Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1095

This big gasp made Hongye's heart lifted, and she knew that Mouri Kogoro was teasing herself after hearing the second half.


Momiji got up, as if to hit Mouri Kogoro.

But this delicate and soft daughter, the wrist was pulled by Mouri Kogoro.

The body fell directly into Mouri Kogoro's arms.

Kogoro Mouri put his arms around his soft waist and smirked, "Do you hate it? I thought Hongye would like it very much!"

"Mao Lijun!"

Seeing the light blue eyes filled with mist, like a clear spring, the feelings in his eyes are clearly visible.

Mouri Kogoro gradually lowered his head and kissed Hongye's lips.

Hongye immediately responded, his enthusiasm almost melted Kogoro Mouri.

Kogoro Mori walked along the graceful curve with his other big hand. An orange bikini was really convenient.

Soon, an exciting and gorgeous movement spread from this room.

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After half an hour, everything was calm in the red leaf room on the second floor.

The big lady of the Ooka family was sweaty, her damp brown curly hair clinging to her forehead, a gesture of pity to me.

Momiji was lying on Maori Kogoro, and his aqua-blue eyes stared at Maori Kogoro, like the most beautiful gem.

This eldest daughter is really getting more and more beautiful. The immaturity at the first meeting has long since disappeared. The arrogance of the eldest lady has all turned into gentleness, and the whole person has become more and more beautiful.

Her tall and straight Qiong nose is really cute, her whole face is flushed with sweat, and she looks more and more charming and handsome.

Hongye's bare hands still hug Moori Kogoro on his side tightly, and he is so attached that he doesn't want to let go for a moment.

Maori Kogoro stroked her soft back with his big hands, holding the girl, feeling that her heartbeat gradually became consistent with her, and a light smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

Mouri Kogoro was in front of her, pinching the seal with both hands, and a light green energy instantly condensed from his fingertips.

This light green energy is invisible to ordinary people.

The rejuvenation technique was cast!

Mouri Kogoro lightly touched Hongye's body with his fingertips, and the spirits of plants and trees gathered into Hongye's body instantly, and a resurgence force continued to echo.

Hongye suddenly felt that the whole person had recovered, and he was extremely comfortable.

The whole person is haunted by the spirit of vegetation, as if waking up from the forest, full of vitality.

"Mao Lijun, have you used that weird spell on me again? But why is this time different from last time, how cold this time, and warm last time!"

"Of course it's different. I can use more than one spell."

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly, kissed his smooth forehead, and said: "Okay, this is the end of the treatment, we should go downstairs to eat!"

Hongye, like a little wife, nodded obediently.

After some busy work, both of them walked out of the room.

Xizi and Tomoko are already calling everyone to eat.

The girls on the beach walked towards the villa one by one.

Hongye was so hungry that he heard the sound and went downstairs.

But the two big lazy pigs in the main bedroom on the third floor have not yet woken up, so Kogoro Mouri has to get Judy and Sumi to get up.

Judy couldn't wake up because of yesterday's battle at sea, and afterwards he drank too much alcohol in the middle of the night and was too tired.

As for Maori Kogoro's apprentice Sumi, because of his special physique, he needs enough sleep every day, otherwise he will not be able to lift his energy.

According to Kogoro Mouri, she has to sleep at least ten hours a day to be full of energy, so the two women slept for so long.

As soon as Moori Kogoro opened the bedroom door, he saw the two women lying horizontally on the big bed. They slept horizontally and dressed very coolly. They were all clothes that wanted to seduce Moori Kogoro last night.

A beautiful leg is wrapped in fishnet stockings, a black camisole is on the upper body, and the other is wearing sports shorts and a white vest. The two women's domineering figures can't be concealed at all, which is really attractive.

If it weren't for the time and the timing, maybe Mouri Kogoro would follow along...cough cough cough!

It was already more than twelve o'clock at the moment, and Moori Kogoro climbed onto the bed with more than three poles in the sun, patted the heads of the two women with his big hands, and said warmly: "Get up, it's time to eat."

The two women who lay on the bed reacted in the same way, their heads sideways, went under the pillow and continued to sleep, ignoring Kogoro Mori.

Maori Kogoro raised his brows, and patted the two female ass with his big hands, and his voice also increased: "It's time to get up, two lazy pigs, it's noon, and it will be night after sleeping."

"Master, you let me sleep for a while!" Shumei's voice was a little bit coquettish. This is a rare gesture of her boyishness.

But Judy was very resolute and pulled the quilt directly over her body.

Mouri Kogoro was energized in an instant, he really didn't believe that he couldn't cure the two girls.

Turning his head, a smirk appeared at the corners of his mouth. He had a good memory. He knew the bodies of the two women so well, so he put his hands on the bodies of the two women and launched an offensive.

Not long after, Judy and Sumi, who were unbearable, blushed and opened their eyes, and opened their annoying big hand.

The two women got up, and together they pressed Moori Kogoro on the bed and exploded.

Although it didn't hurt, it was a bit of evil in my heart.

After a lot of fun, the two women who were lying in bed finally got up.

They went back to their rooms to change their clothes and then went downstairs to eat.

In the Japanese restaurant, all the men and 12 women in the villa changed back to their normal clothes and no longer wore swimwear.

The crowd gathered for a meal, just like a big family.

The extra girl is Yuanzi's sister, Ayako, squinting her eyes.

On the dining table, Kiko kept scooping Shiquanda tonic soup to Maori Kogoro. Geoduck, sea cucumber, kelp, and oysters in it were sent to Maori Kogoro's bowl desperately.

She still said from time to time: "This is Jinghua's hard work, Kogoro, don't waste it. It's best to drink it all."