Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1077

But Chief Gong's face was still very solemn.

"But Genta Ryuto, who had no motive to kill, went to the Metropolitan Police Department to surrender himself!"


Conan and Hechi's face changed drastically.

The bow chief police department spoke: "Just now, Genta Ryuto surrendered."

"His argument is that he suffered from sleepwalking when he was a child, and later he was cured with drugs, but he split into a second personality. He has been very tired recently when he woke up, and he went to a psychiatrist, but it didn't improve.

"He feels that he ran out to set fires while sleeping at night, but the fire was done by another personality, so he didn't remember the specific details."

"Genta Ryuto was worried that he would hurt more people if he continued to set the fire, so he asked the police for help and wanted to arrest him."

Second personality?Isn't this nonsense?

Heiji couldn't help but open his mouth and said, "Commander Bow, do you believe this too? This situation is exactly the same as Uncle Maori said!"

Conan also echoed: "Someone must be using him!"

The Bow Chief Police Department frowned, "But he has already surrendered. If you want to prove Xuantian's innocence, you must show evidence."

"Evidence, there is!" Heiji and Conan smiled at each other, full of emotion.

Pingci took the police chief bow to the entrance, digging into the vase in the entrance with his big hand, and took out the bug from it.

"This vase is something sold in the Feng Shui master Zenggaofu's shop, and the vase placed in the entrance is also the theory of the Feng Shui master."

Conan took out a handkerchief and tore it apart.

"This is the handkerchief found under the fortune-telling ball in the room. There is also a wiretap inside it, which is torn apart. This fortune-telling ball is exactly the same as the fortune-telling ball sold by Keito Shiko."

Pingci pointed to the wall calendar on the wall: "The itinerary above says that every Tuesday and Saturday, Gentian Ryuto will go to Qingshan Hospital to see the psychiatric department, and Qingshan Hospital happens to be where Zhu Jiaoming works."

"In other words, Uncle is right. Gentian Ryuto is indeed the key person, but he has strange connections with the other three suspects!"

The Bowman Police Department nodded, but then he roared: "These three suspects are all connected, so who is the real murderer? What I need is definite evidence to prove who the murderer is!"

Seeing this scene, Heiji and Conan's foreheads instantly sweated.

Heiji laughed: "Ah Le, the murderer, the key evidence, I haven't found this yet!"

The Police Chief Gong immediately calmed down and turned to speak: "In this case, you tell Kogoro the information we found and see what he says."

The Bowman Police Department still wants to solve the case, and he believes in the brain of Kogoro Mouri more than Heiji and Conan.

"Call now!"

Hattori Heiji reluctantly picked up his cell phone and began to call Kogoro Mouri.

The call was quickly connected, and Kogoro Mouri's voice came over: "It's Heiji!"

Heiji Hattori heard the sound of water coming from there, and couldn't help asking: "Uncle, what are you doing, why is there a sound of water?"

The Maori group had already changed the venue and came to the bathroom, taking a bath in the marble bath, with Xizi on his left and Jinghua on his right.

When Hattori Jinghua heard her son's voice, she was too scared to move.

When I heard this question, Kogoro Mouri couldn't help being a little speechless. Everyone was so curious about what I was doing. Am I going to tell you that I was washing your mother?

"It's nothing, I happened to be taking a shower, what happened to your side, has the case been solved?"

Heiji hurriedly spoke, telling Mouri Kogoro all the clues they found.

"Uncle, the possibility of the murderer you mentioned taking advantage of Genta Ryuto, we all think so."

"But the three suspects are all possible. The key evidence is probably destroyed by the murderer. A wiretap is not enough to convict. What should we do now?"

Kogoro Mouri put his arms around Jinghua's body and chuckled lightly: "This is not easy, just lead the snake out of the hole."

"Directly let the Bow Chief Police Department call the three suspects and tell them that the police suspected that the arsonist was not Gentian Ryutoku, but was behind the scenes. Then they said that the key evidence was found at Gentian’s house. Will go to search and force the real murderer to jump the wall."

"After that, you will be lurking at Gentian's house again. I remember that Gentian's house is in Wuchome. You will see who shows up at that time. The person who has the intention of arson is the real culprit in this case."

"Alright! Alright! Pingci, don't call me anymore. I still have very important things to work on. I believe you can handle such a simple case."

After that, Kogoro Mouri hung up the phone.

Heiji could not help complaining twice: "What is more important than the case?"

Item 0023

Mouri Kogoro is a serious and responsible person in his heart.

As the saying goes, do it, love it!

Now that I have done this job as a scrubber, of course, I have to help clean them inside and out. They should be served properly and arranged clearly.

Not to mention that he still carries a scrubbing stick with him.

So, Kogoro Mori who was in the water pulled Jinghua at the Hattori, and said with a light smile: "Jinghua, come, I will rub it for you too. The others will wait first, and I will help you later. !"

When the four girls in the water heard this, their pupils shrank sharply!

(The water splashes here, so many words are omitted!)

On the other side, the bow chief police department listened to Moori Kogoro's suggestion, and couldn't help exclaiming: "Wonderful, it's Kogoro, as expected, really smart."

The Bow Chief Police Department decided to adopt his suggestion and secretly summon his subordinates.

Then he called the mustache Feng Shui master Sogao Fu, the fortune-teller Kwonto Keiko, and the psychiatrist Zhu Jiao Ming.

The police chief pretended to be inadvertently and told them that the real culprit suspected by the police was someone else, and planned to send forensics class personnel to Xuantian's house tomorrow to collect evidence.

After that, everyone waited at Gentian's house.

Sure enough, it was very effective to lead the snake out of the hole!

After ten o'clock, someone appeared sneakily at Gentian's house.

And more than one or two, but three suspects all appeared.

The three suspects came in one after another as if they had agreed.

One appeared, and the police easily took one, and in the end all three were taken.

Heiji turned on the lights, and the three people in the living room were all held by the police, covering their mouths, unable to speak.