Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1273

When I wanted to come to Bourbon, I also heard the news, and then returned to the headquarters of the Public Security Bureau to defend.Interesting, really interesting!

Now the gin hides in the slums to recover; the vodka is killed by himself;

Cohen is mad when he is locked up in his own experimental base; Tokiwa Eisaku has almost followed in Cohen's footsteps;

Ireland was seriously wounded by his own shooting and was still recuperating; even Belmod was constantly monitored by himself.

The rest are spies or undercover agents, and Kogoro Mori is very curious about who will play in this plot.

A mere CuraƧao is not enough.

If Rum himself appeared on the stage, he would be able to catch a big fish.

Now Kogoro Mori only needs to figure out the identity of Rum, and the ring-breaking task can be completed, and the world can no longer limit the use of the system.

The thinking Maori Kogoro lightly nodded his head, but was yelled by Xiao Lori Hui, and he came back to his senses.

"Uncle, have you figured out a location?"

Mouri Kogoro was about to speak, but saw Yukiko winking at him desperately.

Twenty years of getting along has long made the two of them connected. Knowing that You Xizi didn't want to say it, he shook his head instead.

The two little loli immediately looked disappointed.

At this moment, Genta pointed to the numbers on the back of the postcard and said, "Are these the secret codes left by the girl? What does 4163--33--6--0 mean? There is a hint that it is an animal. ."

Mitsuhiko and Conan thought about it immediately.

Soon, Mitsuhiko hammered his fist: "I remember that in my school history, I saw the principal of Didan Elementary School named Xiaoshen Yuichiro. This name reads exactly like 4163."

Bu Mei's eyes lit up immediately: "Yes, the old principal opened a zoo after he retired, and it exactly matches the animals suggested. The location must be the Dongdu Zoo he opened."

The crowds immediately seemed to be on a stimulant, Bumi pulled Huihara, and Mitsuhiko rushed out with Conan, trying to rush to the Dongdu Zoo.

Xiaopang Dun Yuanta made a face at the two people inside the office: "Hahaha, Uncle Maori, this time the mystery was solved by our Junior Detective Team. Our Junior Detective Team is about to defeat the God of Japanese Detectives. ."

The proud little fat dun twisted his ass before going down the stairs, looking really called Xiaobian.

Mouri Kogoro was a little bit dumbfounded.

However, he knew that their trip would definitely come back without success, so he didn't even want to follow along.

He turned to ask: "Yu Xizi, why didn't you let me tell the real location just now?"

You Xizi chuckled: "I haven't seen Shinichi so excited for a long time. It's nothing more than solving puzzles. Give young people some opportunities to experience. Don't tell the answer to the puzzle at the beginning. It's not fun."

Having said this, Yukiko's bare hand drew lightly across his majestic chest, and his pretty face like an elven approached him. The fragrant wind hit, and Mouri Kogoro couldn't help swallowing a few mouthfuls.

"Besides, if they leave, aren't the two of us left? Isn't that great?"

Yukiko was a little angry at the end when she said that, her breath lightly hit Maori Kogoro's earlobe, making him feel a little numb.

This little fairy!

Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but put his arms around Yukiko's thin waist, just waiting to climb up.

Unexpectedly, Hedong Lion's roar broke out in his ears instantly: "Hurry up and tell me where the real place is?" Mouri Kogoro was so scared that he almost fell.

Seeing the successful prankster in front of the woman who was snickering like a squirrel, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help rolling his eyes, and she was still his own naughty elf.

Item 0143

Mouri Kogoro glared at Yukiko speechlessly, patted her butt vindictively before telling her the real location.

Yukiko immediately showed a face of sudden realization, and then said: "Kogoro, let's go there first. I really don't know who it is, who has been fascinated by Dr. Ari for so many years."

Mouri Kogoro chuckled and shook his head: "I'm afraid that Dr. Aka is not as infatuated as you said. If he really wants to find that woman, he can go to the school to find the contact information and address."

"But he didn't try to meet him at all. He even forgot about 30 years of dating. I think he put his mind on invention and design 80% of his time, and he didn't even think about falling in love."

Hearing this, Yukiko reached out angrily and patted Mouri Kogoro's shoulder: "Hate, what are you talking about, it destroys the romantic atmosphere."

"My fault, my fault, hey, Xizi, what are you doing upstairs?"

"Change clothes, Kogoro, wait for me."

Mouri Kogoro shook his head speechlessly, the woman is in trouble.

He sat on the sofa again and thought about the dark organization.

After a while, Yukiko, who had changed his clothes, reappeared in front of Kogoro Mouri, which immediately made him shine.

White short-sleeved shirt, black tie, blue pleated skirt, plus knee-length white socks, black leather shoes, completely dressed up as a student.

The brown curly hair is tied into a super-aged ball head, revealing a delicate face full of collagen, full of girlishness, and extremely pure.

This little fairy said that she was a high school student and no one had any opinion.

Mouri Kogoro couldn't help asking: "Yu Kiko, what are you doing in Xiaolan's school uniform?"

Yukiko chuckled lightly, and put her arms around Kogoro Mori, her soft chest came up: "Isn't it suitable to wear this way? After all, it is Kogoro's alma mater who will be waiting for her."

Maori Kogoro grinned speechlessly: "Hehe, that's Didan Elementary School, you are a school uniform that you only wear in high school."

"Huh, what does it matter, isn't it also a school?"

"Let's go, let's go, let's go quickly, otherwise the woman will not be seen before waiting."

After that, Kiko pushed Mouri Kogoro out.

It didn't take long for Lexus to stop at the entrance of Didan Elementary School, and both Mouri Kogoro and Yukiko got off.

Today is Sunday, the school is empty, there are no people at all, and the iron bars at the entrance are all closed.

On the side of Kogoro Maori's head, he saw Kiko climbing the iron fence, with a graceful posture, the breeze stroked and the skirt was lightly raised.

Mouri Kogoro hurriedly scolded: "Yu Kiko, what are you doing? It's all gone."

He hurried forward to cover the hem of You Xizi's skirt, and looked around, but fortunately there were no pedestrians on the road.

Yukiko looked quite excited, and jumped over directly: "Kogoro, you can turn in quickly."

Seeing Yukiko's interest so high, Mouri Kogoro didn't say anything. He pulled it up flat, stepped on the wall and jumped over the iron fence.

"It turns out that this is where Kogoro and Hideri grew up. It's an old school. It doesn't look bad."

Hearing this, Kogoro Mouri frowned: "No, Shinichi also went to school here back then. Have you never been to the parent meeting?"