Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1182

"Of course there can be no hindrance to the transmission of qigong to your body. Naturally, you have to take off your clothes, but you have to take off."

Seeing Mary's little face that was slowly reddening, Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly: "You little girl, only thirteen or fourteen years old. She hasn't developed yet. Why are you shy!"

Mary suddenly looked hesitant, her little hand squeezed the hem of the sweater, but she did not move.

After waiting for a long time, Kogoro Mori scratched his head: "It hurts, since you are so shy, I will treat you next time. You can go to the office to find me in a few days. I'm leaving."

After saying that, Kogoro Mori turned and walked towards the gate.

Just as his hand was about to turn the doorknob, Mary's voice came from behind: "Please wait!"

Kogoro Mouri turned around, not to shrink his pupils.

Standing by the bed, Mary was blushing, her upper body was naked, her arms were still covering key parts, she wanted to cover her and she was ashamed.

This is also hidden, the development is too good, the child's big breasts!

At only thirteen or fourteen years old, he was comparable to Xiaolan, and foreigners really developed early.

"You can treat me!"

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro released the doorknob and turned back to the room.

Item 0056

Mary's skin is very fair, much whiter than Huiyuan.

Huiyuan is a mixture of British and Japanese, and Mary is a pure white eagle country, with natural skin and snow.

At this moment, this little loli was lying on the bed obediently, her face flushed, waiting for treatment.

Mary's green eyes were misted with water, and she had not been topless in front of the opposite sex for many years.

Even though she was a child who had been shrunk by taking APTX, Mary was still very uncomfortable.

Mouri Kogoro said, "Don't worry, I will try my best to help you."

As he spoke, his big hand was pressed on Mary's left chest.

Mary's brows twitched, and she was about to have an attack.

But Kogoro Moori's face also came up, staring at the healed scar on his left chest.

"Is this a gunshot wound? It penetrated your left chest and penetrated your lungs, so you kept coughing."

Perceiving the fiery hand, Mary couldn't help but blush.

But when she saw Kogoro Moori's serious appearance, she suppressed her anger and nodded pretending to be cunning: "Yeah!"

Mouri Kogoro frowned slightly: "That's weird. If this is a gunshot wound, it would be too small!" His index finger and middle finger spread the skin around the wound: "This is a three-millimeter bullet. There is no three-millimeter caliber at all!"

"And your wound was obviously four or five years ago. Four or five years ago, you were only six and seven years old."

"If it is shot at a very young age, the wound will heal and grow up, and the scar left will grow larger as we grow up. The principle is the same as when we were vaccinated when we were young."

"In other words, the real wound is less than three millimeters, which is almost invisible. How can this be possible? Where in the world is there such a small gunshot wound? This kind of wound can't hurt people at all!"

Mary was stunned by the series of questions. How did she know that Kogoro Moori could say so many things just by looking at a wound, and the shyness on her face was reduced a lot.

Mary murmured in her heart: Is this the focus of your attention?Am I going to tell you that I was chased by gin and then fled into the river after being shot, before taking the shrinking medicine?

It was because Mary who was drifting in the river took APTX and her body shrank, the seven-millimeter gunshot wound on her chest was reduced to two or three millimeters, and the large wound on her back was reduced to the size of a coin. She did not lose too much blood. And die.

Mary could only reply weakly at the moment: "I forgot."

Kogoro Mouri nodded: "That's right, you were just a child at the time, and it's normal to forget."

While saying this, Moori Kogoro's eyes lit up, as if he was studying interesting things, and his hands were turned over and over on Mary's chest.

But after all, Mary is the little Lolita after the adult has shrunk. She has three children. The big hands of the opposite sex will naturally give her a strange feeling. Her little face is all red, and her breathing has become much faster.

Seeing this nasty man, Mary's forehead kept jumping up: Although I am only a little girl now, it does not mean that you can do such a rude behavior.

Her short legs bent slightly, intending to give a fatal blow to Mouri Kogoro's crotch.

But Kogoro Mori seemed to be aware of it, and quickly turned Little Lori over and instantly shattered her plan.

Kogoro Mori saw a coin-sized scar on Mary's back. His fingertips lightly scratched the scar, and Mary couldn't help but tremble slightly.

After reading the injury of Lori, Mouri Kogoro also understood.

That shot should have penetrated Mary's left chest, the gunpowder of the bullet exploded in her body, smashed her left lung, and left a big wound.

If you die directly in your atrium, you will be able to live.

Because there are very few nerve cells in the lungs and the wound suppression brought about by the shrinking body, Mary has no other abnormal symptoms except for coughing, which is also considered lucky.Then the treatment will begin.

Mouri Kogoro turned over and sat on Mary's body, and his big hand pinched several mudra, and the rejuvenation technique was performed.

The rich vegetation spirit was drawn from the void and lingered on Moori Kogoro's hands.

Do you have to do a full set of drama, anyway, Marie couldn't distinguish qigong from witchcraft.

"I want to start!"

While speaking, his fingers pressed on the three acupoints of Jianjing, Fengmen and Feishu on Mary's soft back.

A wave of extremely cool energy poured into Mary's body from her back, and she couldn't help her eyes widening, and her mouth made a strange sound.

This feeling is like planting a seed in the body, and then the seed continues to sprout, bathed in sunlight, and grow into a towering tree.

The unspeakable are comfortable, the unspeakable are useful, and the body is as relaxed as a heavy stone.

Mary couldn't help squinting her eyes, and she was sure that Kogoro Mouri could really cure her.

After a while, Kogoro Moori put his hands back, Mary suddenly became unwilling, and Jiao Didi's voice shouted: "Don't stop!"

Moore Kogoro couldn't help but feel hot when he heard the cute and cute voice.

Really, legal loli can't stand it!

Then Kogoro Moori reached out and turned Mary over, and Mary covered her chest in a panic, "What are you doing?"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly and said, "We also need to be treated in front."

After he said that, his big hand squeezed his fingerprints again, and Mary underneath asked curiously, "What kind of qigong are you, and what does this gesture mean?"