Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1334

The silver-haired Curaçao turned around in surprise, looked up and saw Kogoro Mouri with a smile on his mouth, he couldn't help throwing himself into his arms and hugged him tightly.

The audience in the stands couldn't help clapping and cheering when they saw this picture.

And seeing the scene of Kogoro Mori and Curaçao embracing through the love of dolphins, Belmod can't stand it.

There was an unknown nasal sound in her nose, and her hands couldn't help but pinch Xiaolan's arm, the jealousy in her eyes was almost real.

Xiaolan felt that her arms were pinched red, and she instantly determined that Li donated the sacral fading orifice and did not squat. The value of Yixi Zheng was a mystery.

The staff in this large performance pool were all in a mess, chanting to stop Kogoro Mouri for fear of accidents.

Maori Kogoro, who was holding Curacao, ignored them, and took a big turn to the seal performance area in the side hall.

Little Lori Bumei cheered in surprise: "Aunt Xizi, look, Uncle Maori and Sister Xiaobai are standing on top of the big fish, hey, Uncle Maori, we are here!"

Hearing Xiao Ayumi's loli sound, Mouri Kogoro drove the beluga whale to swim past, waved in response.

But soon Kogoro Mori saw Conan the little devil who was feeding the seals with fish.

Together with the evil tastes, Mouri Kogoro launched the beast-rewarding technique again.

The originally gentle seal in front of Conan jumped up and lay on Conan, the fins began to slap the little devil's head.

Conan suddenly looked stunned, his face was drawn several times before he could react, and he wanted to struggle, but the child's physique was the opponent of this adult seal.

The breeder next to him kept blowing his whistle to stop the seal, but unfortunately he failed.

Conan was finally rescued from under the seal after more than twenty hands of his chin, his body wet and swollen.

He immediately crawled to the upper stand and fled, never daring to approach the cruel animal anymore.

Seeing Conan's panicked expression, Mouri Kogoro felt relieved for a while.

However, he glanced at the gradually maddened staff on the shore, and finally he drove Da Bai to shore.

But Toru Amuro and Hideo Akai, who were originally watching the performance in the stands, couldn't help but change their faces and acted immediately.

Just because the place where Kogoro Moori went ashore was on the other side of the large performance pool, I don't know how many detours to catch up.

Amuro and Akai were afraid that Kogoro Mori would take Curacao and dump them, that would be difficult.

Back ashore, the staff complained about the brave Maori duo.

Kogoro Mori apologized to them, and took Curacao's little hand and left.

They walked in the back court of the aquarium.

The so-called backyard is a place where tourists cannot enter and only farmers and staff can enter.

Compared with the aquarium, the backcourt is much simpler than the aquarium. It is mostly cement walls and water pipes, but it is also much more convenient. You can get in close contact with animals and feed animals in the backcourt.

Kogoro Mouri sent a psychic thousand paper cranes to explore, and he knew the terrain well.

Curaçao followed him obediently, his azure eyes curiously looking at everything in front of him.

Soon, the two opened a door, the temperature dropped sharply, and the white ice surface was in sight, and Curaçao's eyes instantly lit up.

The two stepped onto the frozen ice, which belongs to the polar animal area in the aquarium that has not been opened due to maintenance.

Because the polar regions are not open, there are no tourists in the sightseeing corridors, and no staff in the backyard, only animals living in the polar regions.A dozen white Arctic wolves on the iceberg in the distance looked at the two with sorrowful eyes, and the Arctic foxes in the cave next to them also looked at them from time to time, and they were entirely the eyes of hunters.

Curaçao seemed to perceive the murderous aura, his small face instantly became more serious.

The corners of Maori Kogoro's mouth curled up, and the beast control technique was performed again.

With the sound of'whipping', the wolf king on the iceberg suddenly fell down, his body trembling, and the white fox group on the other side also retracted into the cave.

Moori Kogoro took Curaçao's little hand and walked leisurely across the ice.

Toru Amuro and Hideichi Akai, who followed them, searched for a long time, and finally found the glass path in the polar sightseeing area.

Through the glass, they finally saw that Kogoro Moori and Curacao were in the polar animal zone.

The two agents followed one after the other, breaking the gate to the backcourt, and crossing the backcourt into the polar animal area.

However, as soon as Shu Akai entered the ice, he could no longer hide his body shape, and was discovered by Tou Amuro in front.

In a black shirt, he is very conspicuous on the ice.

Seeing the appearance of his life enemy, Amuro couldn't help but ridicule: "FBI, will you just follow my ass and fart like a mouse?"

Akai Hideichi was silent, his green eyes scanned the surroundings, his heart becoming more vigilant.

He knows that Kogoro Moori is difficult to deal with, but there is no way, he also wants to take Curacao.

Toru Amuro saw Akai ignoring him, and his heart became more angry.

If the spy information stolen by Curacao was not too important, he must have dealt with Hideo Akai first, but now it is his most important task to find and take Curacao.


At this moment, the wolf howl sounded.

Behind the iceberg, more than a dozen white Arctic wolves surrounded by the wolf king.

Toru Amuro and Hideo Akai's expressions changed immediately, they both acted the same and pulled out their pistols.

But after thinking about it, both of them gave up shooting.

The gunshots were too loud, and it was a closed polar animal area. If tourists and staff were attracted, they would not be able to leave the place for a while, and it would be troublesome for everyone to see it.

So the two were driven away by the wolves and rushed forward.

At the end of the polar region, Kogoro Mouri stroked Curacao's silver hair leisurely.

Curaçao sits on an ice chair, quiet and beautiful like a girl, this picture is like an oil painting.

She was holding petite and lovely arctic foxes in her arms, and there were arctic foxes rubbing against her long legs on the ground, causing Curacao to chuckle from time to time, which was so healing.

The white arctic foxes are as well-behaved as cats, and Curaçao has held them to show off to Kogoro Maori from time to time, seeming to be very satisfied with his affinity.

This Nizi didn't even know that it was Moori Kogoro's animal skills that made these foxes so obedient.

Kogoro Maori shaved Curacao's smooth face with his fingers, smiling at the corners of his mouth, and making an expression of exclamation obediently. Curacao was filled with great satisfaction.

On the other side, Toru Amuro and Hideichi Akai were not so happy.

Both their pants were bitten by the arctic wolf chasing them, their legs and feet bleed, and their ass suffered even more.