Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1208

He is like a high-hanging sword of Damox, which may fall at any time.

And the strength of Gin is definitely the best in the organization, no one is sure to win him alone.

The current situation is very unfavorable for him, and all the evidence points to him betraying the organization, which is a great opportunity to get rid of him.

Taoster did not know the inside story a long time ago like Shui Wu Rennai.

He saw the silver 9mm Parabellum bullet stuck on the Irish skull, and he was inferred by the Gin Betrayal Organization.

Because this bullet is the same bullet shot by the Boleta pistol of gin.

Even if the gin is really the undercover of other forces, there will be no psychological burden for Taoist to solve the gin.

After all, the gin is cruel. It used to carry out massacres in the Middle East, and then shoots wantonly in big cities, shooting innocent people like sheep with two feet, just for fun.

Such people should go to hell long ago!

So Taoster kept showing Shui Wu's eyes, intending to paralyze the gin first, and wait for it to erupt together.

It can be said that no one's head is simple to be an undercover agent.

Chianti, who was full of violent eyes, didn't know the trick behind, and turned to speak: "Belmod, it's one to one now, which one do you choose?"

"Stand in line, or both are executed!"

Hearing this, the corner of Ginjiu's mouth raised a sneer, and his body buckled slightly.

Belmod frowned, and his aqua-green eyes looked at the tense situation, and said with a chuckle: "relax, relax, before this terrible time, the task arranged by the boss has not been completed, what kind of infighting is it? ?"

"Besides, there is no way to find the traitor. Isn't Ireland not dead? Give him a stimulant, wake him up and ask him if it's OK?"

Hearing this, Moori Kogoro in the hidden enchantment couldn't help but laugh. It was really a divine assist!

Belmore saw that there was no objection from everyone, so he opened the first aid kit, took out the stimulant with the needle, and injected it into Ireland.

Ireland, who had been in a coma, convulsed, his face flushed suddenly, his body twisted like an earthworm, and he groaned with extreme pain.

Then he opened his eyes, his scarlet pupils were lost, and then immediately stretched out his injured right hand with difficulty, and drew under his hip.

No, it's all gone!

The screams screamed.

Akemi next to him couldn't help but stared at Mouri Kogoro: "Kogoro, why are you doing this?"

Kogoro Mori stretched out his hand and rubbed Mingmi's head, and chuckled, "I'm giving a hint to the gin. This is what he did ten years ago. I just want to see if this guy is really smart? Can you guess it’s me?"

"It's nasty!" Mingmei couldn't help rolling her eyes.

"Watching the show, watching the show, the good show is about to go on stage!" Moori Kogoro put his arms around Mingmei's waist and watched the show again.

But Chianti couldn't bear the scream, and shouted: "What is it called, what's the big deal with a tuft of rotten meat? I ask you, do you know who did it? Is it gin or base? Uh?"

Hearing this, Ireland turned his eyes and saw the gin being pointed at by the gun. His eyes were instantly rounded, and there was hatred in his red pupils.

"Kill him, kill the gin, he did it to me, and he wants to slander me as a traitor!"

This sentence was like a fuse, and Chianti shot immediately.

And Taoster and Shui Wureina also shot.

Gin's heart is vomiting blood: I have always shot and cleaned the undercover by myself. How did you know that I was treated as an undercover today and was attacked by the crowd? This is too fucking!

Seeing this situation, even if he no longer believed that gin would betray, Belmod changed his mind.She pulled out a pistol and wanted to execute the gin.

But Belmod's pistol hadn't been taken out, but it was hit directly by a bullet.

This is the shot of gin!

At this moment, the gin was hit in the abdomen, and his body became more and more creaky.

His black top hat was hit by a bullet, his long silver hair was very messy, blood oozes from the corner of his mouth, and he looked at the five people opposite with a grim look, like a ghost.

"Belmod, it turns out you are the betrayer."

"Only your disguise skills can make Ireland think I killed him, ha ha ha, I found you!"

Mizuno Rena, Chianti, and Taust all looked at this scene with horror.

how is this possible!!!

With so many bullets poured out, how could the gin stand still without bleeding?

Gin tilted his head slightly, making a sore and awkward bone rubbing sound, and then he reached into the windbreaker and took out the pistol.

With the force of his right hand, the black windbreaker tore off directly.

Everyone in front of them couldn't help being shocked, and their pupils shrank.

What kind of monster is this, a half-human, half-mechanical type, from the chest to the waist and abdomen, and the right arm is completely covered with silver metal. It is neither human nor ghost!

No wonder the bullets just didn't hurt him.


Kogoro Moori and Akemi in the hidden barrier are also surprised. What's the situation?

Belmore had to see the appearance of gin, and her water-green eyes trembled. She swallowed her saliva and said, "Gin, did you really participate in that project?"

Gin smiled grimly, and the blood vessels of the raised neck had a metallic luster: "This was originally prepared for Kogoro Moori. Last time I was at the Beihu Hotel, my right hand, right kidney, left lung and leg Jin was all smashed by that detective, fortunately there was this boss plan."

"But since you're here to die, then deal with you first."

"I feel in a very good state now, full of rust and kerosene smell, it is really intoxicating!"

"Belmod, those who betray the organization must pay a price."

Belmore couldn't help but scolded his mother: Is this guy stupid? How can I find a traitor to find me?

The Boleta pistol in Gin's left hand quickly moved over, and Belmore immediately retreated and hid directly behind the Dodge Viper Supercar.

The bullets immediately poured onto the super run.

Chianti screamed: "My car, gin, don't think you can fool someone with a piece of iron skin, hit him on the head, I don't believe you are ironier than Ireland!"

An innocent Irish man lying on the ground touching his hips with a gun.

Taoster and Shui Wu Reina also reacted, and the pistol was aimed at Gin's head and fired.