Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1327

Even if she vaguely perceives her own man's other attempts, she still cooperates spontaneously.

So You Xizi replied: "Conan, your Uncle Maori can handle all of this. He is so smart and a great detective. Just leave it to him."

"Maybe he knows what's inside. There are no purely good and bad people in any forces in this world, and the Metropolitan Police Department is no exception."

Conan frowned and couldn't help but want to refute: "But mom..."

At this moment, Xiao Lan couldn't help but interrupt.

You must know that Xiaolan's hearing has become extremely strong after she has practiced the guidance. Just now Conan seemed to speak in a low voice, but it fell into her ears.

"Conan, how did I hear you call Yukiko a mother? What is going on?"

Hearing this, Conan and You Xizi's expressions changed drastically, and they never expected that Xiaolan's ears were so bright.

The small people on the side couldn't help but look over, as if they heard the big news.

There was a gloating smile on the corners of Little Lori Huihara's mouth.

"Well this! Well!" Conan the little devil was so anxious that his mouth grew soggy, his little hand kept scratching his forehead,

But he really couldn't think of an excuse, so he just dumped the pot: "Aunt Xizi, you say."

You Xizi took a breath, and finally knew why her man was always beating Conan. This kid is too unreliable, and he should be beaten.

As soon as a thought arose, You Xizi directly attacked. He hit the chestnut on Conan's forehead, and directly hammered a big red envelope.

Only then did You Xizi feel that her heart was well understood.

Immediately after Xizi's master-level acting skills were displayed, reminiscence appeared in his eyes.

"There is a reason for this naturally, Xiaolan, you don't know. Actually, this kid's mother Edogawa Fumyo and I were playmates that grew up together. I used to be close sisters when I was in elementary school in my hometown. "

"However, Wen Dai's body is not very good. He got married early but has never been able to conceive a child."

"Later, she went to worship at the temple and was instructed by the eminent monk, saying that there was evil in her fate, and she would die without a child, even if she had a child, she would die early."

"The only way to break this fate is to let the child worship another woman as a mother, and flee away from other countries, so that the child can thrive."

"My good sister has finally gotten her own son. When she remembered the guidance of the eminent monk, she begged me. I had no choice but to agree and accept Conan as my son."

"And my good sister, as the monk said, went directly to Africa to mine!" Speaking of this, You Xizi shed two tears emotionally.

"But because of my special status, I am a star. Suddenly having another child will definitely cause a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings and criticisms. No way, I can only lodge this child with Kogoro and let him take care of it. That's all the reason."

You Xizi's master-level acting skills immediately flicked everyone over, and Xiao Lan was completely convinced.

"It turned out to be like this. It's no wonder that I saw Conan at your aunty's house, so everything makes sense, Conan, it turns out that your life experience is so rough."

The little loli Huihara on the side couldn't help but give a thumbs up to Yuxizi, and Yuxizi returned a complacent smile.

Having been in the entertainment industry for so many years is not for nothing, it is a piece of cake to deal with this kind of scene.

However, You Xizi was still angry, and couldn't help but blast the little devil's head next to her..

Item 0192

Looking at the obedient Belmod in front of him, Kogoro Mouri was more psychologically enjoyable.

After all, this face is not what she really is, it's just a donation of smilax smilax from Li.

In fact, he was still quite curious about the expression of Belmod under the mask.

Belmod was working hard, but on the back of his white shirt, Mouri Kogoro's hands became restless.

Relying on the length of his arms span, these big fiery hands began to walk on the plump body.

Belmod couldn't help but trembles, but thought it was Kogoro Moori and Li donated a ninth eldest child iridium stubbornness zen quality┱.

Soon, Moori Kogoro's body leaned a little, and his hands slid down his waist, then he slapped him up and stopped moving.

Belmore's pupils trembled for a while, but he only dared to make a "sobbing" sound. His eyes raised his eyes to look at Kogoro Mori, begging for mercy.

But Kogoro Mouri just smirked and ignored her intentions.

His mood at the moment is just like the flying birds seen outside the window, Meidi is very!

The time on this Ferris wheel is so difficult for Belmod.

More than ten minutes passed, and the Ferris wheel turned half a circle. The cockpit where You Xizi and the others were located was only 20 meters above the ground.

In the past ten minutes, the little devil Conan was grabbed by Yu Xizi with a blast hammer. At this moment, his head was full of red envelopes, and his face was unlovable.

While Xiao Lolita Hui and Curaçao were talking to each other, the two of them inexplicably felt like a match.

Before Huihara left the organization and designed to go to the Maori family, he said that he would not let Maori Kogoro call the police, and also pretended to be amnesia.

After that, Kogoro Mouri accepted her generously, and the two lived a happy life.

The Curacao that I found now is also afraid of the police and also amnesia. Hui Yuan feels that she is a large copy of her own, so some hit it off.

And the youth detective team on the side was over excited, and there was no more noise.

Only Xiaopang Dun Yuantai was still standing on the sofa chair with curiosity, and stubbornly reached out and grabbed the upper window.

There was a'click'.

The window of this cabin was opened by Yuanta, and the wind swept in.

Bumei beside him couldn't help but exclaimed, "Yuantai, what are you doing?"

But at this moment, Yuanta seemed to suddenly lose his balance, her feet softened, and her body fell forward and fell out of the ten-meter cockpit.

Everyone in the cabin immediately changed their faces, and Xiaolan was about to jump out to save Yuantai.

Unexpectedly, a silver-white figure was faster than her.

Curaçao, who was still at the pinnacle of the human body, jumped out of the window in an instant. Seeing Yuantai falling straight down, she glanced at the arc-shaped pillar next to her and immediately made a judgment.

The high-heeled shoes under her feet kicked directly into the cockpit, and under the reaction force, she quickly swept to the arc-shaped pillar next to her.

Then his back slid down the arc-shaped pillar, slid directly to the lower end, stretched out his hand to grab the back neck of Yuanta's clothes that fell down, and pulled it onto the pillar.

Fortunately, I caught up, otherwise Xiaopang Dun Yuantai's head was facing the ground, and she was about 20 meters away, afraid that she would be hit like a watermelon.

However, the fall suddenly stopped, his neck was strangled again, and Yuanta's eyes whitened and he fainted.