Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1157

Xiaolan also looked concerned: "Mother's bailer died. Will this affect her?"

"And I saw news on the Internet saying that the man committed suicide or was forced to death by the nine prosecutors. Is that true?"

Hearing this, Moori Kogoro couldn't help but be quite surprised. He told the group of reporters to shut up, why some news came out.

It seems that the driving force behind this scene is very bold, dare to use so much power.

He asked, "When is this information?"

"Just now!" Xiaolan turned on the phone and clicked on the news on the web to Kogoro Mouri.

Most of these press releases were issued around five o'clock.

Nearly five o'clock in the afternoon, the Peihu police held a press conference to announce the case and characterize it as a suicide.

The reporters began to write news.

The newspaper was not printed as quickly, and it took six o'clock at the earliest.

However, there has been a lot of rumors on the Internet. After all, prosecutors forced people to death. This is something that has never been seen before.

Looking at these news portals, there was a sneer at the corner of Mouri Kogoro's mouth, really not knowing what to say!

Mouri Kogoro has seven or eight media companies and Internet companies in his hands.

There are those specializing in search engines, those specializing in chat software, traditional newspapers, and those specializing in the vertical publishing of news on the Internet...

As soon as his mind changed, his ant-man robots who were in charge of related media companies and disguised as company presidents received instructions and started to act one by one.

An extremely concealed and very powerful force came into action, an undercurrent surging, and a series of orders were issued following the mouths of these Ant-Man robots disguised as humans.

Soon, those related websites that criticized the nine prosecutors most were attacked by hackers, big or small.

Countless bought navy soldiers began to wash the ground one after another, turning the information on the Internet directly into a cloud of muddy water, which made people look at it.

Let's make up some fictitious information to mix this matter up like a Rashomon!

The newspapers that were about to sell related information rang out one by one, and government departments began to inquire, and the invisible pressure was directly overwhelmed.

The heads of the newspapers immediately called with sweat profusely and ordered that all the printed newspapers should be destroyed and not sold on the streets of Tokyo.

Countless people continued to take action, and the booked newspapers were destroyed. The threatened newspaper directors were terrified.

This was just because of a small thought of Kogoro Mouri who was eating, he didn't even need to say a word.

"This case is not as simple as you see. The nine prosecutors did not kill anyone, and there are many inside information in it. I have already investigated the case."

"But this matter involves a lot of things. It's a game of another level. Don't worry about it."

"Everyone eat."

Hearing this, Conan didn't understand, so his brow frowned.

Huihara didn't see it going to the scene today, and didn't care much about it, so he started to eat.

Xiaolan seemed to have some reaction, but when she saw the way her father Zhizhu was holding it, she ignored it.

Kogoro Mouri picked up the black pepper tenderloin of Kuriyama Green Cuisine, tasted it, and nodded: "Little Green, I didn't expect your cooking skills to be so good."

Kuriyama Green chuckled and said, "It's fine if Mao Lijun likes it."

But while eating, Moori Kogoro felt a silk stocking foot touching him, and that toe gently stroked on the back of Moori Kogoro's instep.

He glanced over his head and saw Kuriyamalu blinking at him.

What a silly girl, she's so unskilled even to seduce people, her expression is so obvious, she's exposed!

The little Lori Huibara on the right has been observing Kuriyama Green, and staring at her with a full view of her expression.

The cute little face is round and bulging, still biting the rice ball viciously, completely cute.

Item 0032

The cold Lolita asked directly, "What are you doing, why is your expression so weird?"

A flash of panic flashed across Kuriyama's green eyes: "Nothing!"

Hui Yuan immediately put his head under the table to check.

Mouri Kogoro, who could react much faster than ordinary people, immediately put his legs on the seat.

Huihara only saw Kuriyama Green's long legs wrapped in silk stockings scratching on the floor directly below Kogoro Mouri, and he was a little speechless.

She raised her head again, her eyes almost rolled to the sky.

Kuriyama Green hurriedly retracted her legs, her face was instantly red, and her ears and neck were dyed red. She lowered her head and held her meal obediently, not daring to look at other people.

The scene was a bit embarrassing for a while!

The gloating kid Conan couldn’t help but laughed: You rejuvenating black-bellied little Lolita, now it’s cool, I like the uncle, now I found my uncle stole it, someone like uncle’s carefree, there will be people in the future. You are so delicious!

Hui Yuan couldn't help but yelled at Conan beside him: "What are you laughing at, Tauren!"

The little queen's aura broke out completely, and Conan couldn't stand it at all, choked with a mouthful of rice, and he patted his back desperately.

Kogoro Mori immediately scooped a bowl of chicken soup for Conan. Conan took it and drank it, then turned his head and sprayed it out instantly.

There is a layer of oil floating on the chicken soup, which has been kept warm, and it has not become cold at all.

Drink it in one sip, it's so hot!

Conan's mouth was red and swollen, and he couldn't help but looked at Kogoro Mouri with a grimace, thinking that he had deliberately calculated himself.

And Kogoro Mouri waved his hand with an innocent look.

Fortunately, with a few coughs, the choking meal was also coughed up, and the crisis was lifted.

Conan turned his head and said, "I said Huiyuan, how am I like a cow, don't give me these inexplicable nicknames, okay?"

Huihara saw that Conan still had a silly look, and his mood improved a lot. He couldn't help but laughed, "I think this title is suitable for you!"

Hearing this, Conan looked helpless again, but he was secretly attached.

This black-bellied loli would never be aimless, so he tried to think about this title, trying to understand the meaning of it.

Dinner continued in this strange atmosphere.