Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1276

After that, Kogoro Mori turned and walked downstairs, while Yu Kiko sat at the windowside, peeking at Fu Shae.

Wakasa Rumi immediately stretched out his hand and walked out of the classroom with Sumiko Kobayashi, and whispered: "Mr. Kobayashi, I don't know if I should say something inappropriate."

Chengzi couldn't help being a little confused: "What about it, Mr. Wakasa, don't sell it."

Wakasarumi frowned slightly, it was a superficial conversation that involved other people's emotional lives.

But Rumi Wakasa had a very good impression of Sumiko Kobayashi. She couldn't bear to be fooled by her innocence, so she thought about it and decided to speak up.

"Mr. Xiaolin, uh, the Maori detective is probably riding two boats. My ears are very smart. I just heard some sounds in the corridor. The two of them were probably just...beep!"

Cheng Zi's beautiful eyes widened immediately, and she looked at the young and beautiful Yu Xi Zi in disbelief, with extremely complicated eyes.

Soon, Cheng Zi stepped into the classroom, closed the door, and walked in the direction of You Xizi.

But Wakasa Rumi, who looked at the small window outside the classroom, was ready.

Once the two were torn or fighting, she would definitely go in and help Teacher Xiaolin.But the next scene left Wakasa Rumi stunned, and the three views were shattered, completely incomprehensible.

The two of them laughed as they talked.

How is this going?

Are they not rivals in love?

Shouldn't it be a quarrel, and then stubbing your hair up and down?

Why are you still laughing?This is totally unreasonable!

Wakasa Rumi couldn't help blinking his left eye, took off the glasses and wiped them, and put them on again.

Seeing the situation is exactly the same as before, and she has a damn expression again.

In fact, this is also for a reason, who made Kobayashi Chengko look at the young and beautiful Yukiko, but still mistakenly think that she is a high school girl.

Cheng Zi came up to say hello in the first sentence: "Little sister, which school do you go to?"

Hearing this, Yu Xizi, who was nearly a round older than Chengzi, felt very refreshed in her heart, and naturally had a very high affection for Xiaolin Chengzi.

Chengzi felt that when she kissed Kogoro, Yuuki didn't break it, let alone any action. Chengzi also had a good impression of Yuukiko.

In addition, the two females have the gentle and submissive Japanese women in their bones, and they have a deep understanding of the habits of Kogoro Maori and have always been very tolerant of them.

Especially Yukiko, she is a petting friend to Kogoro.

These two women with very soft temperament get together, so naturally there will be no conflict.

When Xizi told Chengzi about her true age, 37 years old, she couldn't help but laugh when she looked at Chengzi's stunned expression.

Then Cheng Zi discussed the maintenance secrets with Yu Xi Zi.

Then You Xizi put down her own meatball head.

Chengko recognized her as the star Fujimine Yukiko, and instantly transformed into a fan girl, and the picture was very harmonious.

Mouri Kogoro, who had just turned over the iron fence of Didan Elementary School underneath, couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief when the situation was developing like this.

He was a little unhappy with the provocative Wakasa Rumi, but fortunately, the two women acted as Moori Kogoro expected, so there was nothing wrong with each other.

Perceiving the ginkgo leaves being stepped on under his feet, Kogoro Mouri straightened his clothes and walked in the direction of Fu Shae.

The closer he got, the more sure Moori Kogoro was that this woman was very young.

If a woman is old, the back of her hands and neck can't be concealed at all, especially white people, who are even more old.

Fusha painted is a mixed-race, but blonde and fair-skinned, with more foreign ancestry.

But the back of her hands is extremely smooth, and there is no wrinkle in her neck, like a swan.

Such a woman, if she is over half a hundred years old, I am afraid it would be extremely absurd.

With that said, I'm afraid she has also used the medicine Belmod took.

For this alone, Kogoro Mouri is almost certain that she is a member of the organization.

Item 0146

A silver-yellow ginkgo leaf drifted by, and Fusha's eyes flowed along with the ginkgo leaf, and finally landed on a pair of black leather shoes.

His eyes lifted slightly, and he saw the handsome man standing in front of him, tall and straight like a pine.

It's a pity that it wasn't the person she was waiting for, and a look of disappointment flashed across Fusha's eyes.

Looking at the quiet and feminine temperament in front of him, the intellectual woman with traces of vicissitudes in her eyes seemed to be full of stories, Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly.

"Miss, I think you have been standing under this tree for a long time, are you waiting for someone?"

"Well, I'm waiting for a friend. I made an appointment with him before, and I don't know if he will show up!"

Xu Shi Maori Kogoro's image is also very good, and Fusha, who was hit up with him, didn't have much defense.

She put her hands on the trunk behind her waist, crossed her legs, and picked up her little leather boots, which looked a little girly.

Immediately after that, Fu Sha-e seemed to recognize Kogoro Mouri, her face changed involuntarily, and then she said: "You are very familiar, is it that Kogoro Mouri who often appears on TV?"

Seeing Moori Kogoro nodded, Fu Shae immediately stood up straight.

"It's really you. I didn't expect the honor to meet a Maori detective. Are you investigating a case?"

When asked about this Fu Shahui's face was a little unnatural, her body was slightly taut, and she seemed a little nervous.

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly: "I didn't investigate the case. Today is considered a vacation. I just wandered around to relax and relax. I didn't expect to walk around and came to the place where I used to go to elementary school."

"The ginkgo trees along this road are beautiful. I walked over inexplicably, but I didn't expect to see more beautiful ones."

"So, beautiful lady, is it an honor for me to know your name?"

Hearing this, Fushae turned to laughter as if he had judged Moori Kogoro's intention.

Her body became slack, and she calmed down suddenly, and she stretched out her hand and said, "Fusha Hue Campbell Muxia."

Kogoro Mouri shook his small hand with his big hand.

From the experience of his old drivers, it is absolutely impossible for this smooth skin to be over thirty years old.

"Oh~, Campbell's surname is from England. It's Japanese and English. It's no wonder that he is dressed in such an English style."