Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1285

At this time, Miwako's subordinates, Officer Ozu ran in.

"Sato Police Department, we found someone who said we saw a suspicious person."

"According to the security guard downstairs, he saw a person wearing a hat, sunglasses, coat, and scarf getting on the elevator on the first floor, and then leaving after coming."

"In addition, the security guard also said that Itami's son had also been there, but he didn't know if he had left."

Meihezi immediately ordered: "What, send someone to search the entire building for me. Besides, this suspicious note is also a bit suspicious. Let the forensic officer check the handwriting."

And when Maori Kogoro thought, Ant-Man robots that were invisible to the naked eye left the apartment and began to look for what they wanted.

The investigation was ongoing, and Hideyoshi Haneda, who had gone to the toilet and had thrown up, finally came out, looking weak.

However, he stared at the close-knit Kogoro Mouri and Yumi Miyamoto with a devastating gaze.

Mouri Kogoro put his arms around Yumi's slender waist like no one, and he clung to his ears from time to time, and smiled softly, making Yumi's small face red.

"...Yumi-chan's attitude today is still very good, but why suddenly an ex-boyfriend popped up and asked me so many things. When I go home, I will see how I teach you."

"Hmm, I'll use lube in a moment, then beep...beep...beep...oh, you can't escape."

When she heard this, Yumi was so embarrassed that her earlobes turned red.Talking about these things with Moori Kogoro in front of her ex-boyfriend in the public, made her a little unbearable.

But she nodded obediently, and promised to give Kogoro's compensation program inferiorly.

Hideyoshi Haneda almost breathed fire in his eyes, but he still didn't dare to act rashly.

The two encounters with Kogoro Moori just now were all defeated by himself. As a chess player, he likes to make decisions and wants to find a way to win with one blow.

The investigation was still ongoing, and at this time, a doorbell came from the direction of the door.

Everyone turned to the hallway and opened the door.

A young man walked in. He was dressed in gray clothes, dyed non-mainstream yellow hair, and was wearing a hat. It was the son of this family, Itami Yasushi's family.

"Hey, why are there so many guests at home? Even the police are here?"

Itami Yongxin stepped forward: "Jing family, why did you come back suddenly?"

The young man Huang Fa picked up the model catalog: "Dad, didn't I say everything on the phone? I want to go home to show you the models."

Itami Yongxin immediately yelled, "Didn't you tell you that it's impossible? You don't even have a job now, and you want us to buy a car."

"I think you have to find a job before talking. Your hair is dyed like a pudding. What's the future?"

Yasushi Itami's face changed slightly, and then he talked back: "Dad, what did you say, didn't you support my driver's license test before? Did something happen at home?"

Chiba next to him stood up and retelled the case.

After hearing this, the Itami Yasushi family couldn't believe it, and tears filled his eyes.

"What, you said my mother hanged herself, it's impossible!"

Having said this, he rushed into the bedroom, saw the body of his mother Zhiyoko, and burst into tears.

After the Itami Yasushi's mood calmed down a bit, Chiba began to inquire.

"Just before twelve o'clock, the security on the first floor said you have come back, can you tell me more specifically?"

The yellow-haired man said, "Today I wanted to show my mother the model of the car."

"It arrived after eleven o'clock, but when the doorbell was rang, no one at home answered."

"I thought everyone was out, took a walk in the nearby park, passed the time, and then came back now."

"I knew that my mother would hang herself afterwards, I will definitely wait at the door, oooooooo, mom!"

When everyone comforted the yellow-haired Itami Yasushi's house, Moori Kogoro quietly took the little maid Sakurako Yonehara into the side room.

He had something to ask the little maid.

Sakurako Yonehara saw that she was alone in the room with Kogoro Mori, and she was a little nervous. She didn't know where to put her two little hands, holding on to some shabby apron and dared not let go.

Looking at this cute little maid, Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly: "Sakurako, don't be nervous, I don't eat people, I just want to ask you some questions."

Sakurako nodded, raised her head, and greeted her with big eyes. Seeing Moori Kogoro's eyes that seemed to discharge, her cheeks were red again.

Item 0154

Seeing this little maid's shy appearance, Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly, but without teasing her, he went straight to the topic.

"Miss Yingzi, you just said that when you opened the door, you heard the sound of closing the bedroom door."

"There are so many doors here, and you can't see the bedroom from the door. How can you be sure that it is the sound of the bedroom door closing?"

Sakurako recalled with her small face, "Arnuo, because I saw other doors open after I came in, only the bedroom door was closed, so I thought it was the sound from the bedroom door where the lady was."

After listening to Sakurako's voice at close range, Kogoro Mori realized that Sakurako's voice was very young, like a little girl, a bit like a baby's voice.

This sound sounds very comfortable and can arouse people's desire to conquer.

He couldn't help leaning forward, his big hand immediately pressed on the wall next to Yingzi, and he unconsciously slammed her.

The little maid was startled, her back pressed against the wall, her heart beat faster.

Smelling the vigorous man's breath, Yingzi's heart was a little charming.

But soon she remembered the scene of Kogoro Mori and Yume Miyamoto's dog food, and immediately calmed down.

"When the body was found, was the window in the bedroom open?"

Yingzi looked surprised: "Hey, how did you know the Maori detective?"

"Because the open window was facing the lady's body, Mr. Itami said that the cold wind was blowing on the lady. It was so pitiful, so I closed the window."

Kogoro Mouri nodded: "So that's the case, Sakurako, thank you for your cooperation in the investigation."

"In return, don't you want my signature?"

Having said this, Kogoro Moori picked up the notebook and pen on the table next to him, wrote his name in a whirlwind, and then handed the notebook to Sakurako.

"Although I hope you can keep my signature, if you want to sell it for the rent, I won't have any comments."

Upon hearing this, Yingzi suddenly became embarrassed.

On the other hand, Kogoro Mori couldn't help touching Yingzi's bun head, which instantly froze Yingzi's body.