whole package is on me. I will just wait for my uncle to drive the speedboat to follow me."

Seeing how the garden was talking big, Xiao Lan chuckled lightly. She would also drive a yacht, planning to come out when the garden was uncertain.

Then everyone moved the sea fishing equipment and diving equipment to the small cruise ship.

Judy inflated the flying fish boat, hung the rope on the speedboat, and put on the life jacket. She lay on the flying fish and grabbed the handle.