Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1319

"Uncle, I have to go home and have a look, otherwise I won't be able to leave when the others wake up."

Kogoro Mouri nodded: "You can go without worry, don't worry about me, I'm fine."

Then Qingzi lowered her head and kissed Kogoro Moori's lips softly, and said softly: "Uncle, no matter what happens, I will be by your side."

Mila on the side was not jealous when she saw this scene, and turned her head to say goodbye to Qingzi.

Soon, Qingzi opened the door of the Maori family and left quietly on tiptoe.

After Qingzi left, Mouri Kogoro said, "Mila, you should go back to your room first, and I will have a private talk with Xiaolan next."

Mila wanted to say more, and Kogoro Mouri continued: "I will handle this matter myself."

Hearing him say this, Mira could only get up obediently.

She bowed her head and kissed Kogoro Moori's forehead lightly, opened the door and left.

Mila didn't dare to disturb others. She walked very slowly when she returned to the suite next door, taking her clothes and heading to the bathroom.

After the two women left, the door to the bedroom opened.

Xiao Lan, who was pretending to be asleep, walked out with slender legs.

She couldn't help but vomit: "Tsk tusk, Dad, you are really getting worse."

"Cheating the innocent girl, if I didn't know the whole process, I would have been fooled by your acting skills!"

While talking, Xiao Lan walked over and sat on Maori Kogoro's lap straddling her legs, with a pair of jade arms wrapped around Maori Kogoro's neck in an intimate gesture.

As soon as the daughter came out, Kogoro Mouri relaxed all over, stopped acting, and couldn't stop smiling from the corners of his mouth.

My daughter is my own little sun, and she is the most comforting one at all times.

However, Xiao Lan is also bold, and now she looks the same as when she just opened the quilt.

She was not afraid that the door would suddenly open and someone would come in to see this scene.

Listening to his daughter's complaints, Mouri Kogoro's big hands slapped his thighs, with excellent elasticity and a crisp sound.

"What is meant by deceiving an innocent girl? This is clearly a white lie. Am I not doing this for you? Do you want Qingzi and Mira to look at you with strange eyes from now on?"

"Hmph, what kind of strange eyes, they will only look at you, dad, with strange eyes."

"Obviously you want to satisfy your own selfish desires. I have been stopping last night. Who told you to use that rascal trick."

Maori Kogoro smirked: "Xiao Lan is not good, it seems that the lesson is not enough."

Hearing this, Xiao Lan immediately rolled up a nice eye.

Then his little head came over and sniffed Mori Kogoro's mouth and nose.

"It's so smelly, it's so smelly, dad, didn't you say you quit smoking? Why did you smoke so much this time? Go brush your teeth."

"Isn't this to make it more realistic?"

"It shouldn't smell anymore, it's the faint smell of tobacco peculiar to men, you smell it carefully."

Xiaolan's pure and beautiful face approached obediently, and Moori Kogoro kissed him, breathing out.

The exclamation immediately came from the living room.

Xiao Lan struggled, and slapped Maori Kogoro's shoulder with her little hand: "It's so stinky, it's so stinky, you're so bad, father."

And Maori Kogoro put his arms around his daughter's legs and stood up suddenly, Xiao Lan exclaimed again, hugged Maori Kogoro tightly with both hands, and hugged his proud chest tightly.

Moori Kogoro hugged his koala-like daughter and turned around, and couldn't help but laugh, and Xiao Lan exclaimed.

The best moment in the world is now, he is smiling, she is screaming, both of them have happy smiles on their faces.

"Okay, okay, it doesn't stink you anymore, my father will take you to wash it."

"And your chicken coop, it's time to wash it," Xiaolan squeezed Moori Kogoro's hair, and then sniffed his body like a puppy: "Hey, it smells so heavy, you have to wash it. One wash!"

My daughter is fate, so naturally I dare not refuse.

"Okay, okay, okay, wash everything, but don't just say Dad alone, you also have a smell."

Hearing this, Xiaolan immediately became unhappy, and directly stretched out his hand to twist Kogoro Mouri's waist, and exerted strange force.

Maori Kogoro's face twitched, and he immediately changed his style of speech: "How can my daughter smell bad, she has a natural deodorant, and when she takes a bubble bath, she will become a fragrant little princess!"

Hearing such flattering words from Maori Kogoro, Xiaolan laughed happily again.

She greedily buried her head between Moori Kogoro's neck, and let Moori Kogoro carry herself into the bathroom and start washing.

Item 0185

Xiaolan's plain fingers gently moved the water surface, splashing a few drops of water.

The innocent face is extremely rosy, and the eyebrows are stretched out, and the pretty face is beautiful from any angle, it is the best time.

With the flick of his fingers, water drops splashed onto the face of Kogoro Mouri who was gargle with a toothbrush.

Mouri Kogoro sitting beside him muttered, "Don't make trouble!"

Xiao Lan stopped playing, and there was a splash of water. She came forward and put her arm around Kogoro Maori, and started asking.

"Dad, you haven't told me, how did you hypnotize Mira and Qingzi, and what hypnotic technique did you use?"

"I saw you leaning over last night and did nothing. Why did they run away with you?"

Xiao Lan rubbed his head against Mouri Kogoro's shoulder, and began to act coquettishly, trying to use Moori Kogoro's hypnotism.

After all, this hypnotism is too bad, you can control others casually.

If Maori Kogoro does something more excessive in the future, Xiao Lan, who doesn't know the principle, will be helpless and restrained just like last night.

As smart as she naturally wanted to take precautions, she rubbed against Kogoro Mouri, coquettishly begging for hypnotism.

But this is all useless, this is a high-level psychedelic symbol exchanged by the system, and only Mouri Kogoro can use it.

The daughter's thoughts, Mouri Kogoro, naturally knew. He had a smile on his face, but he just shook his head and refused to say anything.

"Dad, just tell me, I will rub your back for you!"

Having said this, Xiao Lan displayed her unique back rubbing skills again.

With a soft back, Mouri Kogoro immediately looked accepted.