Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1193

Hearing this, Shiho couldn't help blushing, and reached out and hammered Mori Kogoro's chest.

When the little angel next to it heard this, he stood up and said: "Okay, I will relocate you."

But before she could take a step, Mouri Kogoro pulled her back and fell back onto the big bed.

Not much to say, Moori Kogoro suppressed the girl and kissed it domineeringly.

Shibao beside him couldn't help but exclaimed, his little hand covered his eyes, he wanted to see but didn't dare to see.

It was so exciting and so exciting. Every time I saw them together, Zhibo was also excited, and the whole person felt hot.

After a passionate kiss, the red-faced little angel was already powerless to get up.

Kogoro Mouri's voice is gentle but irresistible: "Everyone will live together in the future, so we must try to adapt from now on!"

After that, he stretched out his hand and pulled Zhibao over, who was watching the play next to him, and let him lie on the little angel.

Accompanied by a cry of exclamation, a vigorous and vigorous movement was played, and it was beautiful, another achievement was achieved!

(A lot of words are omitted here!)

The dark battle last night didn't know how long it lasted before it came to an end.

In the early morning of the next day, a ray of golden sunlight fell on the three people on the bed through the gap between the curtains and the window, and the fluff on the faces of the three was clearly visible.

Mouri Kogoro lay in the middle, with an irresistible smile on his face, hugging left and right. He is still in a dream at the moment, while the two women are nestling around him like birds.

Suddenly, the little angel on the right frowned, opened his big eyes and woke up.

The little angel sat up, but couldn't help but took a breath. She felt sore all over, and she couldn't help being surprised.His beautiful eyes turned to stare at Moori Kogoro who was sleeping peacefully in the middle. How could he become so powerful this time? This is too terrifying!

The little angel didn't want to wake up so quickly, it was only six o'clock, and she only slept for two hours.

But she really didn't want to miss the scene where Shiho Miyano's body became smaller, so that she controlled her biological clock to wake herself up at six o'clock.

I just slept for two hours, so the internal guidance surgery failed to completely relieve the fatigue.

Then the girl's eyes were cast on Shiho Miyano next to her.

Hui Yuan took the medicine at 10 o'clock last night. Eight hours have passed. It stands to reason that he will almost recover now.

She had just thought about it when she heard a warning from Shiho Miyano's mouth, and then she panted heavily, her face flushed.

The little angel immediately lifted the quilt, and instantly saw Shiho Miyano's body red as a ruby ​​red, and it was extremely magnificent.

Then the mature female body shrank down at a speed visible to the naked eye.

This scene is as shocking as time reversal.

The mature and glamorous face became immature and innocent, the proud chest shrank with a puff, and finally became flat, the long legs turned back into short legs, and the jade arms turned into pink lotus hands. , That graceful beauty instantly turned into a flat loli.

Seeing this scene, the little angel couldn't help but snorted: "Wow!"

But even if the medicine was effective and her body shrank, Zhibao did not wake up from her sleep. She was too tired last night.

Huihara, who had recovered into a little loli, smelled a familiar and reassuring scent, turned sideways and rubbed in the arms of the sleeping Kogoro Mori, found a comfortable position, and continued to sleep.

And the little angel who satisfied her curiosity suddenly felt sleepy, she stretched her waist, and then she learned from Haibara, lying sideways in Kogoro Mori’s arms, covering the quilt, and covering the three of them again. live.

As soon as the girl touched Moori Kogoro's chest, she heard the sound of her heartbeat, as if she had been infected with a sleeper.

Within a few seconds, she followed smoothly into her dream.

At this moment, the room was extremely quiet, and the heartbeats of the three cuddling together gradually became synchronized, as did their breathing.

Only the ray of golden sunlight is slowly moving, telling the flow of time.

Item 0068

At around eight o'clock in the morning, the sun had become a lot violent, but Moori Kogoro in his sleep was awakened by a burst of noise.


"this is mine."

"I got it first and grabbed it with a kid. What kind of ability?" The cute Lolita's voice was full of resentment.

"Obviously bigger than me, what's your pretense? Xiao Ai, you may have itchy skin again. Nothing in the house is mine!" Xiao Lan's voice was like a female bandit, but it was very arrogant.

Mouri Kogoro opened his eyes and saw you, Xiaolan and Haibara. I was scrambling for ice cream.

This is a masterpiece by the chef Maori Kogoro. It is so delicious that the two women naturally refused to want it.

Yeah, you eat ice cream early in the morning, so you are not afraid of diarrhea?

Xiao Lan grabbed the ice cream, and seeing Xiao Lori's depressed expression, she felt much better. She didn't dislike the saliva with Huiyuan on it, her pink tongue came out, and the fresh big strawberry on top was beautifully contained , And raised his brows to Huihara proudly.

Seeing Maori Kogoro awake, Xiao Lori said angrily: "Uncle, look, Xiao Lan is bullying me!"

The adorable Lori sound instantly hit Mouri Kogoro's heart, he was about to speak.

But Xiaolan on the side said first: "Hmph, Dad, you always lied to me before and said Xiao Ai is a child, let me let her."

"Now I know she is not young anymore, so stop talking."

After talking about Xiaolan's pink tongue, she licked the big strawberry. This scene is very attractive.

Mouri Kogoro blushed, but he couldn't speak.

Little Lori was full of resentment when she saw it, and was even more aroused to win. Her watery blue eyes stared at Moori Kogoro, pouting her little mouth, and looked wronged.

Mouri Kogoro was defeated in an instant, and turned to Xiaolan and said: "Lan, obedient, only last night said he wanted to live in peace."

Hearing what her father said, Xiaolan pouted and said, "Well, let's eat together."

Naturally, Hui Yuan didn't dislike Xiaolan's saliva, and the two women had done something even worse, so naturally they would not care about this section.

Don't look at the two women being noisy all day long, the relationship is very good.

Little Lori also stuck out her pink tongue, rolled the ice cream lightly, and then smiled sweetly: "It's delicious!"

Xiao Lan exclaimed: "Don't grab it, I want it too." Her sip was held up, and then she spoke contentedly, "Daddy's ice cream is amazing, I love it!" "

Seeing this tempting picture, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but feel a hot belly.


At 8:40, Conan the little devil looked at the humble breakfast on the table.