Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1228

At this time, a vehicle stopped on Toya Bridge, and someone watched this scene with concern.

Hideichi Akai yelled violently: "Go away, didn't you see Lao Tzu teach his son?"

Those vehicles immediately started and left, completely ignoring Conan's gaze for help.

"Say, when did Kogoro Moori know Judy?"

This Conan knows very well. The last time he was investigating Judy with Hattori Heiji, it happened that Kogoro Moori came to visit Judy's house.

The two of them also listened to half of the imaginative conversation with a bug.

Facing such a brutal Akai Hideichi, Conan didn't dare to hide anything, so he told all of what he heard that day.

But after Akai heard it, the whole figure seemed to be more irritated, and the left hand holding Conan became harder and harder, while his right hand pulled up violently.

Conan was stunned in an instant, tears streaming down: Brother, I said I didn't know you beat me, I knew that you beat me too, did you do that?Is it reasonable?Is there any reason?

Akai Hideichi's eyes turned scarlet, and his hideous face looked at Conan who was upside down, his voice was very hoarse: "I'll ask you again, is there any other woman with Kogoro Mouri?"

Conan, who was frightened, did not dare to conceal anything, and revealed all the girlfriends of Kogoro Mouri he knew.

As a person's name was learned by Akai Hideichi, his chest rose and fell sharply, tears flowed from the corners of his eyes, and he screamed: "Damn it, damn it, Akemi, you just want to be with so many women and refuse to be with me. Compound?"

"And Judy, why are you so cruel to me, why?"

Shu Akai hammered his Chevrolet one by one, punching out one by one, his hands were stained with blood without stopping.

"Mori Kogoro, I want to kill you, I want to kill you!"

Hearing this, Conan, wiping his tears, finally understood that the FBI agent was robbed of his girlfriend by Uncle Maori and wore a green cap.

Looking at this posture or being robbed of two, it's no wonder it's such a lunatic appearance.

Conan inexplicably felt a little sympathy for Akai Hideichi, but when his little hand touched his swollen butt, the sympathy disappeared instantly and turned into full of anger.

Chapter 0100

"Ah, Kogoro, are you alright? It's been too long."

"Yingli, hold on again and it will be over soon."

"Ah~, I can't do it, your hand hurts me."

"Sorry, I will hurry up!"

'Puff, puff, puff' voice kept ringing.

Hideri couldn't help asking, "Kogoro, what is that sound?"

Kogoro Mouri responded: "Ha, the water pipe is blocked!"

Perceiving Kogoro Moori's slightly trembling hands, Hideri couldn't help but complain: "You are clumsy, why are you washing your hair for so long? I might as well let Xiaolan help me!"

"It's been more than twenty minutes, the more the foam washes."

"Let go, I'll do it myself."

Mouri Kogoro panted slightly, and pulled his left hand from Hideri's hair, put it on the thin waist, and apologized embarrassedly: "Hideri, I'm sorry."

Yingli didn't hear the true meaning of the words, and snorted softly, then lowered his head and dropped the brown hair, holding the shower head and began to rinse.

She finally washed out most of the bubble, and was about to open her eyes, but suddenly felt a coldness on her head.

Hideri couldn't help but exclaimed, "Kogoro, what have you dumped on?"

Kogoro Mouri pretended to be innocent and replied: "Hair conditioner, you must add some conditioner after the shower gel, Hideri, you can rub it off again."

Hearing this, Yingli's forehead jumped.

But this is the end, there is no other way.

She could only gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, started the second round of scrubbing, and flushed again.

Another five minutes of this busy schedule passed.

When Hideri opened his eyes and hung the shower head, he saw Moori Kogoro with a large bath towel tied around his waist, leaning on the wall with one hand.

He is posing in a toned pose, and there is no one else in the bathroom.

"Hyori, are you so beautiful?"

Yingli rolled his eyes lifelessly, and his amorous feelings made half of his body numb.

She couldn't help asking: "Where is Xiaolan?"

"You have been delayed for too long, the water is cold, Xiaolan stops soaking her, just go out!"

Hideri got up and twisted Kogoro Mouri's ears: "Obviously you are delaying my time, so stupid! So stupid!"

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro laughed badly.

He went forward and hugged Yingli's thin waist, and took a breath.

The lasing stream of water came out of the shower head and hit the two of them, revealing thousands of colors under the refracted light, and the picture was very romantic.

Moori Kogoro's fiery big hands walked around Hideri, as if to dig under the towel on Hideri's body.

Before he succeeded, Hideri patted Moori Kogoro's chest with his hands, pushed it away, and quickly reached out to cover his big bath towel.

"You fellow, really necrotic!"

"Xiao Lan is still at home, what if she comes in and sees it?"

Kogoro Mouri smiled embarrassedly.

Hideri ignored Kogoro Mouri again, covering his bath towel.

Exquisite barefoot stepped on the wet floor and walked to the door.

Then she picked up the pajamas on the washing machine, opened the door and walked to the living room.

Only then did Kogoro Mori breathe a sigh of relief, and he untied the bath towel around his waist.

The lean and strong body stood under the shower head, allowing the hot water to wash himself down, and then an inexplicable smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

All the milky white hot water in the bath was released.