Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1121

Conan also stepped on an electric skateboard, and finally caught up with the man in front.

The two of them were holding the guy, a wretched man with a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek, not Kidd at all.

Conan's tracker is still stuck to the back of his jacket.

Hattori Heiji grabbed the wretched man by the collar and asked loudly, "What are you running?"

The wretched man replied: "Then what are you chasing after?"

"Answer my question first!"

"Oh, there was a very beautiful girl in the club just now. She said that if I can go to the nearest convenience store and buy an oden within ten minutes, she would be willing to serve me ten times for free, so hehehehehe !"

"No, you, the guy who brought the child to whoring, must have tried to snatch me ten times. Don't think about it, it's definitely mine."

The wretched man immediately broke away from Hattori Heiji, and ran forward desperately, for fear of being taken away by Heiji and Conan.

Conan and Hattori Heiji realized this, and Kidd was playing tricks again.

The two immediately returned to the club, only to find that the whole club was filled with hypnotic gas, and all the people who had just staged the eighteen ban screen fell down.

It was the hypnotic gas that just emitted from the bald middle-aged man.

Hattori Heiji still wanted to go in looking for the two girls just now, but he was dragged away by Conan.

If you don't leave, the gangs that protect this club will come.

Their arrest of Kidd tonight was completely ruined.

The two can only return to the office in a desperate manner.

On the other side, Mouri Kogoro is the real decisive battle till dawn.

His hands kept climbing along the endless peaks, finally struggling to get up to show off his glory, but he was stepped back by a pair of beautiful legs wrapped in black stockings.

The big hand patted the full moon round and round, and continued to form a majestic movement. The morale that had just been boosted, but was charged to death by the female knights.

In short, this night, Mouri Kogoro was like an unyielding fighter. After he fell, he stood again, then fell and rose again, and so on.

It was very cruel all night.

The story of the night lasted for a full eight hours and didn't end until five or six in the morning.

He only used two high-level psychedelic charms.

It's a pity that the legend didn't last, and in the end the unyielding fighter was defeated by the little angel's tactic of falling from the sky.

Kogoro Mouri sent them back to the room separately, and gave an instruction to let the Ant-Man robot clean up the crime scene.

After that, he fell on the bed without knowing who the person beside him was, and soon fell asleep.

At 6 o'clock in the morning of the next day, dawn just broke, and this seaside villa has truly restored its long-lost tranquility.

All the women went to sleep with a smile on their faces.

It was around ten o'clock in the morning that Suzuki's sisters, Sonoko and Ayako, woke up first.

The two women had nothing to do with the melee last night. They were just put on a sleeping talisman. After sleeping for twelve hours, they woke up full of energy.

When the garden came together to see the sky outside, he immediately cried out with grief: "Ah, why did I sleep so dead last night? I obviously decided to take the last chance. I want to attack my uncle at night. How come it's dawn when I wake up. That's it! Today everyone is going back to Tokyo, there is no chance again, my alarm clock, why can't you wake me up!"

When Ayako heard this, she couldn't help but glance at her sister.

But when he thinks that he still owes three deals with Kogoro Moori, he feels that he is inferior to his sister.

But Ayako couldn't help but patted her head, she always felt that there was a missing piece in her memory last night.

It's really weird that he didn't do anything, and fell asleep in a daze!

Soon, both sisters got up.

But as soon as she got out of the room, Ayako discovered the abnormality again.

Obviously it was already three poles in the sun outside, it was half past ten, but none of the others woke up. The whole villa was quiet, really strange.

Moreover, the sofa and two long beds that were put together in the living room last night disappeared, which is really inexplicable.

The careless garden opened the sliding glass door and came to the courtyard.

She stood on the bluestone, stretched towards the sea, slender and energetic.

Soon the garden was full of vitality.

"It's great. Today's weather is not affected by the typhoon at all. It is also very suitable for the holiday."

"Sister, let's prepare lunch, we can eat it when our uncles and mothers get up."

Upon hearing this, Ayako nodded, and the two sisters walked towards the kitchen and began to prepare what they would eat after they got up.

The chopping boards in the kitchen kept ringing, and in a room on the second floor, the little angel who had rested enough woke up.

She opened her eyes and saw only Kogoro Mouri beside her, and a warm smile appeared on her face.

The girl's beautiful legs were hung on Moori Kogoro's body, and the whole person was lying sideways in her arms. Hearing Moori Kogoro's heartbeat, she felt extremely relieved.

Plain white fingers gently fiddled with Moori Kogoro's moustache, and looked at Moori Kogoro's face with big eyes, as if there were small stars in his eyes, which almost melted people.

But the girl soon felt a little bored, and wanted to wake Kogoro Mouri. She held her long hair against Kogoro Mouri's nose and poked it into her nostril from time to time.

It's a pity that Kogoro Mori really slept very hard this time, and there was no response at all.

The girl didn't feel discouraged either, she got a little stiff on one side, so she crawled over Mouri Kogoro and went to the other side to lie down again.

Soon, she discovered something interesting again, and began to count Mori Kogoro's eyelashes, which is easier to count than a beard.

However, the girl stopped again as she counted, a blushing on her beautiful little face.

She remembered the truth she answered at the dinner table yesterday.

Since it is true, you can't fail to fulfill it!

This is not to deceive one's true heart, absolutely not like this.

So the girl smirked like a squirrel who only ate it. She lowered her head and pecked Kogoro Mori on the lips, and then slipped into the bed quietly.

The sun is just right, the breeze is not dry, and everything in the world looks so beautiful!