Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1307

"Well, my eldest lady, we should go out too. It's been too long. We have to perform better later, so don't show any flaws."

"Thank you for the hospitality this time, I am very satisfied."

Upon hearing this, Ayako, who was frustrated, opened her mouth and bit on Kogoro Mori's shoulder, naturally not breaking the defense at all.

A woman has no other tricks besides her teeth and claws.

After biting for a long time, Ayako didn't want to use her life. Finally, she let go of her mouth and slurped twice in disgust.

She finally got up from Kogoro Moori's arms and stared at him with squinting eyes.

Kogoro Mouri smiled humbly: "Don't watch it, there are two remaining. I'll let you watch it next time."

Upon hearing this, Ayako rolled her eyes and finally got up.

Mouri Kogoro also followed, pinching the imperial wind technique in his hand, manipulating the inextricable breeze, and driving away the smell of the two.

A few minutes later, the calm and elegant Suzuki Ayako walked from the bookshelf area to the cylindrical bookshelf area on high heels.

Yuanzi couldn't help asking: "Sister, did you find the note?"

"Huh? What?"

"The note! The switch note of the trap box!"

Ayako then remembered what she was doing, and quickly replied, "I didn't find it either."

Keiko on the side glared at her: It's weird to find it.

Yuanzi frowned slightly, and she suddenly felt the old sister weird.

At this time, Kogoro Mouri walked in from the door of the side hall and attracted everyone's attention.

Keiko was stunned. She didn't even see Moori Kogoro walking out of this side hall. How could she walk in from outside the side hall.

This side hall has only one exit, the door facing the cylindrical bookshelf.

How is this going?Is it teleportation magic again?

Xiaolan opened her mouth and said, "Dad, where have you been, why did you come back so long?"

"I don't help flipping through the books. There are hundreds of thousands of books here, which is too much."

Maori Kogoro chuckled softly: "I was at the door, observing whether the guests outside were disguised by Kidd. I heard everything you say inside."

Keiko raised her brows slightly, and she didn't expect Moori Kogoro's nonsense to come casually.

"It's too reluctant for a few of us to search for these hundreds of thousands of books."

"Furthermore, Mr. Jiroki said before that he had searched for the staff, but still could not find it, so the success rate of this stupid method is a bit low."

"The person who hid this note is a professor at the University of Tokyo. He is a rigorous and thoughtful person. This is actually a puzzle game he designed specifically for his wife."

Hearing this, Youji Gonghua couldn't help but blush.

Yuanzi couldn't help asking: "Uncle Maori, what do you mean?"

"That is to say, the answer should be related to Mrs. Youji's life. It is impossible to put a note in a book immediately."

"I think the way he hides the note is very simple. It is to cut off a few centimeters from the edges of the two pages on which the note is located. Instead, the page and the strip of paper inside will be carried over by the next page."

"In this way, instead of flipping through the book page by page, but quickly flipping through it, you won't find the position of the note at all."

"But the hidden books should be related to what Mrs. Youji said just now, such as books about small lanterns, books about Cupid's myth, and books about the cooking of potato stew."

"Find out these books and look through them one by one. I think there should be results!"

Hearing that Kogoro Mouri narrowed the scope of his search, from hundreds of thousands of copies to hundreds of copies, everyone began to search enthusiastically.

Soon, Yuanzi looked through a cooking book called "Washish" and found a small note full of symbols.

She exclaimed in an instant: "Uncle, I found it. It's really like you said, it was sandwiched in the introduction page of potato stew. The two pages have been cut off."

As soon as the voice fell, with a boom, the entire library went dark and the power went out.

Yuanzi screamed, "Ah, my note was stolen."

Mouri Kogoro could still see things in the dark, and he saw the agile big fat Dr. Aka wearing night vision glasses and snatching a note from the garden.

In fact, when Dr. Akasa said that he had never heard of the Tokyo Cupid incident, Kogoro Moori knew that he was Kidd posing.

That incident occurred over Mihua Town 22 years ago, and it was very close to Dr. Aka's home, and he could not have known it.

But Kogoro Mouri didn't even bother to stop Kidd, he didn't want to be scolded by Kuroba Chikage.

Just because Kogoro Moori didn't do it, it didn't mean that Xiaolan didn't do it.

Although Xiaolan couldn't see things in the dark, she was very capable of hearing and discerning position.

Hearing someone running by, she knew that Kidd was bullying the garden, so she jumped up from the table and kicked directly to Kidd's back.

Kidd flew out, almost vomiting old blood.

Chapter 0174 Conan, you must be Kidd posing

Kidd hit this kick in the back, feeling that his internal organs were all shifted, and he couldn't help looking at Xiaolan in amazement.

Are all the Maori monsters?

But he didn't dare to waste time, so he wore night vision glasses and rushed towards the organ box in the middle of the hall.

Xiaolan's eyes were pitch black, and she didn't dare to catch up if she couldn't see the road.

At this time, Conan, the swiftly reacting little ghost head, turned on the flashlight of his watch and chased him out excitedly.

Hui Yuan reacted very quickly, turning on the flashlight to illuminate Xiaolan, and asked with concern: "Are you all right?"

Xiao Lan shook her head: "It's okay."

And Suzuki Jiroki shouted at the walkie-talkie: "Hurry up and restore the power."

It didn't take long for a loud noise to be heard outside, which was the sound covered by induction iron.

Soon, all the power to the library was restored, and the lights came on again.

Everyone in the side hall rushed out and rushed towards the circular bookshelf in the center. They saw Conan the little devil in a cage, and the table was empty.

The old woman friend Ji Gonghua couldn't help but exclaimed: "Where's the trap box? Where's my trap box? Why is it gone."