Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1325

Belmod behind wanted to follow, but was stopped by the staff.

"Sorry, it will be overloaded again, please go to the next cockpit."

At the thought of being alone with Kogoro Moori for twenty-five minutes, Belmod panicked.

She immediately opened her mouth and said: "There are children all over here. How can children be as heavy as adults? It doesn't matter if you add me, it will definitely not be overloaded."

The staff shook his head firmly.

Belmod wanted to speak again, but his wrist was held by a generous hand.

"Xiao Zi, let's wait for the next one."

Being pulled by this big hand, Belmore couldn't help shaking.

Like a cat whose neck is strangled by fate, he dare not say more.

Xiaolan and Yukiko in the cockpit were a little envious of being able to ride the Ferris wheel alone with Kogoro Maori, but with so many children, they didn't dare to make any noise.

Then Kogoro Mori pulled Belmore into the cockpit behind.

As soon as the cabin door was closed, the Ferris wheel started to spin, and gradually went high into the sky.

Belmod’s disguised as Li donation, , withdraw ⒆  ∈ Zhihua refute Cong Jianji Qiaoximilkcoat line┙ Pashu.

She did not dare to move at all as if she had encountered a natural enemy.

Although the airtight space was clear outside, it still reminded her of the dark basement and the Maori Kogoro who can be called the devil.

Chapter 0190 - Being alone with Belmod 2

Seeing Belmod's posture, a joking smile flashed across Kogoro's mouth.

Then he sat directly beside her, close to her, and immediately felt the touch of her beautiful legs.

Belmod felt like an electric shock, bounced off the whole thing, and sat away.

Mouri Kogoro pretended to be puzzled, moved a little further, and leaned on Belmod's side again.

Belmod, already sitting on the edge of the sofa, couldn't get back.

"Xiao Zi, why are you weird today?"

With this, his big hand fell directly on Belmod's thin waist, while the other hand fell on his short skirt, whispering gently.

"You used to call me Kogoro, so how come you call me a Maori detective today, that's too far off!"

what?What the hell?What's happening here?

Belmore's pupils shrank sharply and he was so flustered that he didn't know how to react.

Could it be that Kogoro Mori and the waitress Li, who is downstairs, donated glutinous glutinous rice to the caries in exchange for Lansang?

This big color embryo is really lecherous, and even the waitress will not let it go. Damn it!

Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly: "I see, is it because of Xizi?"

"But don't you all promise me that you will be my little slave girl obediently in the future, do you listen to the master? Why do you eat this vinegar indiscriminately today? This is not good, such a little slave girl is too unbehaved!"

Belmore took a breath.

Little slave girl?This is too fun to play!

The donation of the female Ci knocks down the resignation, the file is the emperor of the valley, Qin Xuan, Na Shu.

But after all, the task is the most important thing, and taking Curacao away is the most important thing.

Now Kogoro Mori hasn't seen the disguise yet, Belmod can only choose to continue disguising.

She could only laugh, and stretched out her hand to gently pat Mouri Kogoro's chest: "Kogoro, people haven't got used to it for a while, who knows that there are big stars like Kiko among your women."

"Hey, do I remember Yukiko's husband is just Yusaku Kudo? Kogoro, are you having an extramarital affair with her?"

Thinking of this, Belmore bit his posterior molar fiercely, a fierce light appeared in his eyes, and it seemed that the fear of Kogoro Mori in his heart had disappeared.

Although she had a mission to pretend to be Sharon, her friendship with You Xizi was not a fake.

Now seeing that his good friend was succeeded by Kogoro Maori, Belmod has the urge to pull Yuuki out of the sea of ​​suffering.


As soon as there was a crisp spanking sound, Belmore's pupils were full of disbelief.

Do you dare to hit me, since I was young, no one has ever spanked me!

"Don't break the subject, Xiaozi, you haven't played a tram idiot with me on the subway before, you are so obedient in front of everyone, how can you not adapt? No, you are really weird today!"

Tram idiot???

Belmod's eyes went round immediately.

What kind of fairy operation is this?Could it be that the donation to the gang    ∥ silly   a total of humiliation  Gu  Xian Fei party dipped in the sea  strong guns ∷ .

If Belmod is given another chance to choose, she will never easily become a donation.

How did she know that the cut inside this little waitress was completely yellow, and all the contents of h.

But what she didn't even know was that the so-called relationship, the so-called little slave girl, and the tram idiot were all made by Maori Kogoro.

Mori Kogoro and Li donated condyle dumplings, thinking about Qiao Hao

He made a bad message.

Because Maori Kogoro knew what he was talking about now, Belmod, who dared not reveal his identity, could only cooperate obediently.

Belmod's prime finger gently poked Moori Kogoro's chest muscles, and said with a light smile: "Kogoro, don't you talk nonsense, why is it weird!"

Pricking his fingers on the elastic chest muscles made Belmore throb in his heart, and the little face under the mask blushed inexplicably.

At this moment, it was really irritating for her to pull her teeth. She actually acted like a baby in the arms of a demon-like figure who had been deeply afraid.

And where did Belmod ever see Moori Kogoro treating himself so tenderly?

Looking at the gentle face in front of him, the smiling face of a warm sun formed a sharp contrast with the cold and terrifying image of the devil in the basement.

The original Belmod has some Stockholm syndrome.