Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1283

Miwako, who was devoted to his duties, naturally took the murder case first.

Hearing her say this, the weak Hideyoshi Haneda could only stop angrily.

But the eyes behind his glasses still stared at Kogoro Mouri tightly.

Then everyone entered Itami's house, and the police began to inquire about the case.

After more than ten minutes, Mikako, who had finished the questioning, glanced at the corpse placed on the bed.

The deceased was still slapped with lime cream on his right hand, but left a suicide note and hanged himself. It is really suspicious.

With only one hand, why use such a strenuous suicide method?

Miwako glanced at the logbook and recounted the case: "Before eleven o'clock, Mr. Itami and your wife had a big fight, and then went out to the supermarket with the maid to go shopping, leaving the deceased at home."

"Then came back at half past eleven and heard the door closing in the bedroom. At that time, the deceased was still alive."

"When you knocked on the door of the bedroom, the deceased inside did not respond. Then the maid and Mr. Itami went to the kitchen to prepare lunch."

"It wasn't until thirty minutes later that the dead person who had been hanged in the bedroom was discovered. That's how it happened, right?"

Itami Yongxin and the little maid Sakurako Yonehara nodded.

With her chin supported, Mei Hezi looked at the scribbled suicide note, frowning and said: "I have left the suicide note. The other windows and doors in the room are locked, and there is no sign of outsiders invading."

"Looking at it this way, it really might be suicide."

At this moment, Kogoro Mouri said: "Miwako, you are still too arbitrary to say this."

Kogoro Mouri flipped through the notebook on the desk: "Look, the paper in this suicide note is obviously not compatible with the torn traces of the notebook."

"In addition, in the paper balls thrown in the trash can, the signature is usually Chiyoko, but this suicide note has a surname added to the signature, and it becomes Itami Chiyoko, which may be manipulated."

But Hideyoshi Haneda, who was holding his chest on the side, raised the bar and said: "What's wrong. People are about to commit suicide. Write it more seriously. Is there a problem with the surname?"

"If you don't understand, stop talking nonsense around."

Upon hearing this, Yumi immediately became angry and began to defend Kogoro Mouri.

"You shut up, I think you are the one who talks nonsense."

"My boyfriend is a well-known detective--Mori Kogoro, what he said is the truth. Just listen to me quietly."

Hearing this, Hideyoshi Haneda had an expression of crying, pointing at Yumi but could not speak.

[You changed, you scolded me for an outsider!

Hey, that's not right, Kogoro Mouri, why is this name so familiar!

Only then did Hideyoshi Haneda react, and only then did he realize that the man in front of him who robbed him of love was the one his mother and younger sister even claimed that they were going to defect.

His face changed immediately.

Chapter 0152 I don't like Yumi sauce like this

No way, really is him?

When I thought that my mother and sister had praised Kogoro Mori to the sky, Hideyoshi Haneda couldn't believe it.

Such a nasty guy used force as soon as they met, and even grabbed his Yumi!

How can such a person be a reliable target for defecting?

Mom and sister must have been bewitched, no, I must stop them.

Hideyoshi's mood at this moment is very complicated.

This is also because he hasn't communicated with his elder brother Xiuyi. If he had communicated, he would definitely be mentally balanced.

After all, his elder brother Hideichi Akai was robbed of two girlfriends by Mouri Kogoro.

The brothers of the Akai family can be called hard brothers, but even so, they must have never thought that their mother might fall into the hands of Kogoro Mouri.

Maybe they will call the man who robbed their girlfriend as father in the future!

When Yumi Miyamoto flaunted the identity of Kogoro Mori, Itami Naganobu and Sakurako Yonehara were immediately surprised.

The little maid, Sakurako, took Miaozi's arm, jumped excitedly behind her, and whispered: "Well, Xiao Miao, Xiao Miao, and Maori detectives are super celebrities. You can ask for his autograph for me."

Miaozi laughed twice. She and Mouri Kogoro had met each other before, so how embarrassed they came to sign.

Moreover, police officer Chiba was nearby, and she was even more unlikely to do such a thing.

"Wait, Yingzi, why do you want to sign? You don't chase stars?"

Yingzi's eyes immediately turned into a wealthy eye: "Selling money, you didn't know that the signatures of Maori detectives are marketable and priceless. They can definitely sell for a high price, maybe they can cover one month's rent."

Moori Kogoro, who has excellent hearing, couldn't help but twitched when he heard this. He thought Sakurako was his fan, but he didn't expect to be a small money fan.

At this time, the male host of the family Itami Yongxin said: "Maori detective, this suicide note is not in disguise, right? The handwriting is Chiyoko's autograph, and the things mentioned above are all recent events that outsiders don't know. "

Mikako, who was holding the suicide note, glanced at the suicide note, and then began to read the contents.

"Sorry, husband, for hurting you, I hope your injury will heal soon!

Son Jingjia, cheer for the exam, mom believes you can do it!

When Ichiko's Seven-Five-Three Festival, remember to let her wear my kimono!

Please forgive the unfilial daughter for taking a step first.

Itami Chiyoko"

(Seven-Five-Three Festival is a special festival in Japan, boys are 3 or 5 years old, and girls are 3 or 7 years old to worship at the shrine)

"Is there anything unusual about this suicide note?"

Itami Yongxin shook his head, raised his glasses, and showed everyone his swollen right eye.

"This is when Chiyoko and I quarreled last night, when she threw an ashtray into her swollen eyes."

"My son Jing's family has to take a driver's license recently, and the written test will be in a few days."

"As for Shizi is my niece, she is seven years old this year, and she does have to celebrate the Seven-Five-Three Festival, so I think this suicide note cannot be forged by others."

The little maid Sakurako on the side also nodded: "Last night when Madam lost her temper, she did throw the ashtray at Mr. Itami, so I thought that the mobile phone at the bedroom door was also thrown by the wife."