Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1135

The man smiled confidently and immediately stepped on the accelerator, and the mini car accelerated again.

The man's name was Meng Bo, a city hunter and city scavenger. Kidd met in a street in Kabukicho last night.

Kidd was chased by Conan Heichi last night, strayed into the sex club, had no choice but to change into a prostitute.

Later, he finally got rid of the bald and fat client, and accidentally stunned the entire club. After escaping, he ran into a drunk Meng Bo on the road.

Meng Bo was so drunk that when he saw Kidd wearing a black sexy dress, his eyes were instantly rounded. He mistook him for a stunning prostitute and drooled.

Then Meng Bo pulled Kidd to the small hotel next to him.

At that time, Kidd, who was not equipped at all, couldn't get rid of this adult sweat.

And no matter what he said, the ridiculously drunk Meng Bo could not listen to his male voice.

In the end Kidd was caught in the hotel like a little chicken.

Kidd recalled the scenes from last night, now he couldn't help being afraid and fearful.

Especially Meng Bo's big mouth kissed his body, so sour, he wanted to vomit for a while when he thought of it.

Fortunately, in the end, Meng Bo saw that Kidd also had something he wanted to dig out, and was frightened sharply. Only then did he wake up without knowing the man.

Otherwise, last night will be the darkest history in Kidd's life.

However, the two also knew each other because of this. Kidd knew from Meng Bo's business card that he was the mysterious private detective in the Shinjuku area, so he paid a big price to ask him to do it tonight.

The designated small bomb that just exploded the concrete floor was Meng Bo's handwriting. It was also Meng Bo's idea to send the mini car to the underground passage to pick up Kidd.

Originally, the white smoke above would cover for a few minutes, and those few minutes were enough for the city hunter to take Kidd to escape, so that Kidd could easily win.

Unexpectedly, the thick fog dissipated for some reason, and Kogoro Mouri saw through his technique at a glance, and chased it down, which was embarrassing.

When Mouri Kogoro heard the name of city-hunter, he understood most of it.

Seeing the mini car in front accelerating continuously, drifting from the smooth and wide underpass into the cylindrical concrete pipe, he followed without hesitation.

Suddenly, the field of vision became extremely narrow. If you are claustrophobic, you will definitely be scared to cry when you see this scene.

Even with motorcycle headlights, the cylindrical concrete pipe is still very dark.And there are many traps on the left and right, the channel connecting the sewage pipe.

But this is a piece of cake for Kogoro Mouri who possesses master-level driving skills. He will easily overcome numerous potholes and traps.

At this time, the sound of breaking wind sounded, playing cards shot by Kidd's poker pistol.

The card spun over, but was waved away by Kogoro Moori and drifted into other places.

One of the cards also had a sender attached to it, which was the tracking sender that Conan had previously installed on the Amethyst Treasure Shoes.

That card was punched by Kogoro Mori and fell into the sewage pipe next to it.

Soon, Mouri Kogoro, who was annoyed by the cards, directly took out the golden desert eagle, and the spear fighting technique was used.

Gun Fighting·Full Vision: You will have a 360-degree field of vision, and you will ignore any obstacles within your vision.

In an instant, all the cement blocking Kogoro Mori's sight turned into lines and became transparent.

As soon as Moori Kogoro looked up, he could see the car above the ground, as well as the two cats eye sisters riding Harley just above it.

One wears a black tights and the other wears a yellow tights. They are all very handsome, and they seem to be chasing themselves.

Kogoro Mouri misunderstood for an instant, but sisters Maoyan also helped Kidd.

However, he subconsciously moved his mind, and under the effect of his full vision, the Harley motorcycle instantly turned into nothingness, and the tights on the two women disappeared.

He immediately saw the two naked women suspended in mid-air.

No, this posture is too ecstasy!

The nosebleeds almost came out.

Anita Buddha, Anita Buddha, can't peek anymore.

With his powerful memory, Kogoro Moori saved the picture just now, and then turned his head, the track of the mini car had already been lost in front of him.

He immediately displayed the spear fighting technique·Y-ray.

[Gunfighting·Y-ray: Your second bullet will be twice as fast as the first bullet. It will definitely hit the first bullet, change the shooting trajectory, and transfer kinetic energy.

With two bangs, two shots were fired.

The mini car had already exited the cylindrical concrete pipe, turned a corner, and was at a 90-degree angle with Kogoro Mouri. It stands to reason that you can't shoot when you shoot.

But what did they expect from Kogoro's spear fighting skills?

The latter golden bullet directly caught up with the previous one, turned it around and turned 90 degrees.

Then he exploded the poker pistol in Kidd's hand, and exploded the rearview mirror on the right side of the mini car.

Meng Bo's face was full of horror at once: "How is this possible? Where is the bullet, there is an ambush, the kid will get down."

Kidd's mouth twitched, and the shot nearly penetrated his hand. He was busy throwing away half of the remaining poker pistol in his hand, sat down a bit honestly, and hid himself in the passenger seat.

Two more gunshots sounded, and the rear glass of the mini car burst open.

Meng Bo said with a distressed look: "Boy, I have lost a lot of money to take your order."

Then Mouri Kogoro's motorcycle appeared.

With the rearview mirror on the left, Meng Bo saw the golden pistol in Mouri Kogoro's hand, and couldn't help but horrified: "Could it be that Kogoro Moori fired the gun, how could it be possible? There is no angle!"

"Could it be the legendary spear throwing technique, shit, kid, what kind of monster are you provoking?"

Item 0012

Kidd immediately said: "He is a detective just like you, just a little better than you!"

Meng Bo suddenly got upset: "That's because you haven't seen me."

"If it hadn't been for the bad luck to meet you this dead ladyboy last night, I wouldn't have made it today."

Hearing this, Kidd rolled his eyes.

Immediately after Meng Bo pressed the button, the underside of the rear light of this mini car was immediately opened with two bullet holes.

Just as the mini car was turning, two small grenade bullets shot out.