Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1336

Bang bang bang!!!

An Shi was about to vomit blood in her heart. Seeing the enemy Akai who kept crashing into her in front of him, her body was a little broken.

Akai's mood was as crazy as Amuro, and he could not have imagined that Kogoro Mouri was so powerful, that he and Amuro could not go through a round in his hands when he teamed up with Amuro.

Curacao, who was holding the Arctic fox next to him, found this scene funny and couldn't help laughing.

The two collided more than ten times, and seeing that both of them had lost their ability to fight, Moori Kogoro threw them on the ice like broken sacks.

"I said that your police and FBI are all rubbish. You didn't even touch the corners of my clothes. Where did your face say you want to take people away."

"I'm telling you, Xiaobai I'm covering it, it's useless for anyone to come."

"As for what you are worried about, it won't happen if I am there, understand?"

Item 0200

Watching Moori Kogoro holding Curacao's little hand and leaving, Amuro Toru and Akai Hideichi who fell on the ice were unable to stop them.

Toru Amuro couldn't figure out why, exactly where the flaws were exposed, and no one in his identity organization could see through, how did Kogoro Mori know.

Curaçao, who walked out of the polar regions, was still holding the Arctic fox, and his sky-blue eyes looked at Kogoro Mouri pleadingly, as if he wanted to take it with him.

Maori Kogoro shook his head and said, "Xiao Bai, although this arctic fox is very cute, it is only suitable for living in the polar world."

"If you hug it out, it will heat it to death. Some likes have to learn to let go, Xiaobai, let this little guy go!"

When Curacao heard this, he was stunned for a while before he obediently put down the Arctic fox in his arms.

She also squatted down and stroked the fox's head, telling him to live well in the future.

Seeing this scene, Kogoro Mouri felt that Rum was really damned.

It is really sinful to train this little girl in her early twenties to be a killer.

Curaçao is now the most suitable state.

"It's there, I will see you again!"

Curaçao waved his hand to say goodbye, and the arctic fox ran off the road when it came and went, and reunited with his race.

After seeing the arctic fox invisible, Curacao grabbed Moori Kogoro's arm, followed him out of the back court, returned to the tourist area, and began to visit the Toto Aquarium.

The matter between Amuro and Akai did not affect her at all, and she was still smiling very happily.

The two saw divers playing mermaids and sea kings in the underwater hall;

Play with the water moon jellyfish in the jellyfish promenade. The transparent water moon jellyfish cluster around the palm of Curaçao, reflecting the colorful colors under the light;

The two also sat on the back of the sea turtle, taking a photo with them, and Curaçao was frightened by the sea turtle's glans and fluttered into Maori Kogoro's arms.

The happy time always flies very quickly. It was only after five o'clock in the afternoon that Mouri Kogoro and Curaçao finally appeared at the exit.

There is Xizi at the exit and everyone has been waiting for a long time.

Xiao Lan couldn't help complaining: "Dad, you are too slow. I sent you a message 20 minutes ago. Why are people waiting so long."

Kogoro Mouri smiled embarrassedly: "This Toto Aquarium is so big, I accidentally took the wrong path and took a big turn."

"Hey, Conan, what's the matter with you? My face is so swollen that my uncle can hardly recognize you anymore."

Mouri Kogoro who said this couldn't help but laugh, no way, Conan with a pig's face was too funny.

Bumei on the side couldn't help but explain: "Uncle, don't you know? Just now when you and Sister Xiaobai were riding a big fish, Conan was suddenly attacked by a seal, which made him look like this, so pitiful!"

Mitsuhiko agreed casually: "It must be the seal who knew that Conan was too selfish, and it was fine when we fed it."

Hearing this, Conan rolled his eyes silently.

But Mrs. Yuan couldn't help but call out, "I'm so hungry, Uncle Maori is here, let's go eat."

Seeing Yuanta who was born of a starving ghost, Yu Xizi smiled silently: "Okay, okay, okay, now I will take you to the aquarium theme restaurant above for a big meal."

The urinating crowd cheered.

The group of people walked out. Belmod didn't see Amuro Toru, so he couldn't help asking, "Kogoro, where is Amuro-kun?"

Kogoro Mouri naturally pretended to be confused: "Is he not with you? I didn't see him either?"

Hearing this, Belmore's heart shuddered: must have been solved by Kogoro Moori!

She was quite flustered, but her face was still calm.

Amuro was gone, and instead of the plan she made to die before leaving, she didn't know what to do next.

At this moment, Mouri Kogoro suddenly sensed a peeking gaze, and could not help but looked in the direction of the peeking, but only saw a flash of black figures passing by.

The figure seemed a bit familiar, and Kogoro Mouri frowned, somewhat unable to remember.

But four to five hundred meters away, Fu Sha-e, who dodges behind the corner of the wall, was a little surprised.

She spoke into the walkie-talkie and said, "The target has been found, and she is heading to the theme restaurant above the aquarium."

Aquavit asked, "Are you going to meet her at a theme restaurant?"

"No, the target state is a bit strange. It seems to be hiding in the middle of a large family. I am afraid that there are threats nearby and need to be further determined."

At this time, Stout's voice intervened: "Marsala, the public security force has taken action. It is coming towards the East Capital Aquarium. I am afraid the position is exposed."

Hearing this, Fu Sha-e couldn't help but frowned.

She glanced at the five-color beam of light in front of the Ferris wheel, and soon thought of a way to deal with it, and quickly ordered Aquawit to go to the Ferris wheel to make preparations.

Acquavit did so obediently.

After ordering everything, Fusha-e still frowned, and Mouri Kogoro who had just appeared in the telescope made it quite concerned.

"If it were you, a great detective, I would have thought of it at last!"

Fu Shahui didn't know that the Li donation next to Belmod Yi Rongcheng, the locusts broke the curtain, and the total recovery of the inferior prices, the porcelain and the four Yuexuan.

The food in this themed restaurant was a seafood feast, and a party of ten people sat full.

During the meal, Kogoro Moori's cell phone rang.

It was the phone call of his assistant Koshisumi Nanatsuki.