Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1159

This bank president is not the fat man who has been sweating all the time last time. The fat bank president last time has retired. The new bank president who came to power this time is very domineering.

He directly spoke to Yazi and said, "What are you doing? Why are you arranging so many police officers to enter the bank? It has affected our normal work!"

Yazi's face in a red windbreaker was cold: "The responsibility lies, and we are also protecting the safety of your bank property. You don't want to be stolen by Lupin the treasure easily like last time!"

The domineering governor said: "Cut, you policemen are useless at all. I knew it last time. Had it not been for a Maori detective, Lupin would have succeeded."

"I knew I had commissioned a Maori detective. This time we have arranged security personnel ourselves. Now let your subordinates withdraw from the bank. When there are guests coming, if you run into them, we will sell you. I can't afford it anymore."

A chill flashed in Yazi's eyes, and a small pocket gun suddenly appeared in his hand, playing with it carefully: "You called the police and asked the police to help protect the famous painting. Now that we are here, it is naturally not your turn to speak."

The threat in his actions is self-evident.

Sweat oozes from the bank president’s forehead, but he didn’t give in so easily. Instead, he said, “What do you mean? What are you doing with a gun? I’ll tell you that Dongdu Bank is a private bank. I have the final say."

"The guests I'm waiting for are from the Middle East, do you know? The world's richest man, how much investment can bring to our country! Now you have all your police officers withdrawn, right at the bank gate? Just stay outside. If you don't do it, I will complain to your boss."

Yazi turned her head to the side and was very speechless to these domestic capitalists. If she was in private, she would definitely teach the bank president a lot, but in front of so many people, she didn't want to talk to this guy anymore.

But the bank leader became more arrogant and continued to speak, "Aren't you giving orders? Okay, then I will write down the numbers of all the police officers in the bank and complain one by one."

Hearing this, Yazi frowned.These police officers are ordinary criminals seconded by themselves, and they are all the bottom members of the police station.

Complaints will have a great impact on their future promotion.

Yazi could only sigh, and said to the walkie-talkie: "Signal: Catch insects! Now order all police officers in the bank to evacuate and gather in front of the bank gate."

So the police officers in the whole bank started to move and walked outside the bank.

With a smug look on his face, the bank leader glanced at the police officers in police uniforms, then straightened his clothes and went to the VIP room to wait.

In the car, Kogoro Mouri watched Meako come out with a group of police officers, and he raised his eyebrows. This cat's eye is quite unnatural.

And the next life pupil in the opposite building saw this scene through binoculars, and couldn't help asking: "Sister, how did you do this?"

The next life burst into tears and laughed lightly: "I will tell you when the task is completed, there is no one on the rooftop, let's act quickly, are you ready?"

The next life Hitomi nodded and picked up the black paraglider: "Of course I'm ready."

After that, the two women both held their paragliders, ran quickly, leaped into the air, and slid towards the roof of the Dongdu Bank.

The black paraglider is completely integrated into the night sky, and the police underneath can't find it at all. The two women still have time to talk and laugh in the sky!

Soon, the two arrived at the top of the rooftop on the 15th floor of Dongdu Bank.

The afterlife Hitomi was still a bit unskilled in controlling paragliders. When landing, the wing of the paraglider hit the reservoir next to him, and the paraglider was damaged.

Afterlife tears could not help but help her forehead speechlessly: "Xiaotong, you are really, there is no way to leave now, I will let Xiao Ai pick us up!"

After that, she sent out a text message.

The next life Hitomi was embarrassed and stuck out his tongue.

Next, the two used tools to pry open the outer door of the elevator, and then entered the elevator shaft.

Both of them wore gloves on their hands, pulled directly over the rope, hooked the rope with slender legs, and directly adopted a fast-descent posture, using the rope to descend directly from the fifteenth floor to the second floor.

The black leather shoes lightly stepped on the top of the elevator car, then opened the lid on the top of the elevator car, jumped down, and her chest trembled suddenly.

Lexus Moori Kogoro drank Coke, ate popcorn, and watched the big theft action passed by the Ant-Man robot in his mind. He nodded his head from time to time and enjoyed it a lot.

Not bad, not bad, this lens is great!

Then the sisters Maoyan pushed on the elevator, and saw no one outside, and immediately ran.

This is the corridor leading to the underground treasure house. There is only this one, and it is also monitored by several fixed monitors.

If you run directly, you will definitely be discovered.

The tears in the next life stopped, and he put his little hand into the gully of his chest, this action is full of expression.

Kogoro Mouri rolled his eyes speechlessly: Really, good and bad learning, this trick must be learned from Chikage.

After tears, he took out a few photos and handed them to his sister: "I will leave it to you next!"

Item 0034

These photos are the images taken in the corridor surveillance.

The next life Hitomi took the photo, and there is a number at the back of the photo, so it's natural to take it wrong.

With a stick of glue in her mouth, she smeared it on the photos, and then started to move.

The wrist flipped for a while, the flying card technique was performed, and the photo hovered and flew up and was accurately attached to the lens.

Immediately after the next life, Hitomi showed off his acrobatics, and his slender and graceful body was turning somersaults forward in this corridor.

The photos shot out one by one, and they landed in front of the surveillance cameras with extreme precision and pasted on them.

The monitoring room thought the signal was not good, and the pictures were taken one by one, and the security personnel did not pay much attention to it.

The last surveillance camera was hung high on the three-meter-high ceiling, and there was an exhaust fan just next to it. If it flew directly, it would be unstable.

However, there happened to be a decorative vase underneath, and Hitomi jumped directly on it.

But the vase was more than two meters away from the surveillance camera, and she couldn't reach it even with her hand.

She simply glued the last photo to her boots, and then slowly raised her long legs.

She was wearing a blue tights, and she made a straight-up one-word horse out of thin air. This picture was really seductive.

Moori Kogoro, who was spying secretly, couldn't help smiling at the corners of his mouth. Judging from the eyesight of his old driver, the next life Hitomi's body is soft, and he can definitely unlock many interesting poses.

Although a little trembling, Hitomi afterlife stuck the photo to the camera very smoothly.

She was relieved and returned to the corridor.

The next life’s tears followed leisurely, and the next life Hitomi said flatly: "Sister, it’s your turn next!"

In the next life, tears rolled his eyes: "My sister is doing technical work."

After that, she came to the front door of the vault, opened the lock cover of the vault, and said: "Tsk, Tsk, the triple lock made in Germany, model PGT-28XL, but this model has been upgraded last month. "

"How long does it take?"

"Don't be so impatient. Unlocking is the most taboo and anxious. No wonder you can't learn it all the time. This can be done in 30 seconds."