Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1168

"Mao Lijun, what are you doing, where's my pajamas?"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Your pajamas are too old, I don't like them."

Reiko was stunned, her slightly blue eyes turned round: What's up to me if you don't like it?

Mouri Kogoro then said, "I think this bath towel looks good when you wrap it, so you should wrap it in this bath towel, which is more convenient!"

Hearing this, Reiko's face immediately flushed.

What's more convenient?

There were countless guesses in her heart instantly, and the whole person was a little unstable.

Looking at Reiko, who bowed his head like a quail, Kogoro Mouri was not in a hurry, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and the big hand took Reiko's little hand and walked to the living room.

Yu Mei is still asleep on the sofa in the living room.

But Reiko didn't seem to notice, her eyes were dumbfounded, and they couldn't focus on them.When Kogoro Moori asked Reiko to sit on the sofa, the prosecutor who was so mighty in the courtroom was as clever as a pupil.

With his legs close together, his hands clenched fists on his knees, he was obviously in a state of extreme tension!

This look is really weird and cute.

Kogoro Mori picked up the hair dryer on the cabinet next to it, plugged it in, and stood by the side of the sofa, and started blowing on the black hair of Reiko Kujo.

Reiko immediately wanted to grab the hair dryer and blow it herself: "Mao Lijun, I will do it myself!"

Kogoro Mouri smirked and said, "If you raise your hand, you will be gone."

When Reiko heard this, she stretched out her hand and grabbed the bath towel, which was declining.

Although the spring light flashed by, it was stored in the brain by Kogoro Mouri with excellent eyesight, which was really great.

Kogoro Mouri stroked Reiko's head with his big hands, fiddled with wet hair, and the hot wind blew up.

The drops of water were blown out continuously, falling on Reiko's arms and shoulders, appearing extremely crystal clear.

Only then did Reiko discover her girlfriend lying on her side and she couldn't help but say: "Hey, why is Yu Mei asleep?"

"Maybe she is tired today!"

Reiko couldn't help being confused. If she was tired, she should be tired.

I haven't slept at all since yesterday. I have been interrogating Takeuchi Hiraki. Later, I witnessed others commit suicide. Then I was called to the Metropolitan Police Department and interrogated for a long time before coming out. Why was Yu Mei so tired that he fell asleep first.

But Reiko didn't feel tired either. At this moment, she felt as if she was hitting adrenaline, with a faint sense of excitement.

And the big hand on her head seemed to be magical, as if massaging her scalp, giving her a very strange feeling.

With Moori Kogoro whirling, Reiko's original sharp heartbeat gradually eased.

She couldn't help but asked, "Kogoro, why don't you want me to resign?"

Kogoro Mouri replied: "Because I don't want you to go, I don't want to be without you under the sky of Tokyo."

"Because I want to breathe the air under the same sky as Reiko, I won't let you resign!"

Upon hearing this answer, Kujo Reiko's atrial fibrillation trembled.

Mouri Kogoro then said, "Reiko, do you know? You have a very beautiful color."

"Especially when wearing the prosecutor's uniform and putting me right in court, it is simply a thorny and sonorous rose, irreplaceable."

"You are born a prosecutor, no one can do better than you!"

"Moreover, you don't know much about this matter, but I have investigated it clearly!"

Lingzi turned her head and asked with concern: "What's the secret?"

Kogoro Mouri stopped the hair dryer, threw it on the sofa, and smirked, "I can't say it, it's not the time to talk about the case!"

While talking, Kogoro Moori put a kiss on Reiko's pink lips, and instantly pulled him from the state of talking about business back to the original tense atmosphere.

Reiko's eyes shrank sharply, her small fist involuntarily grasped the bath towel, and her heart beat faster.

Before Reiko's hair was completely dried, Mouri Kogoro pinched several handprints with his right hand.

Yufeng Shu was performed again.

Strands of breeze wrapped each strand of Reiko's hair, taking away all the moisture in it.

In an instant, Reiko's black hair fell loosely.

It's just that the wisp of breeze is a bit naughty, and it blows Reiko's bath towel down.

Item 0042

The night sky of Tokyo after the rain is so sultry, with a crescent moon hung in the sky, exuding silver brilliance, and stars hanging over the sky, complementing the night view of Tokyo.

In Kujo Reiko's house, the temperature seemed to be rising, it was extremely hot.

Mouri Kogoro saw the scene before him, his eyes lit up and his left hand immediately fell.

Reiko couldn't help but shudder, her body shrank uncontrollably, her eyes full of panic.

With a smile on his face, Maori Kogoro lowered his head and kissed Reiko's pink lips. He greedily asked for it, and his sniff became a lot thicker.

When the master-level kissing technique was displayed, Reiko was quickly lost in it and responded slowly.

The blush on her cheeks gradually dyed, causing the jade neck, earlobes, and neck to become red, which was very touching.

The two in the passionate kiss forgot everything and lay down on the sofa one after another.

Mouri Kogoro’s right hand covered Reiko’s calf, and Reiko’s jade arm had been wrapped around Mouri Kogoro’s neck at some time. Her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, and her heart was beating. I just felt that the moment was wonderful. .

But when Reiko's eyes swept to a touch of water blue, she woke up as if frightened, pushing the body of Kogoro Mouri with her little hands.

"Kogoro, let me go, Yumi is still here!"

Mouri Kogoro smirked, looking at the beauty below, his left hand continued to wonder: "It's okay, Yumei is exhausted, and I can't wake up when I fall asleep."

"No, what if she wakes up in the middle, she can't be here."

Reiko was still shaking her head in panic, but Kogoro Moori felt that Yumi was more exciting next to her.

Moreover, the nine prosecutors who were majestic and majestic in the court, now so pitiful, seem to be bullying wantonly.