Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1197

To be salty together, to die together to die!

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro smiled lightly, holding a spoon and gently separating the layers of the cake, and the bright red chili sauce appeared instantly.

Then the spoon tapped the plate lightly.

When I saw it in the next life, I didn't know where I was seen through.

She suddenly covered her mouth and chuckled: "Hehehe, he is indeed a Maori detective, with his ears and eyes, he can see through my test all at once. It seems that this commission really belongs to you."

The cat's eye female snitch's reaction was not unpleasant, and the prank instantly turned into a test.

And Kogoro Mouri handed her a glass of water on the table.Afterlife, Mouri Kogoro stared with tears, and took the water and drank stubbornly.

As soon as she drank the water, she relaxed.

On the side, Guntian Ikumi raised her cheeks and asked curiously: "What's the commission?"

In the next life, he wiped his mouth with tears and said, "Although Gunfield Detective is also a very powerful detective, I can only entrust a Maori detective on this matter."

"Detective Maori, do you have time to go upstairs with me? I want to talk to you in detail."

Seeing the tears of the next life, Moore Kogoro could only chuckled and nodded.

He and the next life tears climbed the stairs and came to the second floor.

Although the second floor has been seen through the perspective of Ant-Man robot many times, it is the first time that others have come up.

The two walked to the living room, and there was a large French window in the living room. In the weekdays, the tears would be to use the telescope to monitor the opposite Toya Police Station.

After Tears sat straight on the sofa, her beautiful legs folded, and her eyes began to patrol Kogoro Mouri.

Kogoro Mori raised his eyebrows, looked over unwillingly, and looked at the body with tears in his eyes playfully, very aggressive.

His eyes are deep and mysterious, and they discharge accidentally, and they appear to be unclothed in front of him.

Afterlife Tears soon defeated, turning his head away with a blushing face.

Maori Kogoro pretended to be stupid: "What the meaning of Miss Xiao Lei's prank just now is really unpredictable!"

Hearing this, the unnamed anger rose in the eyes of tears in the next life, but soon it was suppressed again.

"Detective Maori, you are a well-known detective all over the world. I wonder if you have ever heard of the strange thief'Gentleman'?"

"'Gentleman', I have never heard of it, who is this?"

Mouri Kogoro, who had a burst of acting skills, showed the doubts in his eyes vividly.

Seeing his denial of tears in the next life, he frowned, "Then, do you know the paintings stolen from the East Bank a few days ago, that "Smile by the Rhine Lake" was stolen by the strange thief I said.

"Oh I got it!"

"For some special reasons, I want to find this'gentleman', but I am only a weak woman, and there is no way to deal with those robbers flying around, so I can only ask Maori detectives."

In the next life, he put his hands together in tears and made a request, looking at Kogoro Mouri with beautiful eyes expectantly.

On the other hand, Kogoro Mori frowned: "Such a mysterious figure, without other clues, is very difficult and time-consuming to find!"

Afterlife Tears hurriedly said: "I give money, I will pay as much commission fee as needed."

Mouri Kogoro shook his head: "This is not a question of money or money. In fact, I don't care about the commission fee anymore when I accept the commission. You should look for another wise man." He turned and left.

"Then what do you want?"

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro turned around and squinted his eyes slightly: "It depends on what you have, Miss Xiaolei."

After that, he slowly walked towards the afterlife tears, then stood in front of the afterlife tears and bent down.

The tears of the next life sitting on the sofa kept moving back, and her back was resting on the sofa cushion, her pretty face suddenly turned red.

Seeing that there was no over-reaction at all, Kogoro Mori gave a smirk at the corner of his mouth, he kissed the red lips of the next tears, and grabbed it with his big hand.

Chapter 0072 Because I Want to Eat You

It's really big and soft!

Mouri Kogoro kissed the tears and red lips under the next life, with a smile in his eyes.

He could clearly see the panic in the tears of the next life, and even the tightness of his body.

The old driver like he knew instantly from these reactions that the female snitch who flew around on weekdays had not actually been in love yet, and could not even kiss.

That being the case, Kogoro Mouri, who is a good teacher, naturally gave his advice.

He launched an offensive, the master-level kiss technique was displayed, greedily asking for all the sweetness, uh, a little salty!

The salt coffee was too much just now, but Kogoro Mouri didn't care about these details.

After an intense kiss for more than ten minutes, the tears in the next life were all dizzy.

Her cheeks were red as sunset, and her body was lying on the sofa like boneless, and she was a little lack of oxygen.

Then the eldest lady of the afterlife only heard a male voice full of magnetism.

"This is a deposit, I will accept this entrustment, and I will ask you for the balance later!"

When the coming tears reacted, there was already no one in front of him.


If she was only 80% sure that Mouri Kogoro was the'Mr. Gentleman' before.

After a passionate kiss, her grasp soared to ten percent in an instant. This was the sixth sense of unreasonable woman.

It must be that bad guy, only he would do such a thing.

After tears tidying up the bottom of his clothes, he hurriedly pursued it, but saw that the original sofa was no longer there, and only the meal expenses were left on the table.

"Hmph, I see where you can escape?"

The tears flashed in the eyes of the next life, and the beautiful eyes looked through the glass to the opposite Toya Metropolitan Police Department.

She still remembers the silver fox in the Metropolitan Police Department, and Officer Yazi is always waiting for revenge!

After tears, he returned to the front desk, took out a cat's eye playing card, and began to transcribe.

Let's make trouble first, let Kogoro Maori taste the power of Miss Yazi.

It's a pity that the eldest lady of the afterlife was a little confused by the kiss, completely forgetting how badly Meako was taught on the rooftop last time. The scene was so old that her buttocks were swollen and red.