Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1160

The tears of the next life came up to listen, and then began to twist the outermost number ring.

The six-digit code was quickly found. The first lock was opened, and inside was a key letter lock.

The next life burst into tears and laughed lightly. Starting from pressing the pound key, inputting a long string of characters directly restored the key lock to the factory state, and the second lock was easily broken.

The last one is a keyhole, this one is even simpler.

The tears of the next life stretched his hand into his chest and took it out, and soon a duplicate key was taken out.

Rotate the key hole to the right, and the entire heavy metal gate will automatically open, and there is another corridor inside.

This corridor is no more than 20 meters long, but it exudes a weird atmosphere.

Afterlife Tears reached out and patted his sister's buttocks: "Little Tears, it's your turn to play again."

The next life pupil put on infrared glasses and immediately saw the dense infrared rays in the corridor.

But infrared rays are only available at a distance of 30 cm from the ground.

"It's easy, just climb in!"

The elder sister burst into tears and laughed lightly: "I advise you not to do this, or you will be burnt."

She directly took a strand of hair and threw it on the floor.

The floor crackled and crackled. This is clearly high-voltage electricity!

The next life Hitomi pursed his lips and tied his hair: "Really, let me come every time it's dangerous."

The next life tears comforted: "Who told you to be better than me, look for it faster after entering, I still want to go back to chase the drama." With this, the next life tears raised a crossbow and lowered his body to the opposite side. The wall shot past.

The harpoon shot directly into the opposite wall, firmly embedded in it, and the rope followed.

Afterlife Tears pulled the other end of the rope, connected it to the suction cup, and attached it directly to the wall on this side, and a rope was hung tightly in the air.

Then the pupil of the next life hung upside down on this rope and kept climbing over.

The distance of more than 20 meters was a piece of cake for her, and she soon came to the other side of the corridor.

Inside are rows of iron cabinets, all the valuables that everyone entrusts the bank to keep.

In the next life, Hitomi opened the cabinets one by one and rummaged through it. Finally, she found the painting tube.

The next life Hitomi bit the small flashlight to open the painting tube, and the scroll unfolded.

But it's not her father's collection picture scroll, "Smile on the River Ley".

Instead, it was a piece of paper with the words: "Little Ermiao, I'll take this painting away first!"

The signature is'Gentleman!'

Looking at the afterlife Hitomi from the Ant-Man robot with a stunned expression, all the small flashlights in his mouth fell, and Kogoro Mori in the car felt very happy.

Every time the cat's eyes blocked myself, this time it was finally my turn to retaliate back!

He glanced at the picture scroll rolled up in the passenger seat, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

There is an Ant-Man robot as an assistant, and what I want is like searching for something.

He doesn't need to be so troublesome to crack layers of organs like a cat's eye.

Moori Kogoro directly dispatched two Ant-Man robots without going through any organs. After getting smaller, they sneaked directly into the bank's treasury.

Then he took the scrolls one after the other and sent them out through the ventilation ducts. No one could find them.

As for the inscription left, it is just a bad taste of Kogoro Mouri.

Kuroba Chikage is known as the lady of the strange thief. As a man, she should naturally be called a gentleman!


In the underground treasury on the second floor, the next life pupil went crazy, unwilling to look at the cabinet next to him, and he didn't see the scroll anymore.

So she could only go back to the front of the corridor with a depressed face, and said: "Eldest sister, I was boarded first. It's a thief named'Gentleman'."

Afterlife Tears frowned when he heard this, and quickly said: "Since there is something wrong, you come back quickly and we immediately evacuated."

In the next life, Hitomi could only climb up the hanging rope again and climb upside down.

After the pupil of the next life climbed over, the next life Tear said: "Let’s go home first, and then find Uncle Yongshi, or Master to find out who this'gentleman' is!"

"we can only do this!"

Both of them were a little frustrated, but they became vigorous and left along the path that they had just cracked.

Soon they came to the elevator on the second floor. While the patrol staff had just passed by, the two women immediately got on the elevator, and the elevator went to the roof!

But the closer you get to the rooftop, the more awkward pupil pupil's expression is, she seems to hear something.

She whispered: "Sister, put on the mask first, I have a bad feeling."

Upon hearing this, both women took out masks from their waists and put on them.

Soon, the elevator door opened, and a policewoman in a red windbreaker stood in front of the elevator door. She was very bright, and it was Yezi.

Yazi chuckled lightly: "Good evening, cat eyes!"

Item 0035

Yezi stood with her arms folded, as if waiting for a long time.

The two masked sisters looked at each other, and then asked in tears: "How did you know?"

Yazi opened the mouth and said: "The bank president said that there are distinguished Middle Eastern customers coming, and I feel something is wrong."

"I called the head of the Investment Section of the Ministry of Finance and found that there are no people who meet the requirements in Tokyo, so I understand."

"Hehe, you have spent so much time trying to force us out. It must not have appeared from the ground. There is only the rooftop. So I stayed here and waited for the rabbits, and I caught two little wild cats.

"You said, surrender yourself obediently, or I will arrest you myself!"

The next life pupil couldn't help but speak: "Don't talk big, you are alone, and you want to stop us, let's have your spring and autumn dreams!"

Both sisters used the voice change technique taught by Kuroba Chikage, and Meako naturally couldn't hear their original voice.

Yazi didn't get annoyed when she heard this, and she stretched out her hands and pointed the two small guns at the sisters.

The tears of the next life and the pupils of the next life shrank, subconsciously reacting.