Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1198

This provokes misfortune, I am afraid that the meat buns hit the dogs, and there will be no return!

On the road, a red Ferrari supercar was constantly galloping, the car was extremely fast, and the strong wind kept passing by, messing up her beautiful hair.

Yu Mei in the passenger seat couldn't help asking: "Kogoro, why are we walking so fast? We haven't even finished the cake."

Of course you have to run to take advantage of it. That's right!

Kogoro Mouri put his arms around Yumi's soft shoulders, took her to kiss her on the cheek, and laughed, "I will treat you to some delicious food later."

Yu Mei asked, "Kogoro, where are we going now?"

"Go to your home."

Hearing this, Yu Mei was stunned, her face flushed slightly, and she instantly realized what she was going to eat.

Moori Kogoro turned the steering wheel, and the Ferrari supercar drove towards the hilltop villa area in Muido city.

The Ant-Man robot protecting Yu Mei has been to Yu Mei's house several times, and Kogoro Mouri naturally knows the location.

This beautiful detective is a daughter, but her parents are traveling and her younger sister is studying abroad. She is the only one at home.

After a while, Yumi saw Moori Kogoro actually parked the car in front of her house, and could not help but raised his fist and hammered her in the chest.

"Kogoro, you are really necrotic, say, how long you have been planning, even my family has investigated it clearly."

Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly, parked the car in the garage, got out of the car and took Yumei's little hand to the villa.The Guntian family is worthy of being a big family. The garages are all luxury cars, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley... there are more than ten cars in total.

Then the two stepped on the Baishi stairs and came to the gate.

Yu Mei took out the key and opened the door.

The two entered the villa, which was very luxuriously decorated in a pure European classicism style.

As soon as the door closed, Yu Mei's whole body became tense, and her heart beat extremely fast.

His green eyes glanced at Mouri Kogoro, seemingly expectant.

No way, who made her think that she had slept for the first experience the night before, and she has no impression at all. This unknown is only expected!

Kogoro Mouri glanced at the secretly nervous beautiful detective beside him, and smiled lightly: "Yumi, where is your kitchen?"

Yu Mei pointed the direction subconsciously, and then returned to her senses and asked: "Kogoro, why are you looking for my kitchen?"

"Of course I made it for you. It's lunch time, but I promised you to make it for you!"

"I'm eating this." Yu Mei's voice seemed a little disappointed.

Kogoro Mouri put his arms around Yumi's soft waist, and smirked: "Otherwise, what Yumi thought it was, shouldn't it be the thing that I thought of h!"

Hearing this, Yu Mei's little red face turned red again, and her green eyes turned in panic: "Nothing!"

Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but laugh again, it was really funny to train this little chick.

Then he took Yumei's little hand and headed towards the restaurant.

He really wants to make lunch to fill up Yumei's stomach. After all, he has energy only when he is full!

Soon, as Maori Kogoro's perfect cooking skills were displayed, the ingredients in the refrigerator turned into exquisite dishes.

Seaweed pork bone soup, curry beef, taiyaki, grilled eel, cabbage salad, tofu stewed broccoli, and plum tea to remove the taste of the mouth.

The dining table is extremely rich, and the aroma of the ingredients is constantly rising.

Yumei had never smelled such a delicious food, Qiong nose shrank and sniffed, very cute.

Kogoro Mouri prepared all the dishes, took off his gloves, and sat on the seat.

He directly stretched out his hand to pull Yu Mei into his arms and let it sit on his lap, the fragrance was extremely soft.

Yu Mei was panicked immediately, blushing, pleadingly pleading: "Kogoro, I'm hungry, can I eat first?"

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly: "It's really a snack. I didn't say no, but we want to eat together."

After speaking, Kogoro Mori wrapped one hand around Yumei's slender waist, picked up the chopsticks in the other, and began to feed the beauty.

Yu Meike had never eaten with a man in such an intimate manner, and she couldn't help being a little flustered.

But when the food came to her mouth, she quickly adapted to it, and couldn't help nodding and giving a thumbs up.

Time passed slowly, more than twenty minutes passed, and an ambiguous lunch ended.

After drinking the plum blossom tea, Yumei wiped her mouth and couldn't help asking: "Kogoro, why don't you eat it?"

Mouri Kogoro leaned over his head, and the warm breath hit Yumei's earlobe. He kissed Yumei's little ear and whispered, "Because I'm waiting to eat you!"

After saying this, without waiting for Yumi's reaction, Mouri Kogoro picked him up and went directly to the sofa in the living room.

One feature of this Chinese cheongsam is the slits on both sides.

There is an advantage if the two sides are slit, that is, it is especially easy to do things once it is turned up.

Item 0073

The cheongsam worn by Yu Mei is of this style, very delicate.

This pink cheongsam complements the light-colored over-knee socks on its beautiful legs. Viewed from the back, the back is even more exciting.

At this moment, Yumei took off her high heels, her knees and palms fell on the sofa, her figure appeared soft, showing the curves of a woman.

With her back turned to Kogoro Moori, Yumei felt the big hands on her feet, her face was shy, and she couldn't help turning her head.

Mouri Kogoro saw the flushed face and the shy eyes, and the green eyes were already filled with waves.

He smiled gently, let go of Yumei's little feet, went straight forward, and kissed Yumei's pink lips.

The master-level kissing technique was displayed, Yumei turned around cooperatively, and responded awkwardly, her jade arms wrapped around Kogoro Mouri's neck.

The air was suddenly full of ambiguous and sweet smells, as if the temperature had risen a lot.

Maori Kogoro covered the exquisite Chinese cheongsam with his left hand, embroidering very well, while his right hand untied his beautiful hair, and a blue silk curled down.

After an intense kiss for more than ten minutes, Kogoro Mouri released Yumei's mouth, and he couldn't help it anymore when he watched the beauty move.

Soon, another turbulent song was played, and the sound resounded throughout the villa.

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