Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1280

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Hearing the female voice on the other end of the phone, Miaozi Sanchi exclaimed immediately.

"Yingzi, what are you talking about, your family is dead?"

"Don't be afraid, don't panic, calm down, keep the scene as it is, I will rush over immediately."

Miike Naeko, who hung up the phone, immediately started the patrol car, and Yumi Miyamoto in the passenger seat couldn't help asking, "What's wrong?"

"My friend's house is dead, so I have to go and have a look, sit down, senior."

"Hey, we are traffic police, this is not ours."

But Miaozi couldn't hear what she said at all, and the mini patrol car sprinted instantly.

Yumi glanced at the time, it was almost noon.

Obviously you can rest, you can go home and wait for Kogoro and the others.

Now that the case is all over, Yumi suddenly looked sad.

What made Yumi more sad was the Kagemi Flower Building where the patrol car finally stopped.

This is a high-end apartment, which looks very stylish.

Miaozi, who got out of the car, looked at Yumi with a tangled expression in the co-driver, and couldn't help asking, "Senior, why don't you get out of the car? Did you come here before?"

Yumi's face changed frantically: "How could it be, how could I come to this place to look like a big family."

She quickly got out of the car and walked in with Miaozi.

The two beautiful policemen in traffic police uniforms entered the apartment together and stepped into the elevator.

Looking at the eighteenth floor that Miaozi pressed, Yumi's mouth was a little dry.

On the 18th floor of this Kagemi Flower Building, Yumi’s ex-boyfriend, Hideyoshi Haneda lives.

Yumi now has a new man, Kogoro Mori, and naturally doesn't want to have any contact with her ex-boyfriend, but she resists coming here.

Seeing Miaozi put his mobile phone in his pocket again, Yumi couldn't help asking: "Huh? Miaozi, who are you calling?"

Miaozi put his mobile phone in his pocket: "Call Meihezi senior, didn't you ask the criminal police department to handle it?"

"Oh, oh, Miwako."

Yumi nodded, but then her face changed drastically.

Called Miwako and said that he was busy with the murder, and the appointment time was again this afternoon.

Yomi Kazuko's temperament is related to the case, and she will definitely tell the great detective Kogoro about it.

In this case, Kogoro will come here.

If he meets Hideyoshi Haneda and mistakenly thinks he is here to meet his ex-boyfriend, then the matter will be big.

Yumi immediately took out her cell phone in a hurry, trying to call Kogoro Mouri.

But I couldn't get through anyhow, and the voice broadcast call was busy.

That's it!

Yumi immediately looked like a concubine.

I have to say that women's unreasonable speculation is sometimes true to her mother.

At this moment, Kogoro Mori on Lexus was answering Miwako's call with his head turned sideways. Knowing that Yumi was involved in a murder, he planned to rush to the Kagemi Flower Building.

"Don't worry, Miwako, you have to be more confident with your man. Any case can be solved quickly and will not delay our afternoon gathering." Miwako, who was walking out of the Metropolitan Police Department with the fat Chiba police officer, frowned. Come: "What is your voice over there, hey, it seems to be Chengzi, she is not stealing food, right?"

"Haha, how is it possible, I'm still driving, hang up, let's wait for the meeting." The guilty Mouri Kogoro was about to hang up.

He is indeed driving at the moment.

The car has a white paint finish and excellent maintenance. It is still on the road as a new car.

The dual-lens headlights are very textured, and the tail lines are round and rich, making it a top urban SUV.

Get on the car directly, the interior is top-fitting, the leather surface is smooth and the configuration feels excellent.

The space in the car was narrow, with a sense of oppression, and the air outlet seemed to be dusty. Kogoro Mouri used his mouth to deal with it. After getting familiar with it, he inserted the key to light it.

After ignition, you can feel the engine shaking, but the sound insulation effect is also average, slowly add the fuel to 3000 rpm, the body also obviously feels shaking and noise.

But the power is surging enough, and the direct injection in the cylinder is cool!

This car is equipped with Moori Kogoro's driving skills, which is a perfect match. He grabbed the steering wheel with both hands, refueled hard, rubbed the start, and directly increased the speed to 180.

Lexus hurriedly went away, and the drivers encountered on the road looked at the maddening car in amazement.

The speed of the car is so fast that drivers can't really see it.

In the women's toilet on the second floor of Didan Elementary School, Xiao Bumei looked at Hui Yuan, who was akimbo in front of her, with a gloomy and almost black temperament, with a look of fear on her small face.

Such a small sorrow is really terrible!

Hui Yuan had been silent for more than ten minutes.

A smirk appeared on the uneasy Bumei's face, and she whispered: "Sai, I don't need to go to the toilet, or I will wait for you outside first."

Saying this, Bu Mei gently tipped her short legs, trying to sneak out, but was blocked by Huiyuan again.

Huihara finally couldn't help it, and asked: "Bumei, how did you know that the auntie just had ice cream on her body? Have you eaten it? Who gave it to you? Say!"

With the last violent drink, Xiao Bumei shook her whole body, and her big eyes immediately collected mist.

"Don't cry!"

Bu Mei dared not cry again, her eyebrows twisted together like caterpillars, a little pitiful look.

Although Bu Mei had promised to keep the secret before, she was always a child, a real loli, so scared by Hui Yuan, naturally she did not dare to hide it.

So Bu Mei informed Hui Yuan of what happened in the library last time.

Hearing that this was the case, Hui Yuan's forehead was congested again.

But when he learned that the situation was not as irreparable as he thought, Huihara couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Then Hui Yuan changed his face, spoke softly like an older sister, and started to frighten others.