Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1216

The bug was still working, and Kogoro Mouri pretended to speak in a strange tone.

"Unexpectedly, Officer Judy, you still want to ask me to go to the hotel. This is not your FBI's beauty trick."

"I'm very willing to be a big beauty like Judy Inspector. The beauty trick is pretty good, but let's forget the other tactics!"

After saying this, he directly smashed the two bugs.

The person listening to the eavesdropper suddenly heard a squealing sound and quickly took off the headset.

Then Kogoro Mouri said, "Okay, now I can speak normally."

Judy still spoke cautiously: "Do you want to change to another place, will it be unsafe in the car?"

Kogoro Mouri squeezed his plump thighs with a big hand, and chuckled softly: "Why, don't you believe your husband and me?"

Judy didn't care about joking with Kogoro Mouri, and ignored the big hands on her legs, frowned and said, "Kogoro, who installed this bug?" Kogoro Mouri said, "It should be in your FBI. Let’s try to steal information from me, and the bug is still installed on your personal belongings. Our relationship should be exposed."

"So Little Judy, learn to pretend in front of outsiders, don't look at me with loving eyes all day, so that everyone will know."

Judy's eyes paled at Kogoro Mouri, and then she asked, "What happened that afternoon, how could there be an explosion in the Toya Warehouse?"

Kogoro Mouri omitted to say what happened in the afternoon, saying that there is no normal version of witchcraft, and mainly focused on his conspiracy of gin wine, causing internal fighting in the organization.

Because of the explosion, all the talents from the dark organization escaped, and none of the last one was caught.

At the end, Dayangma frowned frivolously, and couldn't help but ridicule proudly: "So Kogoro, you have been busy for a long time, no one has caught it?"

"That won't work. I have at least arrested one member. She is now sent to the Peihu Central Hospital by us. There will be a lot of information when she wakes up.

Kogoro Mori squeezed Judy's beautiful legs with his big hands, full of flexibility, and he said silently: "I detonated the woman's bomb at the pavilion, but I fainted. You are so happy to pick the ready-made one. "

But right? If he hadn't summoned a fireball, how could the bomb installed in the pavilion explode.

"Also, when she wakes up, you will have surprises."

Judy couldn't help but be puzzled: "Why?"

Kogoro Mouri raised a smile at the corner of his mouth: "Because Wislin is also an undercover agent, and an undercover agent for the German Federal Intelligence Agency (BND)."

Judy couldn't help but his eyes widened: "Nonsense, how is this possible?"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "How can it be impossible."

"So, although I prevented your FBI's arrest of CIA agents, but this time you took the German BND agents back. This is also an improvement. After all, the arrests are from Germany, not from the same country, ha ha ha !"

"When Wislin wakes up, you will know after interrogation. She should work with you."

"Also, the identity of Shui Wu Rennai is now in a delicate balance."

"This time we let the FBI eavesdrop on information through her. The FBI organization should already know this. Although I have poured all the dirty water on the gin, Shui Wuxin has not completely eliminated the suspicion."

"Although she hasn't been exposed yet, I think someone in the organization already has doubts about her, so Judy, you must not expose her as a CIA undercover agent."

"Next I will find a way to confirm her identity and eliminate the suspicion of the people in that organization."

Judy naturally knew that this matter was about human life, so he nodded seriously.

But immediately afterwards, Kogoro Mouri's ears were twisted by Judy, and the Ocean Horse became angry.

"Kogoro, you really care about that female CIA agent!"

Kogoro Maori laughed, "I need work, what work is needed? Besides, the little girl is undercover in that organization alone. I can't bear it either."

"Or, next time I find a chance for everyone to gather together, so I can see if the FBI agent is better or the CIA agent is stronger!" When it comes to Kogoro Moori's eyes, his eyes also light up.

"Yu Xin can't bear it! Get together! Which one is better, right?"

Judy naturally knows the meaning of Kogoro Moori's words. Anyway, he has never had any good intentions.

She twisted her fingers harder, but unfortunately she still didn't break the defense at all.

At last Judy snorted very dumbly: "Pervert, don't forget to think about it!"

"Well, let me go back. I'm still busy today. The trouble in the Beihu Park is too much, and the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department puts a lot of pressure."

"Also, Kogoro, I also want to start investigating the undercover in our FBI."

Mouri Kogoro nodded, but he already knew who it was.

If you don't tell Judy that you are afraid that Judy will not be able to act well, but show your feet, that would be bad.

The undercover should have a close relationship with Rum, so let him dive first, put a long line, catch big fish, and get Rum out to be perfect.

Chapter 0090 You Have Other Dogs Outside

Judy was really busy. Kogoro Mouri did not take her to open the house, but sent her back to the FBI base.

Then he drove away and drove to the park near Shui Wu Ren's home.

Not long afterwards, wearing a black sweater and a hat, Shui Wuren sneaked over.

As soon as she got in the car, she took off her hat, and those blue cat eyes stared at Mouri Kogoro, seemingly strange.

Reina's first sentence was: "Kogoro, are you really a god?"

Maori Kogoro couldn't help but laugh, and the two people next to the pillow said so, which proved that this afternoon's large-scale flicker performance was very successful.

He flipped his left hand up, a stream of water emerged from nothing, and then gradually solidified into an ice sculpture.

Not long after, a lifelike ice rose appeared in his hands.

Then the ice rose gently fell onto Shui Wuren's hand.

Touching this real thing, it was cold, and Shui Wuren's eyes were full of surprise.

"What is it, what is not, Rena, you just need to know that you are my woman and I am your man."

After saying that, Kogoro Mouri leaned over and kissed his helpless little face.

"But in fact I am not a god, I just know a little witchcraft, most of the content is to fool them."

"Remember when I told you to listen to a girl's voice? In fact, that is not the artificial intelligence you thought, but the shikigami whom I commissioned to help, Fusang."

"Fusang, come out and say hello to Reina!"

Mouri Kogoro turned around, and Reina also turned her head, and her small face showed a shocked expression again.