Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1302

"Chasing stars, little girls are like this, look at how many female fans next to me who call my name, Qingzi is also my fan, how can I do anything to her in our relationship, Yinsan, you worry too much Up!"

"Really?" Zhongsen Yinsan looked suspicious.

"Of course, it's okay, young people have this stage, just after that, don't think too much."

"Yin San, I am now an idol that your daughter worships, and now I say something more useful than your father."

"If I, as an idol, encourages Qingzi to study hard, maybe she will be admitted to the University of Tokyo, if she persuades her to indulge herself, maybe she will become a bad girl, you don't treat me well."

Hearing this, Nakamori Ginzo immediately let go of Mouri Kogoro, a flattering smile appeared on his face, and he reached out and patted the wrinkles on Mouri Kogoro's clothes.

"Kogoro, I was rude just now, didn't you hurt you?"

"My daughter will trouble you to take care of it. Don't ask her to go to a good university, and guide her to the right path. Just don't do bad things."

Seeing this respectful Nakamori Ginzo, Mouri Kogoro felt very refreshed.

He patted his chest and said, "Yin San, you said this, who of us and whom?"

"From now on, your daughter, I will treat it like my damsel, don't say the right way, I will help her walk along the dry road."


"Spoken mistakes, spoken mistakes, okay, let's stop talking, let's go in."

After that, Kogoro Mori greeted the girls and entered the library together. He waved his hands to greet the fans along the way, creating another wave of cheers.

Soon, everyone entered the Suzuki Library.

Along the way, Qingzi and Mila have become familiar with each other a lot, and the two women look alike. Seeing that they both feel close to each other, they naturally get into the relationship easily.

There is an entrance guard at the door, and you need a library card for the Suzuki Library to enter. Naturally, there is no Maori group.

However, Shuangshu Yuanko and Ayako of Suzuki's house were both waiting at the door.

Sister Hana is very pretty standing at the door, especially Ayako's face with a light makeup, which is well-dressed at first glance.

The white blouse, the black tulle skirt, the slender legs underneath are looming, and the hair accessories and earrings all reveal careful thoughts. Coupled with the temperament of the young lady, it is quite a bit of her mother's aura and easily overwhelmed her sister's garden. .

Ayako couldn't help blushing when she saw Mouri Kogoro, as if she remembered the previous agreement.

Item 0169

Mouri Kogoro blinked at it, and Ayako turned her small face shyly.

Then the two sisters led the Maori group into the library by swiping their cards.

As an industry of the wealthy Suzuki consortium, this library is naturally very majestic, and it is no less inferior to the large libraries of foreign countries.

There are a lot of books in it, there are millions of books, and you can see rows of bookshelves. There are two side halls on the left and right, and the side halls are also full of books.

In the center of the hall, there are four arc-shaped bookshelves, and the four arc-shaped bookshelves form a circle, leaving a passage for people to walk through.

In this circular area, Suzuki Jiroyoshi was talking with an old woman, and Dr. Aka was standing beside him.

The so-called mechanism box designed by Yoshiemon Misumi was placed brightly on the table.

"Detective Maori, I'm going to trouble you again this time."

Seeing Moori Kogoro appearing, Suzuki Jiroyoshi, who had a pale face and a tough body, greeted him.

"Mr. Suzuki, you are polite. I came here to see this delicate trap box."

A 70-year-old old woman of Moyo and Ji Gonghua, the owner of the trap box, also greeted her.

"You are a famous Maori detective, you are sure to be able to crack this trap box."

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly: "Madam, you're too much praise, I will try my best."

When Conan saw the doctor, he couldn't help asking: "Doctor, why are you here too?"

Dr. A Li rubbed his head and smiled dryly: "I am also an agency expert, so consultant Suzuki asked me to come over and see if I can crack the agency box."

Huihara couldn't help but complained: "Doctor, your mechanism seems to be different from the mechanism of the shogunate period."

At this time, the curious little devil Conan picked up the organ box on the table, with various colorful patterns on it.

The little ghost head turned the trap box and asked, "How about that? Doctor, have you researched anything?"

Before Dr. A Li could speak, Conan cried out in pain.

A needle popped out of the trap box, causing Conan's finger to bleed. He couldn't help dropping the trap box and the box fell to the ground.

After that, a fan stretched out from the grid next to it, and the fan turned over, with the word'failure' written on it.

Dr. A Li smiled twice, then stretched out his hand, the upper part was covered with marks of band-aids.

The little ghost head suddenly became speechless: "Doctor, why didn't you say it earlier?"

Yuji Koka on the side explained: "This is the mechanism box of Yoshiemon Sanshui, and it cannot be untied with brute force or violence."

"The value of the organ box itself is about the same as the value of the superb moonstone my husband bought from Sri Lanka. They are both very valuable treasures."

"So this can only be unlocked in steps, but I don't know which book my husband has hidden the note with the opening steps."

Suzuki Jiroki picked up the trap box from the ground, put it back on the table, and took out a remote control button from his pocket.

"My plan this time is like this. Only people who have applied for a card can enter this library. Kidd's fans will be kept outside."

"Then put this trap box on this special table and activate the gravity sensing device without being guarded."

"If someone leaves here, as long as it doesn't match the weight sensed by the gravity sensing device, even if the difference is only one gram, the device will activate."

Having said this, Suzuki Jiroki picked up the trap box and took a step forward.


An iron cage fell directly from the sky, covering the old man in it.

Suzuki Jiroki's face was filled with a smug smile.

"Kid will be unable to escape by then." With these words, Suzuki Jiroki pressed the button again, and the iron cage slowly stretched out.

"Moreover, this iron cage will also sense the position of the box. Where the box is, it will be covered."

Suzuki Jiroki showed it to everyone again, holding the box and ran away.