Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1116

The afterlife tears in the crowd chuckled lightly: "Our little brother really likes to play some boring tricks!"

The three sisters of Maoyan are also thieves, with strong eyesight, so naturally they will not be confused.

Afterlife Love nodded: "It's all small tricks. First, use dummy to attract everyone's attention. Then, wearing a black suit, rushed to the exhibition stand, opened the black costume and jumped up, creating this illusion of falling from the sky. It's really boring."

"Really, if this guy only has this ability, I'm afraid he won't be the opponent of the elder sister's sweetheart."

As soon as the voice of love fell in the next life, his ears were twisted again, and he couldn't help but scream again and again.

At this time, Kidd was standing on the booth, and the live reporter of Nikkei TV immediately rushed up, holding the microphone and wanted to interview Kidd.

"Kid, what do you think about here now, please say something?"

Kidd, who was standing on the booth, had a calm look and said, "I heard that Mr. Suzuki Jiroki suffered from heart disease and suffered from insomnia all day long. I am really sorry for this. Please take care of your body."

"However, Mr. Suzuki, the opponent I want to deal with today is not you, but Kogoro Mouri. Please don't mix up with the old man. Detective Maori, I know that you are on the scene right now. The last time I landed on the Osaka Sky Boat Being defeated by you also makes me sleepless day and night."

"Today, I have made enough preparations and want to compete with you."

"After all, my most beloved treasure was robbed by you, and I will definitely win it back."

"So, get ready for failure, Kogoro Mouri!"

Kidd in the live broadcast said such a thing, and the women in front immediately turned their eyes to Kogoro Mouri.

Mouri Kogoro couldn't help being taken aback, and quickly converged.

Yuanzi couldn't help asking: "Uncle Maori, Kidd said his treasure was robbed by you. What kind of treasure is it? Can you show us."

You know that treasure too, naturally it is Aoko Nakamori.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Uncle is someone who can snatch people and things, maybe Kidd is talking about his unbeaten reputation."

The girls turned their heads back and continued to look at the live broadcast on the LCD screen.

On the surveillance combat vehicle in Ginza, Tokyo, the old guy Jiro Suzuki flushed with anger.

It's unforgivable that the hateful little thief dared to look down upon himself so much.

Today’s headline must be mine!

Suzuki Jiroki looked at Kidd, who was full of confidence in the surveillance, with a dark smile on his face, and he said: "From now on, I will catch turtles in the urn."

As soon as the voice fell, he pressed the remote control in his hand.

Suddenly, in the four directions of this Ginza intersection, the things that tripped Nakamori Ginzo before burst open, and four big nets rose up, connecting the buildings next to them, forming a square trap.

The big net was more than 20 meters high and surrounded Kidd and many onlookers.

But Kidd was not surprised to see this scene, as if he had expected it.

At this time, Hattori Heiji came out and said: "Kid, you don't talk big, even if you are fully prepared, you are not Uncle Maori's opponent."

"What's more, you haven't figured out the situation at all now. Uncle Maori went to Izu for a vacation, so he didn't even think about taking care of you. Today he entrusted me to take care of you."

"It's a tribute to you. Last time you dared to go wild in Osaka, this time I will come to Tokyo to meet you for a while. This time, I, Osaka Hattori Heiji, will arrest you personally."

After saying this, Hattori Heiji also pretended to straighten the front of his hat, posing in a handsome posture, causing the flash to shoot continuously.

And behind, Conan's dead fish stared at Hattori Heiji: Damn it, this is my home court, where is your turn to show off!

When Kidd on the exhibition stand heard this, his face changed drastically.

Maori Kogoro, how dare you ignore me so much, I have written a challenge letter, and even went to Izu for a vacation. Damn it!

But the love in the next life underneath couldn't help but chuckled: "Oh, it seems that someone's wish has been lost, and the sweetheart can't come!"

This was only exchanged for a hand hammer for the next life's tears, and suddenly the next life's love screamed while clutching his head.

At the same time, Kogoro Mori, who was sitting on the sofa, suddenly felt something unusual under his sheets, and was secretly surprised.

Looking down, his quilt and Jinghua's quilt were joined together.

He quietly opened the quilt and took a look, and he saw Jinghua's small head. His big hand pressed to the right, and there were actually two pillows under the quilt.

Hattori Jinghua is too courageous, this is in the living room, what she wants to do.

Item 0058


Kogoro Mouri gasped.

Revenge, this is pure revenge!

Jinghua just endured it for a long time, and finally couldn't stand it.

While others were not paying attention, she bit Mouri Kogoro directly under the quilt.

There are more than a dozen women in front of Xiaolan, Yuanzi, Heye, Yingli, and Pengzi.

With so many people, this is too dangerous, if it is discovered, it will be GG.

On the side, Xizi had noticed something obviously, opened her mouth slightly and looked surprised.

She also moved, and leaned against the quilt, her eyes full of excitement.

Yukiko poked Mori Kogoro's chest with her finger, chuckled, and said in a low voice, "Kogoro, you guys are good at playing!"

Mouri Kogoro glared at the mischievous Yukiko, and plunged his left hand directly into his sheet, slid into the bathrobe below, and began to raging.

You Xizi's face blushed, her beautiful eyes glared at this daring guy, and then she tucked the sheets.

The acting was displayed, and he controlled his expression again to make an inviolable iceberg goddess appearance.

For a while, Kogoro Maori was very satisfied, enjoying the tenderness of the beauties, looking at the live screen from time to time.

The strange thief Kidd on the screen is still squatting on the display stand and speaking to the reporter who is interviewing: "Mori Kogoro has gone on vacation, so please tell me."

"Mori Kogoro, I am deeply disappointed that your Excellency did not attend the appointment this time."

"I was careless about the last Skyship Battle. I will always remember the humiliation I suffered. However, my most beloved treasure will never be taken away by you..."

Hattori Heiji couldn't help but yelled, "Hey, Kidd, can't you understand humans? I have said that the Maori detective has no time to talk to you. I will deal with you today, and you can't escape if you want to. Up."

Kai thief Kidd completely ignored Hattori Heiji's words, and took the amethyst high-heeled shoes underneath without anyone else, and stuffed them into his arms.

The female reporter of the live broadcast immediately asked: "Kid, what are you going to do now?"