Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1279

At this moment, Fu Sha-e felt uncomfortable all over. She saw the three little boys behind, and couldn't help but be overjoyed: "Your grandchildren are very cute."

Dr. A Li was so nervous that sweat oozes out, just "Arnold, Aran..." behind him couldn't say anything.

Fusha Hui didn't want to wait for him to say anything, but turned to look at the ginkgo trees: "When I passed by here this morning, I was attracted by these ginkgo trees."

"It's really beautiful, so I came back to see it. It's been a long time since I've been here."

"Then, I will leave first, my husband seems jealous in the car."

Hearing Fusha-e said that she had a husband, Dr. A Li was disappointed in her heart, but calmed down: "I'm really sorry."

Fu Shahui nodded instead, and got into the Bentley luxury car.

Fusha Hui, who returned to the car, couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, as if she was missing something in her mind, feeling quite relaxed.

She brought the driver, Billy, to act as a shield, and she really used it this time.

Billy asked, "Boss, is this all right?"

"Of course, I won't use it again in the future, ha ha, things are not humans!"

"However, it's not without gain, at least wait for another interesting person to drive."

The Bentley luxury car drove away and rolled up the ginkgo leaves.

And Kogoro Mouri in the classroom on the second floor monitors everything based on his psychic Chizuru.

It seems that this so-called ten-year agreement is really a coincidence, not because Marsala received some instructions to approach Dr. A Li.

Dr. Aka has nothing to do with the purpose of the organization, unlike the Kudo family, who has been involved in the organization half a century ago.

At this time, Moori Kogoro noticed that the little Lori in his arms was very restless, opened a small mouth to bite his own hand, looked down, and saw Xiao Ai's angry eyes.

Seeing Huihara's expression, Mouri Kogoro felt a little flustered.

When he was dead, he bent his index finger and put it into Hui Yuan's mouth, drew his little tongue, and teased the little loli.

Then he put Huihara down, took up Kobayashi Chengko's little hand, and fled directly.

It's really exciting to run after teasing little Lolita!

"You Xizi, Chengzi and I still have things to do. The children will trouble you to send them back."

You Xizi immediately wanted to refuse, her legs are still soft.

But as soon as he turned his head, Mouri Kogoro and Kobayashi Sumiko disappeared.

And Xiao Lolita Hui wanted to push it up in principle, but how could this little short leg ran past the adult's long leg and was quickly thrown off.

Hui Yuan gasped and cursed angrily: "The big pervert, the big pervert, the big beast, they didn't believe it, and they didn't do what they promised me. They even started on the children, unforgivable, unforgivable!"

At this moment, little Lori Bumei followed and asked timidly: "What's wrong with Xiaoai, why is she so angry?"

Hearing Bumei's voice, Huiyuan immediately pulled Bumei and headed towards the women's toilet: "Bumei, come with me, do I have something to ask you?"

"Xiao Ai, don't do this, I'm afraid of you. Why are we going to the toilet? Xiao Ai, don't you become bad?"

With the sound of vomiting blood in Hui Yuan's heart, Bu Mei was still half pulled and half pushed into the women's toilet.

On the Ginkgo Street, Mitsuhiko and Genta still curiously surrounded Dr. Aka.

"Doctor, how is it? Did you confess?"

"Doctor, you are so uncomfortable, the place full of memories is next to the school, you don't remember that."

"She's the first love who has been waiting for you for more than 40 years. In this case, doctor, are you about to get married?"

Hearing the two young people keep asking these questions, Dr. A Li's forehead was full of black lines.

Just now, Fusha painted to leave without a few words.

Dr. A Li is not an idiot. I don't know where it is cold, and I feel uncomfortable.

But seeing the children caring about himself so much, he finally felt a little relieved, so he coughed lightly, "You and your children don't care about adults."

"How can this be!" X2

Dr. A Li glanced at Conan, who was far away from him and seemed to be separated, and said again: "You have been busy with me for so long today, and I am also very touched."

"Conan, I will forgive you for drawing a map on my bed wetting in the morning. Don't take it to heart."

This map is not the other one, but Dr. A Li takes care of Conan's face, so he doesn't say so clearly.

"However, you can't take the medicines in my house anymore."

Conan's eyes immediately burst into joy, and the stone fell heavily in his heart, and he quickly said, "Doctor, I'm sorry, I lost consciousness at that time, and it was not under my own control. Don't worry, I will definitely not take those medicines."

Genta and Mitsuhiko next to him couldn't help but laughed.

"Conan, you are so old, can you still wet the bed? Did you pee into the doctor's house?"


Conan immediately stared at the two evil bear children with a speechless expression.

Then Dr. A Li coughed twice and said: "Okay, don't laugh anymore, I will invite you to a big meal, hey, what about Xiao Ai and Bu Mei?"

Mitsuhiko replied: "The two of them said they want to go to school to see the little rabbit. Let's ask them to eat together."

After that, the group went to Didan Primary School.

On the other side, in the mini patrol car, Yumi Miyamoto in the front passenger seat is holding a mirror and putting on makeup. He hums a few small tunes from time to time, and is very happy.

When I thought that the morning patrol would be over, I could take a rest, and I asked my good sisters Miwako, Sumiko and Kogoro to come to her home, and Yumi felt a little expectant.

Although they are here to help themselves clean up, but by the way, it is not impossible to unite Miwako and Sumiko to clean up Kogoro.

And the girl with two pony tails driving beside him, Miike Miaozi couldn't help asking: "Senior is so happy, is there any happy event?"

"No, no, just rest in the afternoon. I plan to go home and do a good cleaning."

Hearing this answer, Michi Miaozi twitched the corners of her mouth. Is makeup necessary for cleaning?

But she still spoke with a sense of loyalty: "Since the elders are going to organize the housework, then I will follow along and help."

"Hey, no, no need..."

But before she could finish speaking, Michi Miaozi's phone rang, and she immediately answered the phone.