Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1284

Kogoro Mouri asked, "When did you find a mobile phone at the door?"

When Mori Kogoro approached, Sakurako's face turned red immediately.

She hurriedly said, "It was when I was going home at 11:30. When I first came to call Madam, what I found on the floor was Madam's red mobile phone."

Meihezi asked, "Where is the phone?"

"I put it away." Itami Yongxin who said this handed the phone from his pocket to Miwako.

Meihezi turned on the phone and looked through the communication records. Today, there is no phone call or text message.

At this time, the Chiba police officer next to him took a note book and asked, "You take the liberty to ask, Mr. Itami, what did you quarrel about last night? And do you know why the deceased committed suicide?"

Itami Yongxin shook his head and sighed: "What else can we quarrel with? Of course it is stocks. We have a big difference in stocks. I hope she will stop playing, but she always doesn't listen. Crazy."

"The other thing is that my son Jing's senior year is about to graduate, but the job hasn't settled yet. I want to put her under a lot of pressure."

"My son Jing's family has not returned home since he moved to the building next to the university a year ago."

At this time, Sakurako interrupted: "But the wife's son called and said that after he got the driver's license, he hoped that his wife would help buy a car."

"I also said that next time I come here, I will bring the catalog of models and let the lady choose."

"But the wife said that he didn't have a job, and it was impossible to buy a car for him, and then she hung up the phone with a cry."

"However, I don't think Madam is the kind of person who commits suicide."

"Because Madam once said that she herself was the lucky one who was favored by God."

Meihezi asked, "How do you say this?"

On the side, Itami Naganobu explained: "I think what Yoko said was that she was on a plane a few years ago and happened to be in a plane crash, but she was lucky to survive a forced landing at sea."

The Chiba police officer asked, "Then Mr. Itami, were you on the plane?"

"No, I broke my leg while skiing before taking the plane, so I didn't get on that plane."

Yingzi continued to speak: "So, how can a confident lady commit suicide?"

Miwako supported her chin, frowned and thought.

"That said, the motive of suicide is not very clear."

At this time, Yumi interrupted and said, "It's not suicide, it's murder by outsiders."

"Between 11:30 and 12, Mr. Itami and the maid were cooking in the kitchen again. The two were together. It was impossible to commit a crime. So, it might be a crime committed by an outsider."

"And the most likely suspect is you who knows the mailbox password, can get the door key, and sneak into the neighbor's house with the key to kill someone, Hideyoshi Haneda, you are the murderer!"

"Unexpectedly, if you haven't seen you for so many years, you will become a murderer."

Hearing Yumi splashing dirty water, Hideyoshi's hair turned up in fright, and he waved his hand quickly: "How, how is it possible?"


Moori Kogoro slapped Yumi-chan's hip directly with a slap, and everyone looked at him.

Yumi's small face burst into red immediately, while Hideyoshi Haneda's pupils continued to shrink, staring at Moori Kogoro's big hand, wishing to swallow it.

"You can't do this, even if you are eager to distinguish the relationship with your ex-boyfriend, you can't reason wildly and slander others as murderers."

"This looks too unkind, I don't like Yumi-chan like this."

"Oh!" The blushing Yumi-chan stood obediently behind Kogoro Mouri and didn't speak any more.

Then Kogoro Mouri turned to speak: "Mikako, handcuff this guy and take it to the police station. You should be able to ask something with torture."

The turning point came too quickly. I just educate my girlfriend not to slander others. Instead, he encouraged the police to catch him back and lynch him. This operation made everyone look at him.

However, Kogoro Mori's prestige in the police was too high, and everyone who came back thought that Hideyoshi Haneda was really the murderer.

The chubby Chiba police officer hurried forward and directly smothered Hideyoshi Haneda.

Hideyoshi Haneda yelled immediately: "I am not a murderer, Kogoro Moori, you slander me, and you avenge your private revenge."

Item 0153

"Mori Kogoro, you mean, Yumimi, don't be fooled by him."

"I, I fight with you!"

Haneda Hideyoshi, who was struggling, couldn't suppress even Chiba Police Officer. He rushed towards Mouri Kogoro desperately.

Everyone could not help but change their faces when they saw this change.

Standing on the edge of the bed, Kogoro Mori put his arms around Yumi's thin waist, turned slightly to one side, and dodged.

It's easy to escape this inactive otaku creature.

Hideyoshi Haneda, who was wearing a green lab coat, couldn't stop, hitting his knee directly against the edge of the bed, exhaling in pain, with his mouth open, and he fell onto the body of the middle-aged woman on the bed.

You know, Chiyoko Itami was hanged, and the person who hanged his mouth will open and his tongue will grow old.

And Hideyoshi Haneda had his hands cuffed, and he had no time to change his posture.

So the scene of extremely hot eyes appeared.

Everyone turned their faces and let out a disgusting cry: "Hey!"

I saw Hideyoshi Haneda kissed the corpse's long purple tongue.

His complexion changed wildly, instantly turning purple, and struggling in panic.

He almost smashed the right arm of the body's plaster.

Itami Yongxin yelled, "What do you want to do to my wife?"

After that, he went forward to pull down Hideyoshi Haneda, and wanted to beat him violently, but was stopped by the Chiba police officer who came over.

Then Kogoro Mouri smirked: "I didn't expect Mr. Hideyoshi to have this special hobby, disrespectful and disrespectful."

"But Officer Chiba, why did you torture him? I just made a little joke. I didn't say that Mr. Hideyoshi next door was a murderer."

Upon hearing this, Chiba police officer couldn't help looking at Mouri Kogoro with a grimace.

And Hideyoshi Haneda, who was lying on the ground, retched.

Immediately after Chiba opened the handcuffs of Hideyoshi Haneda, he immediately turned around and ran towards the toilet. There was a burst of vomiting from the toilet.