Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1324

The staff in the shop took out the dolphin pendant as a prize, and allowed them to choose three. The three urinates happily chose their favorite color.

Seeing that Curaçao was not there, Bu Mei couldn't help but say, "What should I do? Big sister doesn't have a dolphin. Obviously you won this."

Curaçao waved his hands again and again: "You can pick it, I don't need it."

Mouri Kogoro behind chuckled and said, "I can challenge it too."

The staff nodded naturally: "Of course."

Item 0189

Kogoro Mori took the ten darts handed over by the staff and stood in front of the target.

At this time, Li donated a beard, a white and a playful .

Seeing that Kogoro Moori hadn't paid attention to herself, she kissed her lips, and a small voice came out.

"Curaçao, why are you staying here? If the mission fails, don't hurry back."

The corners of Mouri Kogoro's mouth, who turned his back to the two, curled slightly.

This Belmod really underestimated himself, and he was so courageous that he thought he couldn't hear him.

In fact, at the first sight, I just saw the donation of neon roasted ∥Fei A Shu.

In the "Pure Black Nightmare", Li donated to the gang, long cherished the squid, the prostitute, the , the weapon made the emperor and the cook, the Zhangshu

Kogoro Mori suspected that this donated nightmare would cook a meal.

So he just deliberately kissed You Xizi, and he tried it, and it was not unexpected.

You have to know that you don’t want to donate gluttons and don’t squat about drought men: Yuemang, correcting, correcting, fascinating, fascinating, fascinating, cavity, cavity, source, styling sheath, sieve, felt, sieve Basics

This is also normal. How does she know about Maori Kogoro and Li donated the fashion?

But Curaçao was a little confused, hearing an inexplicable voice in his ears, and the girl next to him did not look at him at all.

She couldn't help but turned her head around and asked, "Are you talking to me?"

Belmore panicked immediately: None of the pig teammates was so cheating.

She saw Maori Kogoro turning her head, her pupils shrank for a while, and instantly recalled the dark basement. She didn't want to be beaten by Maori Kogoro again.

"Wow, silver hair, so beautiful, you look so cute."

"Thank you."

Hearing the compliment, Curaçao laughed, eyebrows crooked, full of innocence.

Only then did Kogoro Mori withdraw his suspicious gaze, and Bell Morte breathed a sigh of relief.

As soon as Moori Kogoro's wrist energized, the ten darts in his hand shot out like a goddess and fell directly into the bullseye.

Everyone looked intently, every dart fell on the red heart, and they couldn't help but open their mouths wide.

Sanxiao jumped up in cheers.

Ayumi couldn't help holding Moori Kogoro's thighs: "Uncle is so amazing, even better than big sister, he can hit the heart with ten darts together."

Belmod felt even more awe-inspiring when he saw Maori Kogoro's hand, and he dared not reveal his identity.

The staff member came up with the prize, opened his mouth in amazement, and couldn't stop giving a thumbs up.

"Sir, I have held this dart game for half a year. I have never seen a player as good as you. It's amazing."

"Below you can choose three pendants as prizes."

Maori Kogoro said, "There are Kiko, Xiaozi, and Xiaobai, you three will come up and choose."

"Xiao Bai?" Curacao pointed at himself with a puzzled look.

Mouri Kogoro laughed, his smile was very warm.

"Because I don't know your name, I will call you Xiaobai for the time being. Look at you. Your skin is so white and your hair is silvery white. It's a very suitable name!"

You Xizi couldn't help but vomit: "This name is the same as a pet, isn't it good?"

Curacao's heterochromatic eyes stared at Moori Kogoro blankly, and then smiled: "Thank you, I like this name very much."

On the side, Yu Xizi stretched out her hand to cover her face speechlessly, she really didn't understand Curaçao's aesthetics.

But Belmod frowned. The situation became more and more incomprehensible. She couldn't help but said: "What's wrong with this young lady, why did the Maori detective name her?"

You Xizi opened the mouth and said: "She was just picked up in the playground. It seems that she has had an accident and has amnesia. We are helping her find her memory." Amnesia???

Belmod frowned immediately.

At this time, Kogoro Moori's voice sounded: "Xiao Zi, don't hurry up, you are the only one who has not chosen."


Belmore stepped forward and picked a pendant casually.

On the side, Curacao, holding a white dolphin pendant, smiled happily, like a child who received a gift for the first time, and happily high-five with the next three.

However, his heterochromatic eyes glanced at Moori Kogoro next to him from time to time, appearing very concerned.

At this time, Xiaolan's voice sounded from the upper level: "Dad, now the Ferris wheel just happens to have a space, should we sit on this Ferris wheel?"

Conan and Huiyuan followed by his side.

Mouri Kogoro said, "Since there are seats available, let's go play the Ferris wheel first, and then help Xiaobai find someone you know."

Curacao nodded obediently.

Everyone went to the escalator at the line.

Soon, they came to the cockpit of the Ferris wheel.

The staff continued to introduce: "Our double-track Ferris wheel runs in the opposite direction, and you can see a completely different scene from the other side."

"The Ferris wheel is two hundred and fourteen meters high, and it takes almost 25 minutes to run for a week."

"Children, run slowly."

San Xiaoxi excitedly pulled Curacao and ran to the cockpit, and the others followed.

With five children, plus Curacao, and Xiaolan and Youxizi behind, a total of eight people have reached the limit of the cabin.