Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1289

"Who is afraid of whom?"

Maori Kogoro looked at the two women at war, and said: "Okay, okay, it's almost a little bit soon, and I haven't had lunch. Let's go home first, and I will cook for you."

"You have to fight until you finish eating!"

After an order, the head of the family was still somewhat majestic, and the two women stopped.

Seeing Miaozi's patrol car coming by, Yumi got on the patrol car.

On the other hand, Kogoro Moori started Lexus, and three cars drove to Yumi.

Seeing this scene, Hideyoshi Haneda ran out of the building quickly, planning to catch a taxi to follow.

The old security guard at the back said: "Boy smash, uncle remembers you, it's the one on the 18th floor, I'll look for you when I have time!"

When Hideyoshi Haneda heard this, he was frightened and fell into a shit.

Item 0157

The cars stopped in front of the apartment where Yumi Miyamoto lived, and Hideyoshi Haneda in the taxi lowered his head and asked the driver to pull over, for fear of being spotted by Kogoro Mori.

Soon, he saw Moori Kogoro getting out of the car with Chengzi in his arms, and rubbed his eyes in doubt.

When did Police Officer Sato change his outfit like this?

Sumiko and Miwako look too alike, not to mention that Hideyoshi Haneda also misunderstood. Miaozi who got off the bus was also confused when she saw the two women, and could not tell the difference..

But Hideyoshi Haneda heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Maori and his party go upstairs mightily.

With so many people here, Kogoro Mori shouldn't be able to do anything!

Soon, Mori and his party came to the apartment on the second floor, and Hideyoshi Haneda turned his head to patrol the neighborhood.

Soon he found an abandoned building facing the balcony of the apartment, got out of the car and ran to the building, ready to start a new round of surveillance.

Now Hideyoshi Haneda is waiting for Kogoro Mouri to leave. He and Yumi explain clearly to restore the lost lover.

In Hideyoshi Haneda's concept, Yumi is not a lost lover, but is still her girlfriend, but she finds someone to pretend to be her boyfriend to stimulate herself.

The door of room 202 opened, and seeing the chaos inside, the men and three women outside were shocked.

This is more than just a messy word, it's almost like being wiped out by criminals.

Boots and shoes in the hallway are arbitrarily placed, and the walls are pitted, and they are still falling powder;

The sofa is full of clothes, piled up into mountains, and the hats are folded and stuffed into the lamp;

The carpet was torn apart and smelled, and the potted plants on the cabinet were smashed;

The hanging LCD TV seemed to have been eaten, and the film was lifted.


At this time, two dogs rushed out and surrounded Moori Kogoro's legs, wagging their tails in circles, to please Moori Kogoro.

Both dogs, Maori Kogoro, knew each other, and both were bitches.

The husky is called Xiaohachi and the Akita is called Sta. They are raised by Yumi.

Akita originally played in the police dog world, but his leg was broken during an arrest operation, and he was adopted by Yumi after he was wounded and retired.

Husky Xiaohachi was too stubborn and was abandoned by his master, and was then seen by the patrolling Yumi, and he was brought home.

Originally, these two dogs were very unfriendly to Kogoro Moori, especially when Kogoro Moori came for the first time, and when Yumi was in the room, the huskies outside barked and howled wolves from time to time.

Later, Kogoro Moori spent 10,000 points in exchange for the Royal Animal Art, trained the Husky, and then used the healing art to heal Akita.

These two dogs became extremely obedient.

They are now closer to Maori Kogoro than their master Yumi, and ran over to act like a baby when they smelled his breath.

Yumi's body was slightly bent, her hands folded, and an embarrassing smile appeared on her face: "I'm really sorry, I didn't need everyone to help, I could clean up by myself."

"But the night before, Xiao Ba suddenly took Star to escape from prison, bit the dog house door I prepared for them, and escaped."

"I finally found out that Huskies would tear down the house. I dismantled my house like this in one day. Except for the closed bedroom, everything else was destroyed."

"There are so many tasks in the past two days. I dealt with a day's case yesterday, and I couldn't handle it by myself. That's why I asked you to help."

Meihezi glanced at the piles of clothes, hats and bags on the sofa, and couldn't help but vomit: "Dogs won't pile up clothes like this!"

Yumi quickly quibbled: "I live alone, and my clothes have to be piled up. Only one wash can save water. How much I save."

"Kogoro, shouldn't you despise me!"

Yumi immediately hugged Kogoro Mori's arm and started acting coquettishly, rubbing her soft chest, and the seedlings next to her blushed.

"Don't be a demon." Kogoro Mouri patted Yumi-chan's buttocks with a big hand.

He doesn't dislike it. The Ant-Man robot incubator has already begun the third round of training, and the number has begun to increase towards 300.The robots produced now are more of a household type, capable of cooking, washing, and mopping...

No matter how lazy Yumi is, Kogoro Mori doesn't mind. After marrying, some robots will do these things.

Besides, beautiful women are usually a bit lazy, which doesn't hurt.

Moreover, Mikako, who is a strong woman, is almost in this state at home, and among the three, Sumiko can be called virtuous.


"Bow bark!"

The two dogs jumped up and down, pounced on Maori Kogoro's long legs, constantly brushing their sense of existence.

Mouri Kogoro stretched out his hand and rubbed the heads of two big dogs, and then yelled, "Quiet, you have to go to the wall and think about it."

"Hmm! Ooh!"

"Wang Wu!"

When the imperial beast technique unfolded, a wave of invisible fluctuations scattered from Mouri Kogoro.

The two dogs wagging their tails, ran to the wall and sat down, looking at the wall and dared not make a sound.

All the three women besides Yumi looked dumbfounded.

Miao Zi's mouth was open and wide, and her cat's eyes were rounded: "Well, how is this done?"

"Isn't the Husky stupid? How can you follow instructions?"