Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1118

This picture is almost life-threatening for Kogoro Moori, and his face is blushing, it is really lewd!

Mouri Kogoro didn't dare to watch more, so he could only look at the LCD TV.

But the tragedy is that the live images on the LCD TV gradually came to an end with Kidd’s paraglider and Conan’s parachute, and the girls gradually stopped paying attention to the TV.

The female anchor of the Nikkei radio station holding the microphone kept talking: "Old Mr. Suzuki Jiroki's nets still failed to trap Kaito Kidd."

"And the strange thief Kidd, who left with an amethyst shoe, is being tracked by the mysterious person. I don't know what the result will be."

"The only disappointment is that the famous detective whom Kaito Kidd regards as the strongest adversary. Kogoro Mouri did not appear on the stage. Many audiences who are looking forward to seeing Detective VS Kaito feel disappointed."

"However, next we will go to interview the high school student detective Hattori Heiji from Osaka just now, hoping that he can explain to us how to find Kaito Kidd in the crowd."

At this time, the originally closed net was pulled away, and Hattori Heiji rode a motorcycle borrowed from Suzuki Jirokina and chased him swiftly in the direction where Kidd and Conan fled.

The female anchor could only smile awkwardly: "Obviously, the Osaka high school student detective has left, so tonight's live broadcast is here."

"At the same time tomorrow night, please also lock the live channel of Daily TV Station, let us look forward to Kidd's visit tomorrow."

"Next, please cut the screen to the Kai Pirates Studio, and listen to the analysis and opinions of experts and scholars."

The women sitting on the bed or on the sofa saw that the live broadcast ended, but they didn't watch it again.

The head of the garden sighed: "Sure enough, without Uncle Maori, Uncle Jiroji really couldn't catch Kidd."

However, Hongye thought with a look on his face: "But how did the momentary movement happen just now? Why did you escape all of a sudden, as a substitute? Or a projection?"

He Ye laughed lightly: "Ask Uncle Maori, he must know."

The girls were about to turn their eyes to the quilt-wrapped Kogoro Moori on the sofa.

Mouri Kogoro panicked instantly, his back was soaked with sweat and his body was tense.

It's so obvious, it will definitely be discovered.

Tomoko chuckled and asked, "Kogoro, have you seen through Kidd's momentary movement?"

What the hell?Kidd's teleportation?

The teleportation called Shenma took ten seconds, and it was not as powerful as my big shifting talisman.

Seeing the women waiting for his answer, Mouri Kogoro immediately said, "Did you not see through such a simple technique?"

"Xiaolan, you set back the LCD TV broadcast time to 22:35."

This LCD TV naturally has the function of recording and replaying, and Xiaolan obediently complied with it.

Soon, the screen freezes during the ten seconds that Kidd disappeared from the display stand.

The women looked at the screen and looked hard, but found nothing. They couldn't help looking at Moori Kogoro with doubts.

Mouri Kogoro said, "It's so stupid, so obvious. Haven't seen it yet?"

"Look at the bottom-up LET lamp. The words above are'The pet shop opened today, and it mainly deals in big categories, cats, rabbits and hamsters...', don't you understand it?"

"It should be the main dog category, not the major category. That is to say, the location of that point is covered by someone, and the person who covers that point is naturally only Kidd. Kidd has the ability to change clothes in a second , Changing from black to white, or from white to black, is easy for him."

"After that, he will use the pulley block again, and his assistant will jump from the top to pull him up."

"In the black area of ​​the LED lights, wearing black clothes, being slowly lifted will naturally not attract the attention of others, not to mention that he is still shooting cards to attract the attention of the audience while he is still being lifted."

"After he appeared on the rooftop, he just needs to move faster, remove the pulley block, and then use the smoke bomb to change the costume, and he can create this sudden appearance."

"Actually, it is a very simple technique like the magic we have seen."

After listening to Moori Kogoro's explanation, the girls suddenly realized that there was nothing wrong with this technique.

This feeling is the same as the magic being revealed. Once you know the principle, you will feel disdainful and think this is a trick.

Yuanzi couldn't help but said, "It would be great if you were here, Uncle Maori, and Kidd will not be allowed to escape at all."

Xiao Lan couldn't help but cast a blank glance at Yuanzi: "Yuanzi, you also let my father come to Izu for a holiday, and you said that you gave Jiro Jirou a chance. Now you say this again."

Yuanzi stuck out his tongue and dared not say anything.

He Ye couldn't help asking: "Uncle, what's the matter with Kidd, the strange thief? Why has he been provoking you?"

Hongye chuckled lightly and said, "It must be a child's temper. After losing a few games, I want to find a place back."

The girls were also very upset with Kidd's trash talk directly on TV, and they wished to teach Kidra a lesson.

However, while the girls were talking, Fei Yingli and Xiao Lori Huiyuan discovered an abnormality.

The two women knew Moori Kogoro very well, and they could guess how much he was thinking by looking at his expression, and they naturally guessed it when they saw this situation.

Hideri couldn't help but stared at Mouri Kogoro: There were daughters and outsiders at the scene, so he didn't really respect himself at all.

But there is no other way. She still has to wipe her butt, and Yingli said, "Well, it's already night, and it's almost time. Let's go back to the room and sleep!"

But before Yingli's words fell, she saw Xiao Lori Haibara go straight forward and lifted the quilt that was wrapped around Kogoro Mori.

Yingli's pupils kept shrinking.

[However, the picture expected by Hideri and Haibara did not appear, but a very normal scene. There was only a bent knee under the quilt of Kogoro Moori.

This is certainly not a realistic picture. In fact, at the moment when Lori Huibara acted, Kogoro Moori crushed a high-level psychedelic charm and pulled all the thirteen women in front of him into the fantasy formation. bingo.

Looking at the beauties in front of him, a wicked smile appeared at the corner of Kogoro Moori's mouth.

Come on vacation, there is no super big party, how can it be called a vacation!

Although it was a bit evil, most of the women present were her own, so it didn't matter.

Kogoro Mouri secretly made a decision.

This night, I will fight till dawn!

Item 0060

Once this large psychedelic formation was set, Kogoro Mouri grinned and rubbed his hands.

He glanced at the beauties in front of him who were plump and thin, with different styles, and his eyes were full of fiery eyes.

There is the Queen’s strong aura, Xizi, the quirky, the gentle and virtuous Hattori Jinghua, the shrewd and capable friends, the wild and bold style of teacher Judy;

The gentle and pure little angels, the fair-skinned and beautiful young lady Hongye, the exquisite and elegant Japanese leaves, and the arrogant and compact little Lori Huibara, it seems that the chicken is not going to have a holiday tonight!

Except for Suzuki's sisters, Yuanko and Ayako, the other women, Kogoro Mori, didn't plan to let them go.