Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1230

Then Mouri Kogoro's right hand touched Hideri's jade neck quietly. The skin that had just been bathed was so smooth, Moori Kogoro's right hand slipped into the placket and came to the area where the injury reduction necklace was.

Yingli turned his head immediately, Dan Feng glared at Mouri Kogoro.

But Xu Shi's atmosphere was too comfortable just now, Yingli's stare is not fierce at all, but rather cute and cute.

Kogoro Mouri smiled gently, blinked at Hideri, and his pretty face was flushed.

She also felt that the little angel couldn't see it at all, and didn't want to spoil the atmosphere, so she didn't speak anymore.

However, Hideri was a little clever, hooked a beautiful leg over a pillow, slightly covered it, and turned his head to continue watching the news, leaving Kogoro Moori at the mercy of it.

At this moment, Kogoro Moori really has a sense of accomplishment that cannot be expressed in words.

On the Toya Bridge, the white Chevrolet that had been hit was gone, and Conan the little devil was still on the bridge. He hid behind the stone guardrail, trembling with his hands on his knees.

Soon, a yellow Beetle drove over, and Dr. A Li got out of the car and called out: "New one, new one?"

"Doctor, here I am."

Conan's weak voice was heard. After Dr. A Li heard it, he ran over immediately, and his pupils contracted.

There were still tears on Conan's face, and the pants disappeared, leaving only the red and swollen buttocks with traces of blood on them.

Dr. A Li's voice began to tremble: "Shinichi, you were raped?"

"How is it possible, doctor, what are you talking about?"

"Hurry up and hug me in the car, I can't get up by myself."

Dr. A Li's body trembled, and immediately picked up Conan behind the guardrail, and quickly walked into the car.

He also returned to the car, then started the car and headed towards his home.

Looking at Conan lying in the back seat, Dr. A Li couldn't help but ask: "Shinichi, didn't you mean to investigate the dark organization? How could this be? I met a pedophile?"

Hearing this, Conan was immediately full of anger: "I never thought that there would be such a scum in the FBI. He was the one who beat me to my injury."

Thinking of the experience just now, Conan's eyes burst into tears.

What a humiliation!

Conan, who was originally carried upside down, thought Shuichi Akai had lost his vigilance, and when he was struggling secretly, he increased the strength of his sneakers, and planned to kick Shuichi Akai with an inflatable football in his belt.

Everything went well without being discovered by Akai.

The football directly hit his face and kicked him out.

But where did Conan think that Shuichi Akai's head was so iron, he was kicked hard, and he didn't faint.

Instead, it aroused his anger and made him mad.

Under the humiliation of wearing two green hats, it is possible to do anything excessive, not to mention that in the eyes of Akai Hideo, Conan is from Kogoro Mori.

Shuichi Akai got up again, untied Conan's shoes and belt, and threw them into the river. The pants also slipped down.

Then he unfastened his belt...

Hearing this, Dr. A Li couldn't help stepping on the brakes, and the Beetle stopped.

He turned his head, his eyes rounded: "Then he will anal you?"

"How is it possible?" Conan tilted his head, not wanting the doctor to see his tears: "Then he used that belt to pump my butt in front of the traffic?"

"Oh~~~" Dr. A Li breathed a sigh of relief, but felt a little regretful in his heart.

Then Conan looked up and said, "But the drunk named Akai is still convinced. It's one thing to beat me, but he still told me what happened in Cupido Park."

"The clue to the gin wine was finally found. The guy's real name is Kurosawa Jin, and he was bought by Kang Hui, a member of the House of Representatives, so you only need to go to Kang Hui.

Poor Conan didn't even know that the Tumen Kanghui, whom he had asked so hard, had long been executed by Rum.

Dr. A Li coughed dryly: "Shinichi, I think the most important thing for you now is to heal your wounds. Look at your butt, it's so swollen that you can't see anyone."

Conan stubbornly raised his head: "No, Doctor, this is a clue I have found so hard, I will never give up."

"Go back and give me medicine, and my equipment is all ruined today. I have to trouble Dr. You to help remake it."

Hearing this, Dr. A Li couldn't help but seep sweat from his forehead, and it seemed that he had no sleep tonight!

Item 0102

Gently pinching with his thumb and forefinger, rubbing and pulling, the touch of the fingertips is very delicate and the elasticity is great.

And it will become rosy with Moori Kogoro's touch, which is very interesting.

Sure enough, they are mothers and daughters. If you close your eyes, the touch will be exactly the same.

Xiaolan noticed something abnormal, and she narrowed her big eyes when she heard her mother's breathing become thicker.

She immediately stood up, sat up from Mouri Kogoro's lap, turned and looked over.

Hearing the sound, Hideri was startled, his body bounced up instantly, he broke free of Kogoro Mori's big hand, and hugged his pillow to the right side of the sofa.

Those earlobes that were dripping blood completely exposed how long they had been played with.

Yingli preemptively said: "Xiaolan, what's wrong with you, I was surprised."

Xiaolan saw what had happened, and then smiled: "It's okay, it's just a mosquito harassing me."

"Mom, if we go to the room, I have something to say to you."

Upon hearing this, Yingli's Danfeng's eyes flashed with surprise.

The last time she was alone with her daughter was still a shadow to Yingli, how could she be recruited again.

Yingli said vigilantly: "You don't need to go to the room, just say it here. Your father is not an outsider."

Xiao Lan coquettishly said: "No, there are some things that can't be said in front of my father."

When she heard Yingli's pretty face, she turned pale again. She saw Moori Kogoro getting up, and thought he was going to move away for herself and Xiaolan to be alone.

Yingli immediately took his arm and said, "Kogoro, where are you going?"

Kogoro Mouri smirked and patted Hideri's little hand, and said, "It's rare to stay with a family. I'll go get a drink and drink."

After that, he went to the front of the TV cabinet and bent down to find a drink.