Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1111

"It was not caught by you and smashed to death, but when you arrived, it jumped out of the tank by itself and directly popped out of the fish tank."

"And the power of the dragon fish jumping tank is so great that it is no more than a boxer's full blow. If you shoot directly on your body, you will naturally leave marks, even scales."

"But with your cautious temper, all the used utensils are cleaned, and the fish scales must have been cleaned by you."

"It's just a mark but it won't fade away easily."

"Although you have deliberately concealed it, you can't hide it from me. Your right hand has been a little stiff. Can you pull up your sleeve? Let us have a look."

Hearing this, Fuze Xiongsan's face instantly turned pale, and his body began to tremble uncontrollably.

The Henggou police officer went forward forcibly and pulled his sleeve up. As expected, there was still a black and purple mark on his elbow, which was exactly the same shape as a fish tail.

The forensic officer on the side immediately took pictures.

Kogoro Mouri smiled lightly and said, "How else can you explain this?"

"You only need to ask the fishery professor of Ito Marine University to help in the inspection, and you can determine that the deceased died from the rock sand anemone toxin."

"And my reasoning can be established, and you claim that everything has nothing to do with you, and you have never been close to the fish tank. Why do you have traces of the dragon fish tail in the fish tank on your body, and this trace appeared not long ago."

After hearing this, Tomizawa's psychological defense was completely defeated, and he could not stop sweating all over, his body weakened and he collapsed directly to the ground.

He closed his eyes, grabbed the ground with his head, hammered the floor with his right hand unwillingly, and let out a roar.

Item 0053

After a busy day, the three brothers of the Fuze family were all taken away by the Henggou police officer.

The eldest son was an attempted homicide, the second son was an offence of insulting a corpse, and the third son was an intentional homicide.

The triplets brothers are really telepathic. They even chose to kill their father on the same day.

Yuzawa Tomizawa had a very simple motive for killing his father. It was to inherit the Fuze Foundation and control his own destiny.

It's ridiculous to say that the second son, Tak-er, didn't want to inherit the family business, but was forced by his father to enter the company and take up important positions, and he was made the next head of the consortium by default.

Sanzixiong Sanyi wanted to enter the company and flex his muscles, but was forced by his father to do a part-time job and became a painter, almost exile.

A shunned like a tiger, but easily obtained;

The other one seeks nothing but is out of balance.

Obviously they are identical twin brothers, but under the strong control of Fuze Tetsuji, the two took two completely different roads. Naturally, Fuze Xiongsan was unwilling to be extremely unwilling to kill him.

This strange father raised three rebellious sons, so it is normal to be killed.

Looking at the police car convoy going all the way, Kogoro Mouri turned to Tomoko and said, "It looks like the Fuze Consortium will be in chaos. There is no benefit to marrying with this consortium. In my opinion, Ayako's marriage will be fine. !"

Hearing this, Tomoko nodded, then turned to the eldest daughter and said: "Of course it is, Ayako, Mom will help you find a better one."

Upon hearing this, Ayako breathed a sigh of relief inexplicably, and then involuntarily fell on Mouri Kogoro.

However, a flash of cold light flashed in Tomoko's eyes, and Suzhi gently pinched Mouri Kogoro's waist and twisted it.

She twisted into a twist, a full 1080 degrees, but she was still unbreakable.

Tomoko said with a smile: "Kogoro, I'm very curious, what is the thing my elder daughter told you not to say, and ah, what is the deal you said twice or three times?"

Yuanzi also looked over with concern, while Ayako looked nervous.

Seeing the dangerous light flashing in Tomoko's beautiful eyes, Kogoro Mouri calmed down and pretended to speak calmly.

"You said this, because Ayako realized that the real murderer I was going to talk about was Yuzo Tomizawa. She, she wanted to protect her fiance before she married Yuzo Tomizawa, so I told me not to say it."

"As for the transaction, Ayako said that she has equity in several companies under her hand and wants to use the equity of those companies to buy me. One transaction is for one company, and three companies are naturally!"

"Tsk tusk tusk, how can I be bought so easily."

With the belief that a dead dao friend will not die, Maori Kogoro did not hesitate to throw a black pot at Ayako and pour dirty water.

Ayako's eyes widened when she heard such slander, but she couldn't explain it in front of her mother and sister. Could it be that the transaction was a purely physical transaction? How could it be said?

Tomoko looked at her eldest daughter and his man suspiciously, but he didn't believe it: something must have happened between them.

But Yuanzi was crippled and turned into a distressed look: "Sister, Yuzawa Tomizawa is not a good thing, what are you doing with him? Fortunately, my uncle didn't listen to you, otherwise you would be a criminal shelter. "

When she heard her sister's reprimand, Ayako didn't dare to defend herself. She had trouble speaking, so she stared at Mouri Kogoro bitterly.

But seeing the corners of his mouth lightly raised, his big white teeth were dazzling, and he deliberately said the "three times" mouth shape, which made Ayako's face flushed.

Seeing the wind and rain gradually diminishing, Kogoro Moori looked at the clock, and then he invited: "This case has only been delayed for 30 minutes, and dinner is still in time. Let's go together. Go back to me and eat hot pot. The weather is perfect for hot pot."

Yuanzi nodded: "When I thought that the murderer made the dinner in our villa, I didn't want to eat it at all."

Tomoko also chuckles: "Jinghua's craftsmanship must be very good." Naturally, Ayako had no objection.

The three daughters left Fuze's house with Mouri Kogoro.

Once back in the villa, the atmosphere in the restaurant is at its peak.

All the women who ate in the restaurant put on yukatas and enjoyed fine wine and food.

Except for the secretly guarded Xiaolan and Hui Yuan who did not drink, all the others drank them one by one, causing their cheeks to flush and competing for beauty.

And there is no man present, they are even more revealing, their postures are so bold, they don't even pay attention to them.

When Kogoro Mori showed up with the mother and daughter of Suzuki, Judy and Hongye were pressing Sumei's body, drinking with Sumei, who had failed the game.

The amount of alcohol is considered the worst, and she knows that she doesn't want to be drunk, so she struggled desperately.

However, Judy directly used the fighting and grappling technique taught by the FBI, buckling her joints upside down.

Sumei was able to break free, but she didn't want to hurt Judy, so she didn't dare to struggle. She could only be filled with a glass of red wine, and she suddenly became dizzy, staggered, and about to fall drunk.

The women applauded upon seeing this, and the atmosphere became extremely hot.

Immediately afterwards, they saw Moori Kogoro and Suzuki mother and daughter at the door, and immediately enthusiastically let the four of them sit in, and curiously asked about the case that just happened.

The Garden with Big Mouth sat down and began to talk excitedly.

Kogoro Moori asked Tomoko and the others to sit in first, and he planned to take a bath.

After all, just in the process of searching for clues, his hand touched the corpse, and this bad luck could not be brought to his own woman.

After arranging Tomoko and the others, Mouri Kogoro turned and walked towards the bathroom.

Soon, he came to the bathroom.