Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1128

Mumulu's cheeks became more and more red, his drunken eyes were hazy, and there was more drunkenness in his eyes.

She hugged Moori Kogoro's neck directly with her arm, pulling it into her broad chest and letting it rest on her breast.

She molested Mouri Kogoro in front of Mumu Shisan's face, and moved her index finger lightly on her cheek: "Kogoro, you are so amazing. Where did you find these wines? Why can't I find them? ?"

"Do you know? A person like me, who is not drunk for a thousand cups, has never been drunk, at most, his stomach is up and he can't drink."

"Kogoro, you actually found two kinds of wine to get me drunk. It turns out that being drunk is so refreshing. It feels dizzy, like stepping on the clouds."

Meguro laughed while talking, and directly printed a mouthful on Mouri Kogoro's cheek.

When the police officer on the opposite side saw this, his pupils couldn't help but shrank, as if he didn't dare to believe it. He didn't dare to quickly disperse his eyes again: How could it be possible?I must be drunk, my wife likes women.

A smile appeared on Officer Meguro's face, and he kindly looked at Mouri Kogoro and Meguro Green.

Mouri Kogoro was a little confused by the gaze of Officer Megumi, and quickly picked up the wine bottle to pour him.

There was wine in the glass, and there was no need for anyone to persuade him, so Officer Mumu drank it by himself, which was very happy.

Mouri Kogoro, who was also present with an abnormal physique, remained sober.

And the green Mumu on the side saw that Mouri Kogoro ignored him, and instead poured alcohol to Mumu Shisan. She was so drunk that she had a little temper and couldn't help pouting.

But soon, the bold and bold Mumu Green remembered what to do.

She drank the milky white Yuling wine in one sip, then got up, sat on Maori Kogoro’s arms with beautiful legs, and put her arms around Maori Kogoro’s neck in front of her husband, and crossed the wine in her mouth. Past.

The picture was too sensual, and the drinks were leaking out. The police officer on the opposite side saw this scene and couldn't help but his eyes rounded: Why did they kiss?

Mouri Kogoro saw that Officer Mumu's gaze gradually returned to clarity, and could not help but secretly said: broken!

He immediately issued an order in his heart, and an Ant-Man robot hit the back of Officer Mumu's neck with a hand knife. Only then did Officer Mumu white his eyes and fainted.

And Mumu Green in Kogoro Maori's arms heard the movement, turned his head to see that Officer Mumu had fainted, and a charming smile appeared on Qiao's face, and Xiaofen's tongue gently rolled her lower lip. Full.

How could Mouri Kogoro endure such a provocation, he naturally challenged, holding Mumu Green's legs in his hands and pushing him to sit on a low wooden table.

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Then Kogoro Mouri took it down without hesitation.

Mumu's green jade neck immediately leaned back, like a swan, and his curly short hair was slightly messy, exuding a strange beauty.

She closed her beautiful eyes, her face was blushing strangely, and she hugged Moori Kogoro's head with her hands, her fingers couldn't help but grabbed it.

The police officer Mumu, who was across from the table between the two, was already asleep and even snored.

Maori Kogoro stroked Mumulu's calf with both hands, and the effect of the jade spirit wine that Mumulu had just drunk gradually became apparent. The skin on this calf was slightly shiny and smooth.

The crystal clear toes curled up, seeming to want to grasp something.

The living room exudes the aroma of wine and dishes, and it is a bit charming.

And it was already evening when the sun was setting, but the temperature seemed to keep rising, making people feel a little hot.

Mouri Kogoro let go of his mouth, and there was a little evil charm in his deep eyes.

Mumulu gave a'warning', and there was a bit of reluctance in his eyes.

Her little head leaned over and leaned against Moori Kogoro’s forehead, breathing heavily, breathing with some wine smell in the fragrance: "Kogoro, you said that if you drink the wine you brought, your body will become Snow white."

"I don't believe it, I want you to show it to me!"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "I am happy to help you, madam!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Kogoro Mouri took Mumugreen's thin waist with both hands and laid it on the tatami.

The fiery big hand started offensive again, and climbed up the mountains again along the female body he was already familiar with.

In this way, in front of the sleepy police officer Mumu, his wife obediently obedient to Kogoro Moori, like a lamb.

Not long after, the second half of the music that had just been played in the kitchen sounded.

It's just that in the second half of the time, I won't be forbearing anymore, no longer low-key!

After more than two hours, by 7 o'clock in the evening, everything in Mumu's living room had returned to calm.

The bold female heroine in the wine just now has obviously been a complete failure.

Mumu Green lay in Mouri Kogoro's arms, with little physical strength.

At this moment, she finally woke up, knowing what crazy actions she had done.

Mouri Kogoro hugged his slender waist and chuckled lightly: "Little Green, your husband seems to have seen the scene when you fed me a drink just now. Although he became drunk soon, I don’t know if he remembers it after waking up. Remember?"

Hearing this, Mumu Green couldn't help but his face changed slightly.

But soon she was relieved again, and said softly: "It's okay, he dare not say anything!"

"It's you, Kogoro, you bad guy, it's really a pervert to hook me up in front of your old boss!"

Maori Kogoro shouted injustice: "It's really a blow, Xiaolu, you are obviously drunk, you seduce me in front of your husband!"

Hearing this, Mumu Green's small face flushed, and he felt vigorous in the sky, stretched out his hand to pinch Mouri Kogoro's waist, and twisted: "You are talking nonsense, bastard, it's you, and you are in the kitchen. This bastard forced me."

Then Kogoro Mouri smirked, hugged Mumu Green tighter, and said with a chuckle: "So loud, Officer Mumu is about to wake up."

Mumu Green glared at Mouri Kogoro, then he was silent, and then looked at Mumu Shisan who was still sleeping, and he was relieved.

But she didn't dare to rest in the living room anymore, so she barely got up.

Mouri Kogoro knew his intentions, so he picked him up and entered the bathroom.As an old driver, he can be regarded as very attentive, but he doesn't need to take a bath without having to do it himself. He does it all for him.

The two people who had taken the mandarin duck bath came out of the bathroom neatly.

However, Mumulu's little face still had an intoxicating blush, and it was obvious that the experience she had just received was unique to her.

Mouri Kogoro looked at the time, and said: "Little Green, take a good rest, I have something to do, I have to go one step ahead!"

Hearing this, Meguro Green's little face was filled with dismay, and he asked, "Are you going to the intersection of Ginza 4-chome?"

Kidd had such a big trouble last night, how could she not know.

Kogoro Mouri nodded, stretched out his hand to rub his curly hair, and smiled lightly: "Yeah, Kidd has challenged me on live TV. What should I do without a fight."

"If you turn on the TV tonight, you can see your man's heroism."

"Cut, what my man, he's a big bastard!"