Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1281

"Bu Mei, it was not my sister who frightened you deliberately just now, but this kind of ice cream is absolutely not for children."

"Because the child has not developed well yet, it will have a very bad effect."

"If you eat too much, you may become a dwarf in the future, no longer grow tall, or a lot of pimples and scars on your face, become ugly, and you may develop deformities."

"I am worried that you only want to know. If uncle wants to feed you these in the future, tell me, I will poop him!"

Seeing Huihara perform her face-changing skills in front of her, Xiao Bumei was completely confused.

Human, Xiaogui, Big Bumei doesn't believe what Huihara said: Humph, Xiao Ai is too bad, obviously I want to occupy, I won't let you succeed.

Although I thought so in my heart, Bu Mei didn't show any signs, instead, she nodded her head obediently, thinking that she would pass this level first and talk about it when she got out of the toilet.

Item 0150

Looking at the 1802 apartment in front of him, Yumi Miyamoto was relieved.

Fortunately, the murder happened next door, so it shouldn't be hit.

Then they rang the doorbell of Yidong's house.

Soon, a cute girl in an apron opened the door: "Xiao Miao, you are finally here, come in and have a look!"

This little maid's name is Yonehara Sakurako, with long brown hair tied into a bun head, with a pair of beautiful big eyes, and a very cute look.

She grew up with Miaozi Sanchi with double pony tails, and they are inseparable best friends.

Both women look very kawaii, like girls who came out of anime.

However, Sakurako Yonehara has a bad family situation, she is the only daughter of a single-parent family.

Moreover, her mother passed away many years ago without any other relatives, so she worked as a maid to make ends meet.

Unexpectedly, less than a week after coming to Itami's house, I discovered that the hostess Chiyoko Itami hanged herself.

She subconsciously thought of Sanchi Miaozi, her playmate as a police officer, and called her to come over.

The three women walked into Itami's house together, crossed the corridor, and came to the bedroom.

The hostess of this house, Chiyoko Itami, was hung in the air with wires.

The body is still hanging, not put down.

On the side is a man with brown eyes, the host of the house, Itami Yongxin.

He was looking sadly at his wife's body, eyes full of tears, and weeping from time to time.

Yumi asked, "What is going on?"

Itami Naganobu wiped his tears and said, "My wife Chiyoko and I had a big quarrel more than an hour ago. I wanted to let her calm down alone, so I went to the supermarket with the maid at home to buy groceries. ."

"Because Chiyoko suffered a broken hand bone and couldn't do housework, I hired this maid."

"Unexpectedly, not long after the maid came, Chiyoko's temper became very bad, often making hysterical noises and making my eyes like this."

Itami Yongxin lifted his glasses, and everyone saw his red and swollen right eye.

"When Chiyoko gets angry, she likes to throw things around. This is what she hurt last night."

Yumi continued to ask: "Then you found the body when you went home?"

The little maid Sakurako Yonehara shook her head: "It should have been found 30 minutes after returning home, that is, when I asked my wife to have lunch at 12 noon."

"Because when we got home at 11:30, we heard the sound of the bedroom door being closed heavily inside."

"We thought that the lady was still very angry, and knocked on the door without hearing a response, so we didn't dare to enter the bedroom."

"After that, I will prepare today's lunch in the kitchen, and then Mr. Itami will come over to help."

Itami Yongxin said, "After the lunch was prepared, we wanted to come and ask Chiyoko to eat, but we didn't expect to see such a terrible scene."

"How could she be so stupid that she committed suicide because of this little quarrel and left her suicide note."

Yumi couldn't help but heaved a sigh of relief: "In this case, it should be suicide. Let's wait for Miwako to come and hand over with them."

But Miaozi frowned slightly, and asked, "Then was the door locked when you came in?"

Maid Sakurako said, "There is a lock, I opened the door with the key and came in."

"Who else has the key?"

Itami Yongxin said, "Apart from me and the maid, this is my son Jing's house, but my son hasn't come back for more than a year."

And the little maid Yingzi tried to remember with her head, suddenly her eyes lit up and she seemed to remember something.

"Hey, by the way, we still have a key to the door in the mailbox downstairs, but that mailbox has a code lock and must be opened by someone who knows the code."

"By the way, in this building there is a man in a sloppy kimono and a sparse beard who seems to know the code."

"It seems that I was peeked by him when I opened the mailbox to get the letter, and he wrote it down." "That guy also narcissistically said that his memory is the best in the world!"

The more Sakurako said, the more ugly Yumi's face became, and she seemed to have guessed who it was.

"By the way, that guy seems to live next door."

Miaozi immediately raised Yingzi's little hand and ran outside: "It should not be too late, let's ask him to come over and cooperate with the investigation."

Yumei's face changed wildly, too late to stop.

Seeing the two women ran out, she also quickly followed out.

At this time, she can only hope that Kogoro Mouri will not come here.

But the reality was just contrary to expectations. At this moment, under the Yingmihua Building, Lexus, which was soaring all the way, stopped steadily on the side of the road.

Just as the car stopped, a smile flashed across the corner of Mouri Kogoro's mouth looking at Sumiko Kobayashi who was obviously stimulated by the boss.

Chengzi obviously couldn't stand the speed of the car, and her whole body was limp.

Kogoro Mori reached out to help lift Chengko's beautiful legs from the car window, and then closed the car window.

Fortunately, the materials of the car windows are specially made, and the scene inside is not visible from the outside.

Mouri Kogoro stroked Chengko's small face with his big hands, wiping off the sweat on his face.

Looking at Chengzi's weak appearance, it was a bit difficult for her to follow her up.