Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1318

The anger of Xingshi's questioning of sin dissipated instantly, but Kogoro Moori felt distressed.

They had never seen Moori Kogoro in such a depressed state.

Mouri Kogoro has always been high-spirited and awe-inspiring. Even if he is lustful, he still does not lose his character as a man. How can he look like this?

But the two women obviously didn't realize that this was Kogoro Mouri's routine.

The moment the bedroom door was opened, the actor was ready, the master acting was displayed, and the direct action revealed the image of a man who blamed himself and even tortured himself in front of the two women.

Seeing the burning cigarette, Qingzi rushed forward and snatched away the burnt cigarettes in her hand. He couldn't help but said, "Uncle, don't scare me, what's wrong with you? Why don't you press it when it burns?"

"Oh~ it's Qingzi!"

As soon as the voice came out, the voice was hoarse beyond imagination.

Upon hearing this voice, Mira and Qingzi's hearts were broken.

Mira quickly took a cup of warm water and gently fed it to Moori Kogoro's mouth.

Maori Kogoro wanted to push away, but Mira pleaded: "Kogoro, don't do this, drink more."

After a cup of water, Kogoro Mouri seemed to be in a better condition, and then he tremblingly stretched out his hand, picked up the lighter again, and tried to smoke again.

Seeing his trembling hands, Mila and Qingzi were heartbroken again.

Qingzi hurriedly snatched the cigarette from his mobile phone, while Mira put her arms to Kogoro Moori, patted him on the back with her little hand, comforting him: "Kogoro, don't do this, tell me what is it, let’s face it together. ."

"Yeah, uncle, what happened last night?"

Mouri Kogoro smiled miserably: "You all forgot, too, you have drunk so many cups, how can you remember it."

He had already prepared his words, and pointed to the wreckage of the blue bottle on the ground: "The name of this bottle of wine is Mandala. It is a bottle of wine I got in the early years."

"The person who gave me the wine said that drinking too much of this wine would cause hallucinations, but I didn't believe it."

"When I introduced it to you last night, you guys didn't believe it. I didn't drink it myself, so I took it out and tried it."

Speaking of this, Moori Kogoro's mouth raised a wry smile: "Who knows that after drinking, there will be hallucinations."

"In my memory, I am the captain. I took you across the oceans, but I was lost in the sea by a storm and caught a big white fish halfway. That was the only ingredient that we got through hard work. We finally had a full meal. Finally arrived at an uninhabited island with coconut groves all over it!"

"After that I seemed to woke up, my head was confused and I recognized the wrong person, and then I made a mistake, and when I was really awake, I realized that everything was already irretrievable!"

Speaking of this, Moori Kogoro had two tears in his eyes, and then he held his head and lowered his head in frustration.

After hearing what Moori Kogoro said, the two women were all right in their memory, and they were completely convinced.

Seeing Maori Kogoro's painful appearance, both women felt distressed, and I still remember what they thought when they first left the room.

The two women, one on the left and the other, put their arms around Mouri Kogoro's waist, comforting her softly.

Qingzi also said from time to time: "Uncle, don't worry, I will help you intercede later, there will be nothing wrong."

Mira then echoed: "Yeah, Kogoro, things are not that bad. With the help of the two of us interceding, we can always solve the problem when our family closes the door. Don't be sad!"

Seeing that the two girls were completely deceived by themselves, but helped them out, Moori Kogoro was secretly delighted, but was more guilty and moved.

These two girls are so simple!

If possible, Moori Kogoro didn't want to tell them half of these white lies.

Then he spoke: "Mila, Qingzi, don't talk about it. I want to take care of this by myself, so leave it alone."

Mila and Qingzi suddenly seemed hesitant to speak.

"I just hope you can help keep the secret and don't tell other people about this."

The two women nodded repeatedly and agreed.

Item 0184

In the early morning light, Mila and Aoko, who were twins, held Mouri Kogoro's arm and accompany him.

Aoko also asked the medicine box to help Kogoro Mori deal with the injury between his fingers.

The two women spoke with relief from time to time.

With the passage of time, about thirty minutes later, Mouri Kogoro controlled his qi and blood and slowly recovered his face.

The originally haggard face gradually improved, the depression slowly dissipated, the blood became full, and became a little ruddy.

The two women felt a little relieved when they saw Moori Kogoro returning to normal.

At this time, Qingzi suddenly remembered that she was spending the night at Maori's house without ever calling her father.


She immediately changed her face and quickly took out her mobile phone and called her best friend Keiko.

It took a long time for the dialing sound to be finally connected, Keiko's tone was half-dream and half-awake, and the words were full of complaints.

"Qingzi, it's only six o'clock, why are you calling me so early? I'm still sleeping!"

"Keiko, Keiko, did my father call you yesterday?"

"Your dad, no, why did he call me?"

"Then remember, if my dad asks why I didn't go home last night, you just said I went to your house for the night. Do you understand?"

"Small things, that's okay."

Keiko on the other end of the phone patted her chest and agreed, but her complexion changed very quickly, she woke up instantly, and immediately turned her body on the bed, her whole body refreshed.

"What are you talking about, Qingzi, you didn't go home last night?"

"Then where do you live? It's not the Maori detective, right?"

"Damn it, Qingzi, you don't talk about loyalty too much!"

"I knew that you could live there and I won't leave. Maybe I can get the private belongings of a Maori detective."

"No, you have to make up for me..."

Qingzi heard that Huizi's mouth was unobstructed, and the more she talked, the more outrageous she interrupted, "Okay, okay, I'll tell you when I get back to school, I'll hang up first."

After that, she hung up the phone and smiled awkwardly at Mouri Kogoro and Mira.