Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1094

Tomoko continued, "You are going to make a big soup for Kogoro. Are you going to help him perform another four-strand feat tonight? Tsk tusk, Jinghua, I really saw you wrong, it's too erotic!"

Hattori Jinghua's face is even more blushing: "Tomoko, you can talk nonsense, you will be out of lunch later!"

On the side You Xizi looked at the two women who were in harmony, with a smile on her face: "Okay, let's hurry up and cook. If Yingli appears, maybe we have to come up with some black charcoal dishes, but she can't let her ruin it. The fruits of our work this morning!"

Upon hearing this, the three women all started to act together.

The kitchen is lively and the fireworks are coming out

Item 0037

After such a thing, Yuanzi couldn't ask Moori Kogoro to wipe sunscreen for her in the end, so she could only let Kazuya on her side wipe it for herself.

Looking at Xiao Lan, who was relaxing in the sun on the couch next to her, the garden thought in her heart: If Xiao Lan was not there, her plan would have been much smoother.

Thinking of this, Yuanzi suddenly thought of the photo taken last night. The photo seemed to be useful, and Yuanzi's eyes suddenly lit up.

She immediately took out her mobile phone from the bag she carried, and then backed up the photos to her mailbox to avoid being deleted by Xiaolan.

Yuanzi looked at the photo on the phone screen, blushing, couldn't help but say: "Tsk tusk, it's so awesome, He Ye, don't you think?"

Heye poked his head curiously, took a look, and couldn't help but sipped: "Yuanzi, why are you still taking a sneak shot."

"What a sneak shot, I took it honestly!"

Yuanzi pulled Heye's little hand and asked, "Heye, do you think this photo is very good?"

"What are you talking about?" Xiaolan got up and came over.

Women are always curious. When she comes over and sees the photo on the phone, her face blushes immediately.

The owner of the photo is just himself, kissing another person in the dim light!

Xiaolan immediately grabbed the phone in a panic, hid it behind her, and then asked, "Yuanzi, when did you take the photo?"

"Last night, it wasn't very obvious. Can't you remember it yourself?" Yuanzi took Xiaolan's shoulder and said proudly: "I have a backup, even if you delete it, it's useless. "

"Xiao Lan, how does it feel to kiss uncle with tongue? I'm very curious!" Yuanzi smiled.

Hearing this, Huihara, who was sleeping on the couch beside him, was instantly stunned.

Little Lori got up immediately, the sunglasses on her face fell straight down, her azure blue eyes were full of disbelief.

what???Tongue kiss???

Hui Yuan immediately got up and slipped behind Xiaolan in an instant, just in time to see the phone she was holding on her back.

The scene in the photo hits the three views of Huiyuan!!!

Little Lori glared at Xiao Lan: The damn big milk Lan, actually did such an extraordinary thing while I was sleeping.

Seeing this picture, countless memory fragments echoed in Hui Yuan's mind, and she finally understood.

The first time I saw my uncle giving Xiaolan a drug, the scene where my uncle and Xiaolan were sleeping together, Xiaolan ran to the scene of the night attacking uncle at night, the two interacted extremely intimately every day, hugging each other, kissing from time to time... …

I really thought that the relationship between the two was good, but it turned out to be good in this sense.

All doubts are turned into conclusions today.

The most daring boss is not someone else, but the big milk orchid who gets along day and night!

Ah yeah, my mind is too deep!!!

An anger that was fooled instantly filled Hui Yuan's heart.

Xiao Lan instantly felt a bitter chill burst out behind her, couldn't help but turn her side, and turned her head.

She saw a little loli with scarlet eyes and scarlet eyes standing behind her, glaring at herself, Xiao Lan couldn't help but startled.

[Wait, although Xiaolan lied to me, I also lied to her. She still doesn’t know the matter between me and my uncle, but she exposed it first. If you say that, it’s me. Winner.

And in this way, I also grasped her handle, and the affairs between her and uncle could not be known to others.

Thinking of this, the anger in Hui Yuan's heart gradually dissipated, but a mocking look appeared in his eyes instead.

She glanced at Xiaolan disdainfully, then turned around and returned to the beach chair to rest with her head in her arms.

Xiao Lan couldn't help but feel a little puzzled seeing Huihara's anger all at once, but not at all.

But it was obvious that Yuanzi and Heye were more difficult to deal with, they were holding Xiaolan's arm from left to right.

Yuanzi was full of excitement and kept asking: "Xiao Lan, how did you feel last night? Was it exciting? Is your uncle's kissing skills good? Who is better than your boyfriend?"

Xiaolan was extremely embarrassed: He is the boyfriend I was talking about!

He Ye was also very curious and couldn't help smirking: "Xiao Lan, although I gave the king's order last night, you and your uncle have been kissing for more than three minutes. Are you too comfortable and don't want to let go? ?"

Xiao Lan was very panicked, and hurriedly broke away from the two of them: "You are all talking about it. Last night was just a game of kings. I just abide by the rules of the game. I won't tell you anymore."

Even Xiao Lan was a little bit stern, threatening to Yuanzi: "Yuanzi, you have to delete this photo and the backup photo for me, otherwise, you will be dead!"

At the moment Yuanzi was very proud. In the confrontation with Xiaolan, she finally gained the upper hand.

"Hey, okay, as long as a certain guy doesn't use violence against me, I promise that all students in the school will not see this picture, including your mother!"

Hearing this, Xiao Lan was helpless, and for the first time tasted the taste of being restrained.

She didn't want to be dragged by the two women here to ask questions. She ran directly into the sea, planning to swim a few laps to calm down.

And on the second floor of this villa, in the Hongye room at the end of the corridor, Hongye just pulled Mouri Kogoro in.

The red leaf tea-colored curly hair on the bed was a little messy, his face was slightly red, and his beautiful eyes squinted slightly, looking full of amorous feelings, while Mouri Kogoro was checking for the so-called injuries.

His fiery big hand touched it lightly, looked carefully, and then took a cold breath: "Hiss!!! It hurts badly!"

"Really?" Hongye couldn't help turning his head, his big eyes filled with worry.

"Let me see you later




This wound is healed."

"It's just a red seal, how can it be as serious as you said!"