Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1147

Looking at Xiaolan's smiling face, Hui Yuan was silent for a moment: really a lunatic.

But who is not a madman, isn't he the same?

Sometimes it's nice to be a lunatic.

Xiao Lan persuaded Hui Yuan, the pressure in her heart was relieved, and her whole body relaxed.

Although she hadn't acted before, she has been under great psychological pressure since her return from the Kingdom of Vesbania, and her guilt has increased day by day. Although she often resolves with her father, she still feels like holding a stone in her chest.

I told Xiao Ai last night everything, and she felt like she had unloaded a big rock, and she relaxed for the most part.

At this moment, Xiao Lan hugged Lori and fell asleep on the bed.

In a short while, even breathing sounds came.

Hui Yuan took his little hand and stroked Xiaolan's pure cheeks, her azure blue eyes were very gentle, as if looking at her sister.

Rest assured, we will always be together!

At this moment, Xiaolan rolled over unconsciously, and the soft and big breast of the E-cup directly pressed against Hui Yuan's forehead.

It's really the next breast, I want to regret it now, so I won't be with you, the big milk Lan!

On the other side, in the side hall behind Izumo Shrine, Kogoro Moori who studied hard finally arranged a small hidden barrier under Fuso's guidance.

Although only the size of a basketball, Fusang couldn't help opening his mouth in surprise when he actually arranged it, with a dumb look on his face.

Even the simplest enchantment is not as difficult to set up as learning several advanced spells at the same time.

Kogoro Mori experimented happily.

He stretched his hand into the enchantment. From the outside, the whole hand disappeared, as if it were invisible.

He put the golden desert eagle in it, and the pistol was invisible from the outside, and when he shot inside the barrier, the gunshot would never be heard, but the bullet would be shot out.

Assassinating people like this is really unconscious.

But after all, it was the first time to set up. The small enchantment dissipated automatically in more than 20 minutes, and it still couldn't move.

Only by practicing continuously can the range of enchantment be expanded and can move with Kogoro Mouri in the future.

Mouri Kogoro turned his head and looked at Fuso, and found that Fuso was obviously haggard.

She just didn't know how many times she had demonstrated, how many formations she had arranged, and it took a lot of effort to explain, and the consumption was huge.

However, she should have reached the final stage of shaping the spirit body. Fusang did not appear to be illusory, but the color of her lips was not as bright as before.

When Fuso saw Moori Kogoro looking at him, his small face, white as an egg, gradually turned red, which was very obvious.

Tsundere's Shijin turned her head and said, "What do you think of me?"

Kogoro Mouri went straight forward and took his little hand. It felt cold to the touch, but it was also very soft, and it felt strange.

"I have been teaching me for so long as my teacher. As a student, shouldn't I give it back? Let you suck enough this time!"

Fusang Chi pupil immediately fluttered, swallowing in his throat, making a grunting sound.

She spoke very stubbornly: "I'm not rare!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Kogoro Mori kissed his soft lips as if it were cold, mobilizing the spiritual power in his body, and crossing over.

Fuso's big eyes widened instantly, but as a Shijin, she couldn't suppress her instinct at all, her long blue hair fluttered immediately, her plain white jade arms directly wrapped her arms around Kogoro Moori's neck, and she couldn't help but suck. .

A puff of spiritual power flows from along this mouth, from Moori Kogoro's body into Fuso's body, the picture is quite like a female ghost picking up.

Kogoro Mouri smiled at the corner of his eyes and blinked at Fuso in his spare time.

And his big hand boldly plunged into his clothes and touched this spirit body.

This type of God immediately stared!

Don't get me wrong, Kogoro Mouri was just curious about the progress of Fuso's body shaping, so he started to check carefully.

The above is the same as before, with a huge scale, cold touch and absolutely different from ordinary people.

There has been a gratifying progress underneath. The lower abdomen and waist have also appeared, the hips have also appeared, and the thighs have also appeared.

However, I found a loneliness when I went down from my knees, and the calf and soles were still nothing.

Only the last step in Fusang's body shaping is to truly shape the spirit body.

Maori Kogoro was still making trouble with his big hands, but Fusang just glared at him with an angry expression.

However, her flushed cheeks, the blush spreading to her earlobes and neck, and the disordered spiritual fluctuations in her body, seemed to betray her.

Even if Fuso finally sucked enough, and there was no more spiritual power between the two, she still did not let go of Mouri Kogoro's neck.

The old driver such as Kogoro Mori certainly knew how to do it. He showed his master-level kissing skills and began to ask for everything he wanted.

After a passionate kiss for more than ten minutes, Kogoro Mori reluctantly released the Fuso.

He spoke in a warm voice: "Fusang, practice hard, and when your spirit body is fully formed, I will show you around."

Fusang nodded subconsciously, but soon, when she reacted, her guilty conscience immediately turned into nothingness, and she returned to the witch costume.

Fusang had just disappeared, and the little Mikojima Bukuro-kunhui came in with breakfast.

"Mao Lijun, you have been studying for so long, so it's time for breakfast."

"Hey, what about Master Fusang, why is it missing?"

Kogoro Mouri pointed to the witch costume hung on his arm and explained, "She went back."

Then Kogoro Mori put the shrine maiden's costume back to the place of worship, letting it continue to absorb the power of faith.

As soon as the right hand was turned over, all the liquid of spiritual power this time was placed on the god platform.

Fusang's shrine maiden's clothes trembled for a while, and the liquid of spiritual power was collected.

Immediately afterwards, Kogoro Mori pulled the little witch Junhui out of this side hall.

The two were sitting on the stone stairs, and Kogoro Mouri began to eat breakfast.

Junhui was holding his head with both hands, looking at Mouri Kogoro to the side, with a warm smile on the corner of his mouth, which was very touching in the morning light.

"Junhui, why don't you wear the clothes of the god?"

Jun Hui said softly: "I have worn the ritual maiden costume. The god master costume only needs to be worn during ceremonies and festivals, so that I can get closer to the people in the shrine."