Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1275

"By the way, I haven't taken you to our classroom yet, you will have classes there in the future."

"There is a fish tank in the classroom. There are four goldfish in it. The children have named the goldfish. They are Da Lang to Shi Lang. They look cute."

"However, changing the water and feeding the feed cannot be done for the children. They can easily kill the goldfish if they are careless."

Having said this, Sumiko Kobayashi opened the door of Class B for a year, and saw Kogoro Mouri and Yuki sitting on a stool dressed as a high school girl.

Chengzi couldn't help being surprised, her small mouth turned into an O shape, and she couldn't help asking: "Kogoro, why are you here? Who is this?"

Seeing Yukiko, who was flushed, beautiful, and young and beautiful, Chengzi immediately thought she was really a high school girl, and frowned slightly.

When did Kogoro hook up with female high school students?On the side, Rumi Wakasa seemed to recognize Kogoro Mouri, and a glimmer of light flashed quickly in his eyes.

Mouri Kogoro explained, "Sumiko, I came to Didan Elementary School with a commission."

"Look, the woman underneath is my surveillance object."

Chengzi followed to the window and saw the woman under the ginkgo tree, which was relieved.

So Kogoro didn't come to the school specifically for excitement with this female high school student!

But Kiko, who was relieved, asked curiously: "You are Mrs. Kobayashi, you look too much like Police Officer Sato. Kogoro's vision is not bad."

Sumiko couldn't help being a little confused when she heard this. How could this woman know her relationship with Kogoro? Could it be that Kogoro told her?

Chengzi Meimu couldn't help but looked at Kogoro in doubt, waiting for his explanation.

But Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "Sumiko, you are dressed beautifully today."

When she heard the praise from her sweetheart, Cheng Zi was immediately happy, and she turned around to show Kogoro Mouri more clearly.

"Really, I chose for half an hour in the morning?"

Then Kogoro Mouri changed the subject: "This is?"

Wakasa Rumi bowed immediately, slammed his head on the desk recklessly, and couldn't help holding his forehead crying in pain.

This makes Mori Kogoro and Yukiko a little speechless, really clumsy acting.

Wakasa Rumi said, "Mori detective, I am the new deputy head teacher Wakasa Rumi."

"You are the god of detectives in Japan. It's a blessing to see you."

Seeing that Wakasa Rumi was about to bow again, Mouri Kogoro quickly reached out to stop her.

Interesting, Kogoro Mori was still thinking about Rum this morning, and this Wakasa Rumi suddenly appeared, which was a coincidence.

It is a pity that the real identity of Wakasa Liumi has not been revealed after crossing the former green mountains.

Is she rum?Mouri Kogoro also didn't know, so he had to investigate himself.

"It turned out to be Mrs. Wakasa. I also have two children in this class in my family. The children will ask you in the future."

"no problem."

Chengzi turned his gaze to Fu Shae, who was waiting under the corridor outside, and couldn't help but ask: "Kogoro, why are you monitoring that foreign woman? Is she a bad person? It doesn't look like it."

Kogoro Mouri explained, "She is not a bad person, but Dr. Aka's first love."

Then Kogoro Mouri explained the ins and outs of this incident.

After listening to it, Chengko immediately burst into tears in her eyes, and put her arms around Kogoro Maori's arm, with an emotional look: "So touching and infatuated. I didn't expect the doctor to have such a vigorous love. This woman has waited for him for forty years. "

"Kogoro, would you do the same to me?"

When Sumiko asked this question, Mouri Kogoro immediately sensed the cold glow in Kiko's eyes on his side, as cold as a sword and an axe.

There was also a gossip expression on the side of Wakasa Rumi.

Damn it, pills!

Item 0145

Seeing Chengzi's eyes full of begging for a response, even if Kiko was staring at him behind him, Kogoro Mouri couldn't bear to escape.

He then said softly: "Chengzi, I'm afraid I won't do this to you."

Chengzi's eyes froze immediately, and tears began to appear. These were sad tears.

But before Sumiko could react, Mouri Kogoro stretched out his hand and hugged him into his arms, gently wiping away the tears from the corners of his eyes.

"I used to let my beloved woman wait for ten years. I knew it didn't feel good, so I vowed never to let my woman wait for me again."

"If it's me, I will definitely hold my beloved woman firmly, let alone forty years, but will always be together for the rest of my life, and I will never let it go, and will not let her be alone."

Hearing this, Chengko broke into a smile immediately, holding Mouri Kogoro's neck uncontrollably, and obediently offering a fragrant kiss.

Seeing the two kissing intensely, Yu Xizi was really angry and funny.

The woman who waited for Kogoro for ten years is herself.

Seeing that Kogoro Maori tried to break a sentence into a word that could be used by both women at the same time, she also calmed down, did not care about it, and looked at the kissing couple with a smile.

Seeing Yukiko with this expression, Wakasa Rumi next to him was a little confused.

Thanks to her extraordinary ear power, she just heard the indescribable noise of the two in the classroom room.

The two clearly have one leg, but at the moment when the Maori detective is kissing Mr. Kobayashi, the female high school student is not angry at all. This is too beautiful!

Wakasa Rumi couldn't help but shift his gaze to Kogoro Moori: he is truly a great detective, and he is extremely clever. He really has a way to train women.

Soon, Mouri Kogoro let go of Chengko's lips.

Chengko realized what she had done boldly, her cheeks flushed immediately, and she shyly hid behind Kogoro Mouri.

Wakasa Rumi immediately asked curiously: "Mr. Kobayashi, is the Maori detective your boyfriend?"

Chengzi nodded: "Yes, I was going to meet in the afternoon, but I didn't expect to see it at school in the morning."

"But my relationship with Kogoro is a secret. Can Wakasa-sensei help keep it secret?"

Wakasa Rumi nodded hurriedly, "Of course it's okay."

At this time, Kogoro Moori saw that the Bentley luxury car that had been guarded by Fu Shae was driving away.

I wanted to come here to buy food nearby, and only Fu Shahui was left under the ginkgo tree. This was a good opportunity for temptation.

Kogoro Mouri said: "You stay here first, I'll see if that lady is Dr. Aka's childhood sweetheart, lest he make a mistake, let Dr. Sora rejoice."