Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 1361

Everyone went downstairs and got in the car, and the car drove towards Shinjuku.

In fact, Kogoro Mori had already thought about replacing the dead ghost.

It was the wolf of Shinjuku, Meng Bo, who came to trouble Kidd for no reason.

Kogoro Maori, who must report to Javier, will naturally not forget him. He has already investigated his details before, and this time let him take the blame.As for the previous paintings that snatched food from the mouth of three cats, they had already been taken by Ant-Man robots and sneaked into Meng Bo's home.

Soon, the car came to the outside of a slightly dilapidated apartment.

Mouri Kogoro said, "This is where the thief lives. This whole apartment belongs to him."

"That guy used to be a mercenary abroad before, and his fighting ability is top-notch. He is equipped with a gun and he is always there. There are also various sports cars in the basement of the house, ready to run away."

"Furthermore, he has taken banned drugs from an unknown terrorist organization. He has undergone abnormal changes in his body. He is often extremely excited, and his lung capacity is beyond ordinary. As long as he does not suffer a fatal blow, he can easily recover."

"In general, he is a very powerful person. It is normal for you to suffer from him before."

"I watched him for three days and three nights, and found that this guy only lives in the basement and never sleeps in bed. It seems that he is afraid of the enemy's sudden attack."

"He usually sleeps under the mattress, and he likes to hide everything he stole under the mattress."

Hearing what Moori Kogoro said so eloquently, Meezi was a little bit happy that he was investigating it.

Then Kogoro Mouri said, "Okay, Officer Yezi, the person you entrusted me to find has been found. Then you should be careful and get out of the car to see him!"

Yazi was stunned for a moment, and frowned.

Immediately afterwards, his little hand picked up Mori Kogoro's shirt: "What do you mean? You don't go with me? I haven't seen him again. What if I admit wrong? What if you cheat me?"

Kogoro Mouri spread out his hands, with an innocent look on his face: "As you just said, I have worked with the police for so many years. When have you ever cheated the police? You have to trust my credibility."

"And your commission is to find someone. I'm just a detective, and I don't have the power to enforce the law. How can I break into a private house with you? It's illegal."

"My task has been completed, and it is all my kindness to send you here, and I will have to date Yoko later, so I won't accompany you."

Hearing this, Yoko immediately smiled happily and raised an eyebrow at Meako provocatively.

And Meeko believed Moori Kogoro's description just now, and only felt that she could not deal with the thief alone.

Last time she sneaked into the Maori detective office and competed with Maori Kogoro. Knowing that he was very skilled, she naturally refused to let go of this free labor.

So Meeko turned to smile, put his arms around Kogoro Mori's arm, pressed her body, and said softly: "Kogoro, you can help others!"

Damn, the silver fox of the Metropolitan Police Department is really charming, and the seduction technique is too powerful. The morale of Maori Kogoro's army was shaken instantly!

And this big breast is too soft!

In the back seat, Yoko's eyes flashed with anger, and he stared at Meako with big eyes: vixen, finally showing his feet!

Meako blew Moori Kogoro's ears, a fragrant wind struck her, and then she smiled, her pretty face like an ice beauty became vivid, and her charm doubled.

"Or, Kogoro, I will add another commission. You help me catch this thief, and I will give you another commission fee."

"Just like the commission fee for finding someone before, let you send it again, how about?"

In the end, it became a sigh, and the temptation index increased exponentially.

Then Meako glanced at Yoko in the back seat with disdain, this was from the king's contempt for bronze.

The Yoko in the back seat instantly exploded in anger, and stepped forward to break the two apart, shouting: "Kogoro, I don't allow you to go!"

Item 0223

The little fox said the commission fee in front of Yoko, but he didn't even want to admit it.

Still messing up frantically, clearly wanting to confuse Yoko with herself.

Today, Yoko was a little unhappy when he saw Moori Kogoro giving such an expensive lucky cat to Xiao Zi.

If Meako makes such a fuss, if it is a normal couple, it will definitely be unstoppable.

But Kogoro Mouri is no ordinary person. He directly smashed a psychedelic charm and pulled Yoko into the phantom array.

Yoko calmed down instantly, and her voice immediately fell, becoming exceptionally gentle.

"So dangerous, Kogoro, you go find him, I will be very worried."

"But since Sister Yazi asked you to help, Kogoro, please help her."

"Sister Yazi, since you and Kogoro already have this kind of relationship, we will be sisters from now on."

"Let's go to the hot spring hotel together afterwards. I have already booked the hotel. It is in the Sakura Villa. It is very beautiful. Then we will serve Hou Xiaogolang together, hehehe!"

Yoko also smiled embarrassedly.

But Yazi instantly had a hell expression, her mouth widened so that she couldn't close her.

WTF?What's happening here?

Two women serve one husband?So generous?Is it so open?

Sure enough, people who mix in the entertainment industry are not easy!

Yazi squinted her beautiful eyes, and instantly felt that Yoko's position with softness and rigidity was very high.

Kogoro Mouri shook his head and sighed: "Since Officer Meazi wanted it so much, he felt dissatisfied at one time. Well, for the sake of your pleading, I will reluctantly agree to you."

"Hey, it's a sin to look too good!"

When Yazi heard this, her heart suddenly vomited blood: How could she make herself stick upside down!

She looked at Moori Kogoro's eyes with ill-will.

But Kogoro Mouri ignored her and turned his head back.


Yoko immediately hugged his head and kissed him, the picture was simply sweet.

"Yoko, just wait for us in this car and it will be resolved soon."

"Come on, husband!"

Seeing this scene and hearing these words, Yazi's blood continued to rise, and only felt a little pain in her temples.

Then the two people in the front seat opened the doors and walked in the direction of the apartment.

As she walked, Meeko couldn't help but said, "Mori Kogoro, you are amazing!"