Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1158

After dinner, everyone drank tea in the living room.

Maori Kogoro pulled Xiaolan over, and whispered: "Lan, stay at home with Xiaoai tonight, don't go out, and take care of Xiaoai."

Xiao Lan was quite surprised. I don't know why Moori Kogoro suddenly said this: "Dad, why are you saying such a thing?"

Mouri Kogoro said, "It's nothing, but I'm not at home tonight, so I have to go and continue the investigation. Just follow my instructions!"

Xiaolan nodded.

Kogoro Mouri would say this because the national character police officer of the Beito Metropolitan Police Department, Tokiwa Daigo, made him quite concerned.

In particular, he asked Meihezi to help him investigate his information, and the text messages he got confirmed his suspicions.

If Kogoro Mori hadn't expected it to be wrong, this Takeuchi Construction Group's bribery case should be related to dark organizations.

So there are some things that he has to guard against.

However, as long as the two girls stayed at home, the little god Fusang set up the induction.

Once something happens, Fuso will appear immediately, so the home is naturally the safest place, so Kogoro Mouri can leave with confidence.

He put on his suit jacket, looked at Kuriyama Green who was still shyly bowing his head, and said, "Little Green, should I send you back?"

Kuriyama Green's face was immediately happy, as if he was saved, he was about to stand up and leave.At this time, Little Lori Huiyuan inserted a sentence: "Sister Little Green, don't you go, I have a lot to ask you about lawyers!"

Hui Yuan's voice was cold, but there was a strong aura, which instantly made Kuri Shanlu's body stiff.

Little Lori won't let Kuriyama Midori and Moori Kogoro go out together. Didn't this let this foolish vixen succeed?And she still wants to talk to Kuriyama Green!

Seeing this, Xiaolan also asked to stay and said, "Dad, you can go by yourself, and little green sister has her own car, so you don't have to send it?"

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro nodded: "Yes, then I'll go first, you guys get along well!"

After that, Kogoro Mori also left.

Kuriyama Green could only sit back on the sofa with a look of disappointment: the opportunity to be alone with Maori-kun was gone again!

Kogoro Mouri went downstairs and got into the car, and wanted to go towards the Kujo's house.

But soon he remembered the actions of the three sisters Maoyan at Dongdu Bank.

Toshio Utsumi was hospitalized by his own diarrhea charms and bad luck charms.

In this case, someone who is responsible for the defense of those precious pictures of Dongdu Bank will definitely become someone else.

It is still unclear whether the cats eye sisters can steal the pictures as originally planned.

Mouri Kogoro remembered the anxious expression he saw when he saw the tears of the next life in the afternoon, and he sighed.

After all, this is something that I did, so I have to go and have a look!

In addition, Kujo Reiko and Gunda Yumi have their own Ant-Man robots guarding them, and Da Moshifter has one last chance this month.

Once something happens, I can rush to it instantly.

You only need to project the nine images seen by the Ant-Man robot over there in your mind, so that there will be no problems.

Kogoro Mouri made a decision quickly, and Lexus turned to Toto Bank.

Around eight o'clock in the evening, Lexus stopped outside the Eastern Capital Bank.

Looking at the commanding policewoman who just entered the bank, Meeko Nogami.

Kogoro Mouri raised his brows, but that was true. Toshio Utsumi was beaten out of shit when he was with her, and he was hospitalized.

That Utsumi Toshio's original task was taken by him, it made sense.

The Silver Fox VS the Three Sisters of the Cat Eye of the Metropolitan Police Department!

They are all big beauties, so there is a good show to watch now.

Moori Kogoro’s Lexus stopped under the tree, adjusted the back of the chair, and lay down comfortably and waited.

While waiting, he didn't have any free time in his hands, constantly practicing the mudra of the connective hidden barrier that Fusang taught him.

As a result, the ornaments, steering wheel, clutch and other small objects in the car are hidden and appear from time to time, which is very strange.

In the car, Kogoro Mori narrowed his eyes, and he couldn't help but applaud as he watched the defense that Yazi led his men.

This is the deployment method of the Delta Force, one of the four major special forces in the United States, especially to restrain terrorist organizations. The Gea Zi police officer is really a real counter-strike!

About twenty minutes later, the tears of the next life and the pupils of the next life appeared in the cat's eyes, but none of the people in the Dongdu Bank noticed it.

Item 0033

This pair of cat-eye sisters are all wearing tight clothes and stepping on black boots. They are extremely sexy but reveal a bit of color.

The clothes of the afterlife tears are purple, and the next life pupil is dark blue.

The two women have very graceful figures, with concavities and convexities. Especially the low-neck design of the tights shows that their chests are white and greasy, and two deep gullies are also revealed.

But of course, as the eldest sister, the next life tears have a stronger capital, probably an E cup, and the next life pupil is a D cup.

Neither of these sisters can be controlled by one hand.

And the girl who didn't come, Laisheng Ai Xiaoxiao also has a C cup, I have to say that the genes of the next generation are still very good.

But at the moment, the cat-eye sisters are very distressed. They are looking at Dongdu Bank with infrared telescopes on the distant building.

The bank's defense can be described as impenetrable and impenetrable.

Every floor is guarded by police officers, so there are no dead ends.

There are really two brushes in the delta special forces deployment method adopted by Interpol Meako.

The Delta Force is a special team with the same name as the US Navy SEALs, and one of the top ten special forces in the world.

All the police officers were assigned to three groups by Yazi, and the group maintained communication with each other, and each was responsible for patrolling related areas.

Moreover, the code is changed every fifteen minutes, and the code must be answered correctly to pass.

Among them, the secret guards are extremely concealed. From the security booths, parking lots, flower gardens, and big trees, these police officers are not professional enough to hide them, otherwise the tears of the next life and the pupils of the next life will not be able to find them.

"Sister, what should we do? Are we going to sneak in with violence?"

The tears of the next life frowned slightly: "Wait!"

More than ten minutes later, the governor of Dongdu Bank, a middle-aged man in a blue suit walked to the lobby on the first floor.