Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1249

Kogoro Mouri smirked, "Is it irritating?"

"Ha! Hmm! You are necrotic!"

Mouri Kogoro turned his arms around Mira's legs, and Mira put his arms around Kogoro Moori's neck, and their cheeks were very close.

Mouri Kogoro rubbed his nose against Mira's Xiaoqiong, both of them breathed extremely heavy, and their eyes were full of love.

(Many words are omitted here!)

Nearly forty minutes later, little Lori Huiyuan, holding several designer bags in her hand, appeared at the stairs.

The two days of Huiyuan have been very moisturized. I went shopping with my sister, bought various brand-name bags, went to concerts, went to hot springs, and went to eat famous dishes. Now I was sent back by my sister.

Little Lori stared blankly at the door that suddenly appeared on the stairs and the other suite behind the door, her eyebrows raised.

Such a big change has occurred in the house after only a day of not going home?

"This is amazing!"

Little Lori didn't care about the door facing each other, took the key to open the door of her house, and returned to Maori's house, and saw Xiaolan who was tireless in the living room and the chattering garden.

Xiaolan's heart is broken at the moment, why should she lust for her father with her girlfriend?

Yuanzi is constantly making the so-called strategy plan, and let Xiaolan help improve it.

During this period of time alone, the garden had already developed more than a dozen plans, although most of them were unrealistic.

When Xiaolan saw Huiyuan appear, like seeing a savior, she immediately came forward and pulled Little Lolita and began to ask for warmth.

"Why is Xiao Ai coming back now?"

"Have you eaten?"

"Does Sister Xiaolan cook for you?"

"Bought so many things, it seems that these two days have gone well!"

Little Lori glanced at the garden behind her pouting mouth, and reacted instantly, but she didn't rush back to the room and cooperated to help Xiao Lan escape.

"What's the matter with the door that appears at the top of the stairs? And, what's the matter with the apartment next to it?"

Yuanzi said first: "I know, I know, I tell you, it's like this..."

In Yuanzi and Xiaolan, Huiyuan understood what happened.

Her cute face turned black immediately, like a little lioness that was only invaded and occupied: "In other words, my uncle sneaked out and abducted three girls home while I was away. A kid with big breasts, not a few years older than me, isn't it?"

Seeing this completely blackened little loli, as gloomy as before the eruption of a volcano, the garden felt a little palpitating.

How could this feeling be as terrible as Xiaolan's mother's anger.

At this moment, Moori Kogoro hurriedly opened the door, entered the house, saw little Lori with his back facing him, walked over and picked up the car key on the table.

He didn't notice Hui Yuan's expression, and touched Little Lori's brown hair with his big hand: "Xiao Ai is back, too, take a good rest."

"Xiao Lan, the Mila boat next door is tired and has fallen asleep. Don't bother her."

"I have something to go out now!"

Yuanzi stood up immediately: "Uncle, you can send me back by the way."

Kogoro Mouri had no objection, and the garden followed Kogoro Mouri out.

Seeing that the door was closed again, Little Lori's anger tank was instantly full. She threw the brand-name bag in her hand onto the sofa and shouted angrily: "I'm so angry. The man is a big pig's hoof. I didn't see me. Are you angry?"

At this moment, Huiyuan's aura was terrifying, his eyes turned red, and he turned to look at Xiaolan.

"Say, what is going on? What is the relationship between the abducted women and uncle?"

There was also a drop of cold sweat on Xiao Lan's forehead, and she quietly complained about her unreliable father, but she could only explain and help coax Hui Yuan.

Mouri Kogoro drove Lexus extremely fast, and the co-driver's garden looked sideways at Moori Kogoro from time to time, with a very complicated expression.

As a master of theory, the garden is very extensive, and many subjects in this area have also been seen.

At this moment, she has accepted this curious and extreme thing on the surface, but she still suffered a great shock in her heart, and the aftermath has not been eliminated.

It’s hard to believe that something like this happened between Uncle and Xiaolan. It’s too, too, too...

Yuanzi could not find any adjectives.

[However, no matter what kind of person my uncle is, this is my first love, and I will never give up!absolute!

Yuanzi's green eyes gradually became firmer.

Reminiscing about Moori Kogoro's loving scratch in the afternoon, Yuanzi's small face turned pink like a puff again. She peeked at Moori Kogoro's lips and couldn't help licking her lower lip.

Lexus soon stopped at the door of Suzuki's villa.

As soon as Mouri Kogoro turned his head, he sensed a scent of fragrant wind surging, and then the beard on his mouth was bitten by the garden.

It seemed as if it had been stabbed, and the car door opened as soon as it was touched. The garden immediately rushed down, ran across the iron gate, and hid behind the pillar.

Maori Kogoro laughed dumbly, this Nizi really hasn't changed at all!

At the moment, the garden hiding behind the pillar was extremely upset. She wanted to kiss Kogoro Moori forcibly, but she was too nervous and kissed the wrong beard.

"Oh, it's a pity, I almost succeeded!"

Then Kogoro Mouri's smile gradually reduced, and the car started again.

He came out so anxiously that he just received a call from Yue Yexue and recalled Xiaoxue's words just now: "Xiaogoro, did you see the concert last night?"

"Yoko said that she hasn't received a response from you so far. She drank all night of wine at my place last night, looking for life and death, come here."

"If you don't come any longer, things will become very complicated..."

Chapter 0120 Supermodel Yue Yexue

At this moment, Yue Yexue, who had just returned from Paris Fashion Week, was sitting in an Italian restaurant. She was wearing white sneakers, a white T-shirt, and white shorts, revealing two long white legs that had nowhere to rest.

Even if he hasn't slept for half the night, he hasn't compromised his pretty face.

After these few months of hard work, Yue Yexue's temperament was completely reversed, no longer gloomy, but became the most eye-catching existence.

If the aura opens, it will be even more serious, I am afraid that everyone's eyes will be drawn to her, after all, Yue Yexue is already a top international supermodel.