Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1297

Then Meihezi pulled out Erha's tongue directly, pulling it out of her old age: "Fuck you, dare to bark my teeth, bark again, bark again!"

Erhu's eyes were full of panic immediately, and his tail quietly caught.

The tongue bounced back like a spring, and it was drawn heavily on Erha's face.

"Wang Wu!" The Erha whispered, and ran away in fear with its tail sandwiched.

Miao Zi said with a look of admiration: "Senior, you are so amazing? I'm not afraid of this dog at all."

Miwako chuckled softly: "What's so scary, Xiaohachi, but Yumi and I were raised from childhood, how could they bit me."

"And it's very scary. It never dared to grin at people. It looks like today, obviously someone instigated it. After all, it's a bully!"

Mouri Kogoro laughed awkwardly, but Miaozi seemed to react, opening her mouth, and looking at Mouri Kogoro with disbelief.

Soon, she noticed the claws on her ass, and her face instantly burst into red.

"Hurry down to me, when are you going to hold it?"

A roar of Hedong lion appeared from Meihezi's mouth, and Moori Kogoro immediately jumped out of the bathtub holding the seedling.

Miaozi struggled to the ground, pushed Mouri Kogoro's chest away with a little hand, and ran out blushing.

She ran out of the bathroom, holding the police uniform jacket hung at the door, and hurriedly escaped from the apartment, got on the mini patrol car, and slipped away.

Item 0164

Miao Zi, who was leaving in the mini patrol car, flushed and his heartbeat was extremely fast.

Too bad, this turned out to be Mao Lijun's routine, it is too bad.

Xiao Ba actually listened to him to frighten people. It was damned. I must teach him the next time I meet.

Badass!Badass!Obviously there are seniors already, so why come to provoke me!

But if Maori confessed to me, what should I do?

Miao Zi suddenly felt a little upset, and immediately shook his head, flicking the double ponytails, extremely upset.

But soon, Miao Zi suddenly remembered the scene just now.

The generous heart, the big hot hands, the strong smell, and the hard...Da Ba, can't think about it anymore.

The little traffic policeman had more fascination in her eyes. She did not notice that her mini patrol car was moving along the S track, swinging left and right very seriously.

The cars on the left and right avoided the patrol car desperately for fear of being hit by her.

And Miaozi didn't even realize that after coming to Miyamoto's house, he had not even thought of Officer Chiba even once.

In the bathroom of Miyamoto's house, Miwako's Motozhisheng tugged Moori Kogoro's ears, her purple eyes narrowed slightly, and she looked like she was angry.

"Kogoro, you lied to me again, what did you say in the kitchen just now."

"You said you wouldn't do anything to Miaozi, what's going on now?"

Faced with this situation, of course Kogoro Mouri would not admit it.

"It hurts, misunderstanding, Mi Hezi, you misunderstood, it's Xiao Ba who suddenly went crazy and scared, and Miao Zi jumped on me."

Then Kogoro Mouri spoke shamelessly.

"Perhaps your man is too attractive, Miao Zi fell in love with it accidentally, and then he took the initiative to give him a hug, maybe?"

He also pretended to nod his head in a pretentious manner, making Mi Kazuko more and more angry.

"You wait for me, I'll go tell Yumi now, tell her that you want to attack her younger generation, and see how she teaches you."

Kogoro Mori chuckled lightly: "Mikako, you have to move the rescuer but you moved the wrong person. Yumi-chan is resting on the master bed. It's hard to think of it."

Miwako's purple eyes turned round: "What did you do to her?"

Mouri Kogoro smirked: "It's nothing, just the same as what I did to you next!"

Having said this, Kogoro Mouri turned his arms around Miwako's slender waist and kissed her lips.

Miwako still slapped Mouri Kogoro on the chest angrily, trying to push him away, but couldn't do anything.

Her slapping was nothing but an itchy to Mouri Kogoro.

And as the kiss continued, the strength of Miwako's little hands was repeatedly weakened, and finally she could only gently put it on Moori Kogoro's chest.

At this time, Chengzi's little head came in from the bathroom door, his blue eyes blinked, and he asked: "What's the matter, the bathroom has been noisy since the beginning. Have you finished your work?"

Kogoro Mouri smirked: "Of course the work is over, and then we have to do business."

"Chengzi, you came just right, Meihezi is not obedient, come over and help her, let's teach her a good meal."

The unidentified Chengko was immediately pulled into his arms by Kogoro Mori, and then the two women were carried by one of them, and walked towards the master bedroom.

Mikako, who was on the shoulders of Kogoro Mori, was still struggling and cursing twice.

But her hip was beaten a few times by Moori Kogoro's big hand, and she became honest.

Carrying these two girls like twins, Moori Kogoro like a mountain king is full of ambitions.

Soon, a moving and exciting movement began to play from the master bedroom.

Three flowers bloom, one for each!

More than three hours later, at about five o'clock in the afternoon, the Miyamoto family finally returned to calm.

Miwako was already unable to scold Mori Kogoro anymore, and she had been trained to be extremely well-behaved two hours ago.

Looking at the three women lying on the bed unable to move, Kogoro Mouri exhaled, with a peaceful expression on his face.

As soon as his thoughts turned, Hideyoshi Haneda on the unfinished building had long been gone.

More than an hour ago, he found the discarded wires in the unfinished building, tied the pillars with the wires, and escaped from the second floor to the first floor.

However, Hideyoshi Haneda, who had escaped, did not question Miyamoto's side, but left desperately. At this time, he was in the izakaya to drink his sorrow.

Now that Hideyoshi Haneda has left, Kogoro Mouri no longer pays attention to him.

He stretched out his hand to help the three women tuck the quilt on his body, and saw the three women falling asleep one by one, with a smile on his mouth.

Then Kogoro Mouri pinched the seal and performed the rejuvenation technique.