Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1210

Two figures suddenly appeared in the depths of the warehouse, all dressed in black, wearing masks and cloaks.

Kogoro Mouri spoke directly, and the weird and timeless tone appeared: "It's really disappointing, Gin, I haven't been able to kill them for so long, so you can't vote for such a name!"


When everyone heard this weird sound, they couldn't help turning their heads in panic, and saw the duo appearing like ghosts.

How is this possible? No one was here when he came in!

When Gin heard this, he immediately reacted. This is the guy who designed himself.

Belmod’s pupils trembled sharply, and she recognized who this person was. It was the guy who destroyed her plan in the previous full moon operation, V!

But what frightened Belmore even more was that this person had an extremely familiar aura, which made her seem to have encountered a natural enemy.

This feeling made her return to the terrifying basement again, and the snake-like belt was about to be drawn!

Belmod's body shuddered sharply, and the gun in his hand was a little unstable.

Gin's dark green eyes were full of gloom, and the Gatling barrel of his right arm was raised.

Mouri Kogoro let out a weird laugh and pinched a few seals with both hands.

A gust of wind suddenly emerged from his hand and burst out loudly.

Everything in the entire warehouse was flying, hitting the warehouse wall continuously, making various noises.

But everyone at Gin felt that there was more weight on their bodies, and they had difficulty breathing.

He couldn't bear it at all, and everyone was blown down.

Yufeng·Wind Pressure Technique!

At this moment, Kogoro Moori looked like a god, and Akemi looked surprised and worshiped next to him.

Chapter 0084 Big Flicker

The suppressed members of the black organization looked up with difficulty one by one, looking at the two standing figures, shocked and terrified in their hearts.

Is this a supernatural power? It's terrifying. Who is this guy?

Mouri Kogoro continued to raise his hand, his spiritual power poured out, the wind pressure became more and more shocked, and the entire warehouse wall made unbearable noises.

Those screws were all loosened, and only a bang, the iron sheet on the top of the warehouse flew away, leaving only the iron beams.

The scorching sun shone down and dispelled all the darkness in this room.

Akemi's face under the mask was full of surprise. The place where she and Kogoro Mouri stood was calm, but there was a sense of destruction of the world outside.

Mingmei couldn't help being curious, and reached out her little hand, almost staggered by the wind outside.

She couldn't help but exclaimed in a low voice: "Wow!"

Gin lifted his head desperately, struggling to see more realistically, who is setting him up.

An extremely confident person like him doesn't believe in the supernatural power of this world at all.

He also thought that he was depressed because of some gravity equipment, and the so-called gale was just a blind design. He stared dark green eyes and wanted to see through this trick.

Gin still wanted to try, but before he could say anything, his mouth was sealed by an invisible force, and he couldn't make a sound.

Belmore couldn't help asking: "Who are you?"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly, and the weird and timeless voice appeared again.

"Who, really is an interesting question."

"When history becomes a legend, when a legend becomes a myth, when the myth weathers and becomes mottled, the sand and dust of time will obliterate everything, and our name will still spread in the long river of years, just like the sun is high in the sky, Shine the earth forever."

"We used to stand upright between the sky and the earth, without bending over to anyone. We held wind and thunder in our hands, we stepped on dragons and snakes, and we fisted the earth."

"I wait to be with eternal life, and people call me a god."

"But you know, in fact, we are just small judges, specializing in judging those who have a sincere appearance but a devil's heart."

"You can call me V, welcome to my country!"

Weird and timeless words continued to spread, and the six people lying on their stomachs burst into turmoil.

eternal life?Gods?

It was Akemi who was beside him was fooled by Moori Kogoro's words like a stick, her mouth opened wide: Kogoro is actually a god?

Mouri Kogoro continued to speak, "It's a pity, Gin, the trial mission for you has failed!"

"It seems that you can't join my team. In this case, you will be useless!"

Hearing this sentence, Belmod and Ireland instantly made up a lot of brains.

No wonder Gin will betray the organization, and yes, who doesn't want to be an immortal existence, even if it is the goal of the boss.

Moreover, Gin had been seriously injured before, and his younger brother Vodka was killed, and he had transformed his body again, knowing the fragility of the human body.

If such a person really tempts him with eternal life, he will definitely join.

In this way, it made sense. Gin was not betraying the organization from Tumen Kanghui, but to join this guy.

Kogoro Mouri continued to speak, and the weird tone kept uttering: "Since you are not my reserve player, then welcome the trial!"

Hearing the phrase'welcome the trial', the whole person in Gin was in a daze. He seemed to have heard this sentence before!

But when he returned to his senses, the dark green pupils kept shrinking.

The hands of the man in the cloak mask in front of him turned into a whip with thunder and lightning out of thin air.

How is this possible?

The Thunder Snake technique is used!

The whole Razer drew like a whip, drew it heavily on the gin, and the electric snake exploded.

The body of the gin that was transformed into a weapon was also conductive, and his whole body convulsed continuously, and the silver current bounced on his skin, and he couldn't help screaming.

Razer pumped down one by one, and the screams of gin wine came one after another.what!!!!

The five people next to him felt sad, and the strongest gin was tortured by this mysterious man, without any backhanding power.

How can everyone who is suppressed by the wind escape?