Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1239

Mouri Kogoro looked at her with a warm smile, but didn't mean to let her go.

The leading girl didn't move, so she looked at her.

A few more minutes passed.

The lead girl who finally got used to it remembered her purpose-to find out what happened yesterday.

She swallowed her saliva, wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, and said, "Uncle~Uncle, can you tell me what happened yesterday?"

After several bursts of fireworks in the heart, Mary at this moment is like a suppressed kitten, no longer strong, her voice is very soft, and there is a strange sense of cuteness.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly and deliberately spoke in an exaggerated tone to coax the child.

"No, Mary, you're just a kid. You can't tell you about those things. If you accidentally tell a friend and leak it out, it will be miserable and you will be caught and killed by the bad guys."

Hearing this tone, the lead girl rolled her eyes.

However, she subconsciously responded with a child's tone, and even coquettishly: "Uncle, just tell me~~~"

As soon as Little Lori finished speaking, she was ashamed of herself: Mary, Mary, you are a mother of three children, and you even acted like a baby to a man younger than you. Don't you feel shameless?

But this thought just turned around. She shook Moori Kogoro’s arm and started acting coquettishly again. She felt strangely enjoyable: "Uncle, I won’t tell others. Uncle must be super awesome yesterday. I just want to know. Well!"

The awe-inspiring loli sound and the unique temperament of the leading girl are combined, and the lethality is extremely great, and Moori Kogoro can feel that his health bar is more than half empty.

He swallowed the saliva and picked up the little Lolita on the bed.

As soon as the lead girl left Mouri Kogoro's embrace, she was a little bit disheartened and sad.

But when she saw the movement of the man beside her, Bi Tong couldn't stop shrinking.

Her voice trembled a little, panicked: "Uncle, what do you want to do?"

Kogoro Mouri said with a smirk, "It's not impossible to tell you, but Mary will play games with Uncle."

"Wait later, Uncle invites Mary to eat something delicious. If Mary eats, Uncle will talk about it. Uncle Songkou will not talk about it. How about?

Oh my god, Kogoro Mouri turned out to be a pedophile, what should I do?what should I do?

Looking at this stunned leader girl, Mouri Kogoro continued: "If you don't speak, it means you agree."

Then Mouri Kogoro turned directly onto the bed, scared the sister, she immediately got up and wanted to escape.

But before climbing two more steps, Moori Kogoro grabbed his little foot and pulled it back again.Somehow, Mary only felt soft all over.

Before half a point of the Canbit worker's strength could not be used, the little Lolita was quickly suppressed and lay on the big bed.

Maori Kogoro smirked and admired Mary's shy little expression, and his heart was very comfortable.

Sure enough, bullying this little loli feels the most!

Soon after, the voice of Moori Kogoro's narration came from the room.

(More than 500 words are omitted here!)

On the other side, Xiaolan and his party who had finished the Indian curry meal walked out of the restaurant and were walking back. The waiter in the hotel walked back and forth along the way.

Conan couldn't help but said: "Those hotel attendants have been noisy and noisy, as if they were looking for something, they have been like this since we ate."

Shi Liang was really curious and went forward and stopped a waiter: "What's the matter with you, what are you doing?"

The waiter said, "Have you seen Miss Daji Yongmei, who just drove everyone away from the swimming pool, put on oxygen tanks and diving suits and was looking for something, and then the whole person disappeared. It's like the world has evaporated."

"The manager and secretary asked us to find the eldest lady, but we didn't find it for a long time."

Yuanzi couldn't help but vomit: "That woman has such a bad personality, and it's normal to get revenge. Let's go, leave her alone, let's go back."

Originally, Conan and Shiliang Zhenchun were quite curious about this matter, but after hearing Yuanzi's words, they went back together.

However, on the corridor to the elevator, passing the exit of the swimming pool, they heard the shouts of the waiter inside.

"Hey, why are there people in the water?"

"I checked it ten minutes ago and no one was there. What's the matter?"

Hearing the sound, Conan and Shiliang Zhenchun couldn't help but rushed in, and Xiaolan and Yuanzi had no choice but to follow.

Conan and Shiliang Zhenchun had just stood by the pool, and Oji Hamaka, Zujuan Raito, and Toshima Ensaku all appeared after hearing the news.

Everyone fixed their eyes to see that there was a figure under the middle of the pool.

It looks like Daji Yongmei wearing a diving suit and an oxygen cylinder.

Left scroll Raito and Toshima Ensaku immediately jumped into the water. Not long after, one person hugged Daiji Yongmi and the other hugged an oxygen cylinder.

The water is not deep, just 1.5 meters, and the two of them are walking up.

But halfway through, the hotel manager Toshima Nosaku who was holding the oxygen cylinder couldn't help but let out an exclamation, his body staggered, and then a few wisps of blood surfaced.

"Be careful, there is glass in the ground!"

Zuojuan Lai Dou nodded, and walked forward cautiously, and soon hugged Daji Yongmei to the shore.

Shiliang Zhenchun and Conan leaned over immediately, and when they saw the purple complexion, they knew that Daji Yongmei was dead without even touching her pulse.

Shiliang Zhenchun immediately ordered: "Xiaolan, a case has occurred, please call the police."

Xiao Lan nodded, and started making calls.

Yuanzi said, "Then I call uncle and ask him to come over."

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On the other side, Little Lori opened her mouth, holding the Big Mac ice cream in her small hand, and gently scraping the big red strawberry on the ice cream with her little tongue, which was very delicious.

There was a touch of amorous feelings in the lead girl's Bi Tong, and she glared at Maori Kogoro from time to time, making her body feel a little numb.

Maori Kogoro watched this scene with interest, rubbing Mary's short blond hair lightly with his big hands, and just admiring Mary's shy and red face made him feel very enjoyable.

This is Shiliang Zhenchun, Akai Hideichi's mother!

Looking at this gentle little loli, Moori Kogoro tells the story of yesterday.

"...Mary, are you funny? That group of criminal gangs are dressed in black, pretending to be unpredictable, saying they are going to assassinate the councillor, but according to my investigation, I don’t know how many other forces are hiding inside. Undercover!"

"Moreover, the undercover group didn't know each other's identities, and they didn't dare to expose each other, so they tried to pretend to be themselves. A group of people are acting, so it looks very funny."