Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1215

"What the hell is going on, you two will tell me clearly!"

Mouri Kogoro sat on the sofa holding the big beauty Akemi, and by the way told Huihara what happened today.

Listening to the narration, little Lolita's expression was unpredictable.

In the end, she also sat on the sofa with a very complicated expression.

The person who had been the most feared in my heart and the nightmare--Gin Wine was so miserable by his own man, Hui Yuan felt a little unreality in his heart, but he was also very comfortable, especially so happy.She seemed to have a stone falling in her heart and let out a long sigh of relief.

Little Lori couldn't help but look at Moori Kogoro with tender eyes, looking at this man who silently sheltered herself from wind and rain, and secretly solved all dangers.

But when she saw Maori Kogoro's big hand doing a strange thing on her sister's ass, the tenderness in Haibara's eyes became speechless, and the blue veins on her forehead jumped wildly: What a pervert!

Huihara couldn't help asking, "So you did this when you weren't at home in the morning. Damn it, why didn't you take me over? I want to see that guy's fate?"

Moori Kogoro reached out and touched Huihara’s little head, and gently said, “Because Xiaoai, you couldn’t wake up in the morning. You used so much energy last night and slept so soundly. How can uncle bear to wake up? you."

Mingmei in her arms couldn't help turning her small face and saying, "Huh, sister, you stole the food, damn it, didn't you promise me?"

Huiyuan Xiaomeng’s face has a touch of embarrassment: "That sister, you are also stealing food now, I am here, the two are still holding each other like a magnet, and they will not separate. If If I didn't come here, maybe the sky would go on fire, and I would have done even more extreme things!"

Mingmei wiped the fine sweat from her forehead and wrinkled Qiong's nose and said, "No way? Isn't it like you can be with Kogoro every day?"

"And it's Kogoro who my sister met first, you have to call my brother-in-law!"

Seeing that the two sisters were about to quarrel because of themselves, Mouri Kogoro punched the two sisters' ass with a big hand.

"No quarrel, the two sisters must be friendly."

"Moreover, I spent a lot of time today to help you get revenge. I should be the master. Shouldn't you two give me rewards?"

Hearing this, and seeing the evil charm in Kogoro Moori's eyes, Little Lori Huihara, who knew her habits, immediately got up and wanted to escape.

But before that short leg took a step, his ankle wrapped in white stockings was grabbed by a big hand, and then Hui Yuan was lifted upside down.

Maori Kogoro grinned and said, "Wow, this little loli is white and tender. It looks delicious. I'll eat you this afternoon!"

After that, he held up his sister Mingmei in one hand, and carried the little Lori Huihara in the other, and led the two girls into the bedroom.

Huiyuan continued to struggle along the way, accompanied by its rousing loli voice.

"Uncle, you let me go."

"Big pervert, you bully, I want to tell Xiaolan to go."

"Sister, just say a few words!"

But this only got Ming Mi's idiotic laugh.

On the other side, Conan, who was playing truant, was at Dr. Akas’s house, staring blankly at the news on the computer.

This was informed by Dr. A Li, and Conan knew that this happened and immediately escaped from Didan Primary School.

He looked at the surveillance footage revealed by the police, and Conan was full of disbelief with his gin in a black Porsche running away.

After investigating for so long, I didn't expect people from the dark organization to come up on their own, and I was overjoyed.

Xiao Guitou immediately picked up the voice changer and dialed Officer Megumi's number with Shinichi Kudo's voice to check with the police.

"What, the FBI is involved in this matter, and we are negotiating with the FBI."

"Really assassinated Tumen Kanghui in Beihu Park!"

"What, there was an explosion in the Toya warehouse today. Did an eyewitness see the ceiling of the warehouse flying?"

When Conan heard the clue, he immediately took out the skate shoes and hurried to the Toya warehouse.

Item 0089

The whole afternoon, Miyano's family was full of celebration.

Tsundere Little Hui Yuan just talked about being upright, how resistant he was at the beginning, and how cooperative he was behind him.

At the beginning of the experiment, she was crazy, as if she wanted to make up for the time that she had been less than Xiaolan before.

Moreover, Hui Yuan is used to being bullied by Xiaolan, the so-called close to Zhu is red and close to Mo and black.

The little Lori who had failed her studies turned back to bully her honest sister, and Moori Kogoro was also dumbfounded by some tricks.

As for how Xiao Lan learned it, it was naturally the theory master garden that caused her to damage her, which caused such a chain reaction.

Seeing the angel-like Akemi crying for her help with tears in her eyes, Moori Kogoro instinctively felt very irritating, and couldn't help but cooperate with little Lori Haibara.

Poor Mingmei knows that she will become a victim. Under the joint attack, the experiment is done crying. I really feel pitiful when I see it. The picture was once very cruel.

After five o'clock in the afternoon, Kogoro Moori left Miyano's house, and the two sisters Miyano rested at home.

He walked to the intersection, and Judy, who was driving a Lexus, came to pick him up.

Judy mainly sent the car back.

As soon as I got on the car, the American girl couldn't help asking: "Kogoro, have you really stopped chasing those guys behind?"

From Judy's point of view, Kogoro Mouri's phone call did not tell the truth at all.

Kogoro Mori didn't speak either, and he fumbled directly on Judy's body with his big hands, ranging from blond hair to beautiful legs wrapped in flesh-colored stockings.

The fiery big hand touched the big ocean horse all over, causing Judy's face to flush, and she turned to greet her with a look of desire.

"Kogoro, you can't be in the car, it's easy to be spotted."

"Oh, why are you doing this? I have a lot to do later, I don't have enough time."

"I'm really scared of you. Let's find a hotel nearby. Let me talk about it first. It only takes 30 minutes at most."

Kogoro Mouri smirked, and finally took out a keychain in Judy's pocket.

He held the keychain and dangled it in front of Judy.

"Search Officer Judy, you seem to have misunderstood it?"

Kogoro Mori tore the leather in the middle of the keychain, and a black button-mounted object was revealed. This was a special FBI bug.

Judy recognized it instantly, and her aquamarine eyes shrank sharply.

Kogoro Mouri raised her index finger to tell her not to speak, then pressed her upper body over, rummaging on Judy's beautiful legs.

Soon, another black bug was found from under the driver's seat.