Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1081

The women drank their whiskey, all of them a little bit drunk.

Finally it was his turn to be lucky and Ye became king.

He Ye laughed triumphantly: "Haha, I got the king card, huh, I want revenge!"

She pondered for a moment and then said: "Well, yes, I want to see the tongue kiss, ah, please come to the tongue kiss for three minutes between the 2 and 3!"

Upon hearing this instruction, Kogoro Moori felt a little bad.

Xiaolan on the side raised the number 3 card, and He Ye laughed: "I guessed it, it was Xiao Lan that you ordered me just now, who is number 2, come out quickly."

Kogoro Mouri could only turn his hand out, which happened to be number 2.

Seeing this scene, the drunk girls didn't feel wrong, but each of them opened their eyes and snarled excitedly: "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"

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Listening to the hum, the girl next to Kogoro Moori was shy and immediately said, "Stop making a fuss, Kazue, how can there be such an instruction!"

Although she and Mouri Kogoro did everything in private.

But if she wants to kiss Moori Kogoro in front of so many people, how can she do such a thing!

The women who had drunk next to them saw the girl's face ashamed, and it was even more exciting, and there was a kind of thrill of being a prostitute.

Under the drunkenness, coupled with the large number of people, the women looked very firm and could not tolerate the two of them to give in.

He Ye even said, "No, I finally got the king card. The king's instructions must be implemented."

"Huh, I just made me a puppy, I did it all, but it's kissing, what does it matter!"

Judy couldn't help shouting, "Kogoro, you are still not a man!"

Hearing this, how could Mouri Kogoro bear it any longer, stood up and sat in the middle of the big bed with the little hand of the girl beside him.

Seeing this scene, Hongye and Shumei cheered even more.

The girl lowered her head shyly, her face flushed, her small hands couldn't help covering her small face.

In front of everyone, Mouri Kogoro was also a little nervous.

His big hands were around his slender waist, and the girl couldn't help shaking.

He gently supported his chin with the other hand, looking at this angelic face, he said with a warm voice, "It's okay, three minutes will be soon!"

The girl nodded lightly, and she still needed to be in front of others.

Mouri Kogoro held the cheeks of the little angel and gently printed her pink lips.

I don't know how many times I kissed, but this time, under the attention of others, it seemed to be the first kiss. It was very excited and nervous.

If the pink lips are cold and sweet!

"Wow!" The girls next to them saw the two of them really kissed, and couldn't help laughing and shouting excitedly.

He Ye looked at the watch and kept timing, but three minutes was a matter of time.

And Yuanzi even fell on the bed with a smile, watching this scene with big eyes, and retaliatedly said: "The instruction just now says to kiss with the tongue, let us see the tongue!"

She just wanted to add a block, but when the two people in the middle of the field heard this, they cooperated obediently.

The lustful scene immediately appeared in front of everyone!


"Hiss enough!"

"It's really a tongue kiss!"

All the girls clasped the pillows beside them in excitement. They were excited, and they were blushing and screaming again and again.

Yuanzi couldn't help taking out his mobile phone and filming this scene.

Three minutes passed quickly in this warm atmosphere.

He Ye couldn't help but said, "Are you pro-addicted? Three minutes have passed, why are you still stuck together?"

Hearing this, the two reluctantly separated.

The little angel clutched her cheeks and went back to the original position, then directly covered herself with the quilt, acting as an ostrich.

The triumphant garden couldn't help but jokingly said: "Isn't this very simple? It's not a punishment, it's a reward!"

The girl who became an ostrich had no reaction at all.

Let Yuanzi take advantage of his tongue this time!

However, there were still Hongye who drank less alcohol in the court, and she still kept a bit of sense.

Seeing the scene that just caught fire, she felt that the scale was a bit too much.

Yuanzi wanted to continue playing the king game, but Hongye stopped it.

"Don't continue anymore, I think this game is almost played, let's change to another one!"

He Ye couldn't help but open his mouth and said, "Hong Ye, how do you do it, this is just the beginning, but I thought of many interesting instructions!"

"Interesting instructions will be discussed next time you play, let's come here for this game!"

Sumei also reconciled, and Yuanzi also recovered a little sober, only to realize what had just happened, so he also stopped.

Kogoro Mori is following the trend, but Judy still has a bit of nostalgia.

The painting style of the next pajama party became more normal, and the little angel playing the ostrich also returned to normal, and started playing with the girls again.

The girls began to play cards and make punishments.

The punishment items are always related to the only opposite sex Kogoro Mouri present.

As a result, these women behind are deliberately losing and want to interact with Kogoro Mouri.

The card game collapsed within a few rounds of playing, and then changed the project, turned into a creative pajamas show, let Mouri Kogoro be a judge to score.

Judy and the girls went to the room to find their favorite clothes. After they changed, they started to walk the show on the big bed.

The ring is fat and thin, each has a style, this is a feast for Kogoro Maori.